Month: February 2017

Why Are Tequila and Mezcal Suddenly So Hot?

The distilled spirit of the moment changes almost as quickly as the must-have handbag of the season. Having just gotten schooled about Japanese whisky, our millennial friends informed us that in their precincts, Mexican spirits are actually the “thing” right now. Some of them spend agreeable Friday nights on the Lower East Side of Manhattan sampling different ones (one could even say that Mexican spirits are muy caliente among millennials, but that would probably be viewed by them as really lame).

Where are the Best Luxury Ski Schools for Kids?

Looking for vacation ideas for the upcoming snow season holidays? Eager to have your children learn to ski (or to increase their skills)? Hoping to raise a future Olympian? We’ve got you covered. Lots of our friends are avid skiers, and they hope that their offspring will be, too. But where’s the best place to go if you want the very best ski (or snowboard) instruction for your brood? Our Snow Editor and our team of far-flung correspondents have a double-black diamond list of suggestions.

It’s Time to Get Schooled About Rare Japanese Whisky

If you’re a regular spirits drinker, then you already know: Japanese whisky is a “thing.” It has been for a while, actually. In our recent travels, we were told by several chatty bartenders that the craze for it continues unabated. Scarcity has caused prices to skyrocket, and driven bars to hoard their supplies. Intrigued by the ongoing frenzy, we decided to investigate. We went in search of knowledge and found ourselves in Lower Manhattan.