Month: July 2018

best luxury hotels in the world: the Whitby in New York

In a world full of luxury hotels, with new ones opening all the time, which ones are the best? In our ongoing series, we share our finds. They’re hotels and resorts at which we’ve personally stayed (with no promotional consideration involved). We’d recommend these to friends and family – and to you, dear reader. In this edition of best luxury hotels in the world: The Whitby Hotel in New York.

Two hours in London: the best spots for a quick visit

We’ve all been there: on a business trip, not much down time, in a sophisticated beautiful city that we long to go explore. What to do with only two hours to spare? We always ask our local work colleagues what we should do if we have a precious couple of hours to sneak out and experience at least a taste of what their city has to offer. Now we’re sharing those ideas with you – so that even if you have only 120 minutes, you can still have a meaningful immersion in the life of a great city. These are the best spots for a quick visit if you have only two hours in London. We promise, you’ll be back for your next meeting on time.

Luxury Spa Insights On How Best to Lose Weight

Have life’s stresses started to catch up with you, your energy level, your sleep cycle and/or your waistline? Sometimes the most precious luxury is time away for self-care. The days of deprivation diets and punishing push-ups are over – you can be kind to yourself and still get results. What are the latest luxury spa insights on weight loss? Here’s what we learned about getting fit and trim like a boss during seven days of self-care: the latest in luxury spa insights on how best to lost weight.

Luxury insider tips on the best first trip to Nantucket

Planning a trip to Nantucket this summer? Insider Itinerary is an occasional series here at Dandelion Chandelier that shines a light on the best places to see, stay, and dine in some of the hottest travel destinations worldwide. Our far-flung correspondents are sharing their inside tips on how to best experience their chosen cities, especially if you’re visiting for the first time. Consider it your local luxury GPS. In this edition, we share luxury insider tips on the best first trip to Nantucket.