how to wear the latest hot luxury color: mint green

It’s official: the new hot luxury color is mint green. Some are even saying it’s the new millennial pink. But let’s not get crazy. It may not displace pink, but it’s definitely showing up in lots of places. Some call it mint green, others have named it “neo mint.” Why is this a Thing now? And how do you wear such an unusual color? Dear reader, read on.

when did mint green become a Thing?

As with so many other good things, arguably the love of mint green is a direct result of the Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and Meaghan Markle.

Both Queen Elizabeth and the mother of the bride Doria Ragland sported the fresh minty hue on the big day. It was a prominent accent color in the floral arrangements. As a result, the official photos from the wedding are awash in mint green.

The official photo from the royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meaghan Markle

Fans of Tyler the Creator would argue that he’s the originator of this trend – he dropped a new Converse sneaker last year in the stand-out shade.

Tyler the Creator and his Converse sneaker drop in 2017

And there’s always been some cool dude somewhere rocking a mint tailored suit.

We first noticed mint green in the fashion media about a month ago. Street photographers are featuring it more and more. Fashion editors are starting to tag it as a look of the moment. And mint green takes a star turn on the December cover of British Vogue.

British Vogue December 2018 cover photo

Green was proclaimed the color of the year for 2017, so this is a logical extension of that idea. We saw lots of dark forest green in fashion at the holiday season last year. We even shared a gift guide for those who love green. For the most part, those green shades were the expected ones: medium-to-dark, jewel-toned and easy to understand.

Now, green has taken an unexpected turn. How did the new hot luxury color become mint green?

why mint green?

It turns out that the trend is grounded in some interesting concepts. For one, “neo-mint” is a mash-up of the natural world (green) and the future, or technology. Those are two mega-trends, and this hue neatly captures both.

It’s a fresh color that feels optimistic – one article described it as “oxygenating,” which can only be a good thing. It’s carefree, nonchalant, confident and unfussy. What’s not to like?

This hue is multi-seasonal, which makes it a versatile investment for your wardrobe. It’s perfect for a summer day, but it can also bring a jolt of fresh color to a winter’s night.

Mint green looks good on lots of different skin colors, making it welcoming and inclusive.

Finally, mint green is gender-neutral, which is also a big deal. We’d argue that every color can be worn by anyone, but this one in particular doesn’t carry a lot of cultural baggage with respect to gender.

is neo-mint showing up on the street yet?

To be honest, we haven’t yet seen a lot of this color on the street in our travels – nor have we seen tons of it in-store or online. Which is probably a good thing. Get in on this now, and you’ll be distinctively ahead of the curve. You can safely invest in a piece or two, knowing that the world will catch up with you in another 12-18 months.

what’s available to buy right now?

What are some of the stand-out pieces currently in the market? Here’s what we found on MyTheresa, Net-a-Porter, MatchesFashion and a few luxury brand websites.

Elegant Tailored Pieces

Brandon Maxwell’s sweeping maxi skirt ($7,500), and Alexander McQueen’s single-breasted blazer ($2,785) and cropped cigarette pants ($1,145). Valentino also has a slim pair of silk-blend crepe dress pants ($1,790) and a matching double-breasted blazer ($3,890). (not pictured).


Ethereal new looks from xx, Kalita ($900), and Sies Marjan ($1,195). Plus a Cloe Cassandro wrap mini-dress ($300), a gauzy maxi-dress from Temperley London ($1,010), and a cool-girl leather mini dress from Isabel Marant ($3,390) (not pictured).

Outerwear, tops and small leather goods

Prada’s all in with mint green with a feathered dress coat (£3,900), Puffer jacket ($2,730, not pictured) and card holder ($230). Or go sporty with a Tory Burch cardigan ($398). or a V-neck cashmere sweater from Raey ($241) (not pictured). We love the embroidered cashmere pullover from Lingua Fanca ($380)(not pictured). For work, there’s a ruffled satin blouse ($500) from Acne Studios, and a silk crepe blouse from Victoria Beckham ($815) (not pictured).



Luxury Handbags

New for the season cross-body and top-handle bags and totes from Wandler ($995), Loewe ($1,890), FENDI ($6,200), and Chanel ($7,500). And of course, Prada ($1,850) (not pictured).

Shoes and Sneakers

Acne Studio’s leather mules ($495). And new sneakers from Valentino Garavani ($845) and Adidas (). Pair them with All Access neo-mint leggings ($100) (not pictured).

Sunglasses and Earrings

Martini-glass earrings from Aliita ($321). And sunnies from FENDI and Stella McCartney ($260).

We also found mint-hued swimwear perfect for any upcoming holiday at the beach: a bikini from Broochini ($135 top, $110 bottom)

How do you wear mint green?

It plays very well with any neutral shade: white, black, khaki, beige, even navy blue. Which means you can wear it smartly with white jeans or dark denim. It’s fantastic in a tone-on-tone green ensemble – Kelly, lime, or forest green all look stunning with a pop of mint. And it’s effervescent and fresh paired with almost any shade of pink.

If you’re not ready to fully commit, opt for a shoe, scarf or handbag and see how it goes.

the wrap

Heading into the winter months, we’re all in with mint green. Whether it reminds you of frosty snow on an evergreen or the wide-open hopefulness of your morning tooth-brushing, it could help power you out of bed on the darkest morning. And that’s a real luxury.

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