Month: December 2016

Why Go Alone When You Can Travel with a Selfie Drone?

Selfie sticks are SO last year. For your next vacation, you should bring along the next cool thing in luxury tech: a drone that will follow you down the mountain, or through the waves, or hover beside you at poolside, all in the service of documenting you at your holiday best, even if you’re vacationing solo. What happens when you combine a drone, a GPS and a small digital camera? The selfie drone! Just in time for holiday vacations, there’s a new way to document and share every moment of your life. Drones are getting smaller and smarter, and the next generation of them have “follow me” capability. Meaning that if you have a GPS on your person, the drone can tag along behind you (actually, above and behind you), with no additional input or steering from you, and it can capture all of your exploits for posting (from only your best angles, of course). Mind. Blown.

Luxury Library: Smart New Novels to Read Right Now

One of life’s greatest luxuries is curling up in a quiet cozy place with a really good novel. E-reader or old school, it’s all good as long as the tale is well told. We also recently read an article in the Wall Street Journal promoting the value of reading fiction as a way to more deeply understand the world. So whether for relaxation or enlightenment, reading a novel or two while you’re on your year-end vacation is a sound idea (bonus points if you’re willing to get inside the head of a character who is very different from you).

A Luxurious Night On the Town with the Hollywood Crowd

Attending a film premiere or a “special screening” of a new movie is one of those magical luxury experiences that somehow never gets old. You can’t buy your way in; you have to know someone or work in the business to get invited. The stories one can tell the next day are invaluable social currency. And the people-watching is unrivaled — even better than hanging around the pool at the Château Marmont. If experimental luxury is your thing, this is one of the better experiences to aspire to.

How to Celebrate a Luxurious Kwanzaa This Year

The African-American and Pan-African holiday of Kwanzaa begins on December 26th and lasts for seven days, and at Dandelion Chandelier we’re really looking forward to celebrating it with family and friends. You don’t have to be of African heritage to join in – all are welcome. This year marks the 50th anniversary of the holiday’s founding. Here are some ideas to help you celebrate with a spirit of optimism, discovery, remembrance and style.