Luxury Calendar: The New and Not-to-be-Missed in February

The Super Bowl, the Oscars, Carnival, the Grammys, Pancake Day, school holidays and Fashion Month – it may be short, but February 2017 promises to be action-packed. Here’s our Dandelion Chandelier curated list of the most important events in the luxury ecosystem this month.

Get your samba on! Carnival in Rio de Janeiro runs from Feb 24 – 28; keep the party going at Mardi Gras in New Orleans, which begins Feb 28.

On Feb 2, Parisians observe Chandeleur, a Catholic holiday celebrated 40 days after Christmas – it’s known as la fête des crêpesPancake Day (also known as Shrove Tuesday, the last day before Lent) is celebrated in London on Feb 28. Can this be a coincidence? Pass the maple syrup, s’il vous plait!

The first hints of spring arrive at the Kew Gardens London Orchid Festival from Feb 4-March 5, the New York Botanical Garden Orchid Show beginning Feb 18, and the Pacific Orchid and Garden Exposition in San Francisco from Feb 24-26.

Luxury Travel. Catch the tail end of Chinese New Year, or hit the beach. Valentine’s Day may inspire a romantic getaway, or you could just happily ski the month away.

On top of all of that, Groundhog’s Day is February 2; Valentine’s Day is the 14th; and President’s Day is the 20th. And it’s Black History Month. Wherever February takes you, we hope you get some time with someone you love.

February 2017 Events:
Food & Drink
Planes, Yachts & Autos
Fitness & Sports
Fashion & Design
The Arts

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