Month: January 2017

Fireside Chic: The Best Luxury Looks for Après-Ski

You’ve had an excellent day in the snow: skiing, riding, tubing, snow-biking, perhaps even doing a round of snow yoga. But now the sun is setting, the fire’s roaring in the fireplace, your friends and family are starting to gather around, and it’s time for a hot cup of cocoa, an ice-cold beer, a good bottle of red, or perhaps a snifter of vintage port. What to wear? Whether you’ve earned that drink by exceeding your personal best outdoors, or whether you’re basically faking it, having spent the entire day inside at the spa (yes, we’ve done that once or twice), this is a chance to relax, unwind, and be both chic and totally comfortable – how many times does life present such a wonderful opportunity?

Luxury Fitness: The Best Spinning Studios in the World

So many options for getting and staying in shape! In our ongoing quest to suss out how the world’s wealthiest people stay fit, our next stop is spinning. It’s a favored pastime of elites in major cities the world over, especially wealthy millennials – efficient cardio, inspiring trainers, cute clothes and excellent networking opportunities. What’s not to like? Even former First Lady Michelle Obama is a fan.

Can Luxury Indoor Exercise Equipment Actually Look Elegant?

Many of us have had this moment: our beloved partner or family member bounds into the room, excitedly proclaiming “I’m going to buy a treadmill!” Or an elliptical, or a stationary bike. “If it’s at home, I’ll use it all the time; this is going to really help me get in shape.” Their enthusiasm is touching, and we try to be supportive, mustering a weak “That’s great, honey.” All the while thinking: “Ugh! I don’t want a massive ugly exercise machine in my bedroom/basement/life!” A couple of romantic relationships we know of have broken up over this exact conundrum. Probably not the only reason, but still. So what’s an aesthete to do?