Month: June 2018

Is your mirror as smart as you are?

Mirror, mirror, on the wall – you’re freaking us out because you seem to know all. It’s not a dream (or a nightmare) dear reader. Smart mirrors are now a Thing. In addition to reflecting back what they see, these new magic multi-tasking mirrors can double as lighting devices, entertainment systems, and even health trackers. Here are the retail stores and brands that allow you to experience this latest advance in luxury technology.

Cool new luxury retail concepts you need to see now

Everyone’s buzzing about “Third Wave” retail – that magical place where e-commerce meets brick and mortar retailing, and consumers find experiential luxuries as well as cool new products that they might not have found if they were only shopping online. What does that mean in real life, though? Here are a dozen new luxury retail stores, all of which have opened in the past 12 months, that capture the concept brilliantly.

luxury photo journey to the vibrant street art of london

In our recent travels, we’ve been lucky enough to spend some time exploring London. One of our greatest joys has been experiencing the incredible art in the city. The Tate Modern and the V&A are fabulous experiences, even if you have only a couple of hours to spend walking through their hallowed halls. But we wanted more – so we took to the streets of Brick Lane and Shoreditch with an expert guide from British luxury travel company NoteWorthy who could show us some of the best street art in London right now.

The stunning luxury hotels of our dreams right now

Here’s the thing with luxury hotels – every time you think you’ve seen, heard about, or stayed in the best of the best, a new one opens that trumps everything that preceded it. Or a venerable one gets a multi-million dollar makeover and becomes newly relevant and enticing. Here’s a list of the 10 unique, fabulous and gorgeous properties that we’re currently dreaming of visiting — some old and some new, all of them properties that we’ve never stayed at before but have heard wonderful things about. Have you been to any of these? And what’s on your list?