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The products you need for an Instagram-perfect bathroom

A quick search on Instagram turns up over 1.3 million pictures with the hashtag #bathroomselfie. How about you? Is your bathroom photo-ready? From greenery and scented candles to toothbrushes, toothpaste, mouthwash, towels and hand soaps, here are our top picks for a picturesque bath.

It wasn’t so many years ago that if you had snapped a photo of your bathroom, let alone yourself in your bathroom, and shared it with your friends on social media that you probably would have gotten a few raised eyebrows in response. These days however, if you have the right products in your bathroom you will get lots of likes in return instead thanks to a rise in beautifully packaged and high quality bathroom products. Welcome to the age of the Instagram bathroom.

The hashtag #bathroomselfie includes a wide range of shots: everything from basic mirror selfies to beautifully curated cabinets, counters and tubs filled with gold toothpaste tubes, green fluffy ferns and elegant soaps for sudsing up.

So what are in these pictures garnering all the likes, and are they as good as they look?  We did lots of scrolling, searching and even some testing to find out.

Here are some products that make the cut on both form and function. Get ready for some serious #bathroominspo and behold our picks on everything you need to make you bathroom Instaworthy.

Elevate your oral care:  In case you missed it, dental hygiene isn’t just for banishing cavities and bad breath anymore. It’s been elevated and repackaged for the Glossier age with beautiful looking brushes and tubes, in unique flavors that you just can’t help but want to share on social media.

The Quip Electric Brush ($45) must have been made with Instagram in mind.  This minimalistic design is simple but satisfying thanks to sonic vibrations and guiding pulses to help simplify better brushing.  Plus its easy refill plan keeps you honest about when it’s time to replace the head.

The Quip Electric Toothbrush

With its streamlined design and bold colorways the Foreo Issa Electric Toothbrush ($149) manages to be effective and gorgeous.  The soft, flexible brush head makes for gentle cleaning, which is a great option for those with sensitive teeth or receding gums. And unlike most electric toothbrushes, there’s no bulky charging station to claim valuable real estate – instead, you simply recharge with a USB cord.

Foreo Issa 2 Toothbrush in Pearl Pink

Phillips Sonic Diamond

Philips Sonic Diamondclean Toothbrush

While Marvis may have paved the way for the new wave of toothpastes, there are plenty of other newcomers worthy of a try including Buly 1803 ($29).  The brand originally got its start with perfumes and vinegars but has recently become known for its Opiats Dentaires in flavors like Cucumber Coriander, Apple and Ginger Clove. Enhanced with thermal water from Castéra-Verduzan in the Gers region, this toothpaste is designed to soothe your throat and mouth aches, as well as care for your teeth.

Marvis Toothpaste

If you want a toothpaste that both looks and tastes good, try Lebon ($22), a Belgian based natural toothpaste company.  The brand’s little gold tubes come in six different flavors including ones like Tropical Crush and include ingredients like green tea and aloe vera to naturally help protect gums and prevent tooth decay.  All of the brand’s toothpastes are vegan and naturally sweetened with stevia. They also chemical free, cruelty free as well as fluoride free, though in full disclosure the ADA still recommends toothpaste with fluoride.

Aesop, the Australian brand known for its popular plant-based skincare, is also in the oral care business, with its best-selling mouthwash. The alcohol-free formulation is designed to eliminate bad breath without interfering with the natural pH of the mouth, and is infused with cloves, aniseed and spearmint. The product comes in an elegant vintage apothecary-style bottle ($25) and frequently sells out online.

aesop mouthwash

Floris Concentrated Rose Mouthwash ($55) contains pure rosewater, giving it a natural rose flavor. Just add a few drops to a small glass of water.

Floris Rose Mouthwash

Suds up:  Hand washing isn’t very glamorous, but it is best way to stop the spread of germs.  So why not stock up your bathroom with soaps formulated from enriched ingredients and packed in luxe bottles to enhance this mundane task?  After all, having something that looks, smells and feels good will only encourage everyone to wash up.

Let’s face it: everyone loves a hand soap from Jo Malone London ($40).  These crowd pleasing washes are formulated with meadowfoam seed that gently cleanses and deliciously scents your skin.  And with scents like Lime Basil & Mandarin, Earl Grey & Cucumber and Basil & Neroli this brand is a bathroom staple.

Jo Malone London Pomegranate Noir Hand Wash

Molton Brown is the purveyor of some of the world’s best luxury bath and body products. Their Heavenly Gingerlily fragrance is meant to evoke an escape to an exotic beach, with notes of lily, ginger and cardamom. The hand wash is $30 per bottle.

Molton Brown Heavenly Gingerlily Hand Wash

Some people say that once you try Diptyque Softening Hand Wash ($40) no other hand wash will do.  This elegant soap soothes and smells like a field of lavender. The flower honey ingredient provides purifying, regenerating and toning while cleaning hands with infinite mildness.

Diptyque Philosykos Hand Gel

Up your linen game:  Every bathroom needs streamlined and functional pieces for a better experience and having fluffy plush towels is no exception. The right towel, perfectly soft and absorbent, can transform your bathroom into an at home spa experience. And, depending on the color or pattern, add some stylish camera worthy flair too.

Portuguese Abyss & Habidecor Towels ($56-$140) aren’t easy on the wallet but they are heavenly on the skin.  Users love their softly rounded edges and oversized cotton loops which boost their softness and absorbency in addition to the fact that they are available in a staggering 60 colors and a variety of patterns.  Just as important is that these towels require zero break-in period to enjoy.

Abyss & Habidecor Towels

Natural, sustainable fibers are the epitome of luxurious towels, but you don’t have to pay a premium for them. With thoughtful and practical design, Snowe has quickly become a go to brand for quality everyday luxury home pieces.  Great for basic easy cotton basics, this direct to consumer company, has cut out the middleman to keep their towels affordable compared to other bath and home brands with prices ranging from $8 for washcloths to $48 for a bath sheet.

Founded in 1920, D. Porthault ($100 – $525) is one of the last fully integrated brand producing handmade linens and continues to be the gold standard of bath and bed linens. Thanks to a artisanal production process, these towels have beautiful and lasting color saturation that lasts a lifetime – which is great for the constant washing and drying of your towels and for sharing in pictures too.

D Porthault Towel Collection in Alizee Pink

If you prefer linen to cotton consider Brahms Mount ($95 – $227), a textiles manufacturer, established in 1983 in Hallowell, Maine. The brand uses traditional weaving techniques and antique equipment to produce incomparably smooth, strong and super absorbent pure woven linen towels.

Go Green:  With the added benefits of purified air, reduced stress and improved mental health, bathroom plants are a design and social media trend we love.  And given that bathrooms tend to be a naturally humid environment, this is a great low maintenance option compared to cut flowers that need to trimmed and changed throughout the week.  So not only will they look good, be easy to care for and make your bathroom feel like a tropical getaway, they will help you feel good too.

Though they can be fickle, Ferns are a great option because they do very well with indirect light. They also love humid areas like a bathroom where they can stay moist and flourish.

Air Plants are another really easy bathroom plant because they only require a spritz of water every couple of days.  And if that’s too difficult to remember you can just soak them once every two to three weeks for about 30 minutes to an hour.

An assortment of air plants

If you love a more tropical look try a Dracaenas.  These palm like plants that come in a variety of colors and shapes and do well with indirect or low light areas.  They also need very little water, so they’re another great low maintenance option.


Looking for a more colorful option? Bromeliads are great.  Given their tropical nature, they do best with low light and high humidity.  Just be sure not to over-water this one: be sure to wait until the soil feels dry.


Candles:  Candles are often that subtle touch that sets the mood in a room, whether you’re looking for something bright and fresh to help you jump start your day. or something soothing and calm to help you unwind.  And thanks to the soft light they cast, as well as the fun and elegant packaging options out there, candles are great for pictures.

We love Anya Hindmarch’s Toothpaste Candle ($75) from her debut candle collection “Smells”.  The line of candles is as whimsical and tongue in cheek as you would expect from the designer. Each is composed of familiar smells from daily life, from morning coffee to suntan lotion to cherry lip balm. The energizing and zingy toothpaste scent is infused with peppermint and a hint of rhubarb. And we love the fun packaging!

Anya Hindmarch Sun Lotion-Scented Candle

Unwind and relax with Diptyque’s Lavender Leaf ($65) candle.  Made in France from a high quality blend of vegetable and paraffin wax, Diptyque is known for elegant scented candles made from rare and precious ingredients that smell just as amazing as these beautiful glass candles look.

Made in France, the luxurious 12.29 candle collection is a scented journey through a beautiful and sensuous love story.  Composed with the highest quality natural ingredients, each unique candle is housed in exquisite handmade bisque porcelain.  When lit, each candle softly glows and diffuses unforgettable scents that linger long after the flame is extinguished.  Our favorite is A Moment of Surrender ($150) with notes of smoky white tea, dewy shiso leaves, raw papyrus and clean woods.

For something a little more clean and crisp, we like Byredo’s Cotton Poplin ($85) candle. From the starched collar of a cotton poplin shirt to the faint crease left when you unfold a linen pillowcase, clean laundry brings the promise of softness and new beginnings just as the smell of this candle will to your day.  With notes of chamomile, cedar and tender musk your bathroom will become a haven for jump-starting your day.

Byredo Cotton Poplin Candle

Now go ahead and get #gramming.

Jillian Tangen is the Head of Research at Dandelion Chandelier and a former Senior Research Analyst at McKinsey & Co and Analyst at Shearman & Sterling. She is an avid fan of Nordic design, having owned an independent lifestyle store and sales agency focused on emerging Scandinavian design. Jillian lives in NYC and is married with three young children and loves cross country skiing, the New York Rangers, reading, travel and discovering new brands.

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