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the top fitness trends you need to know for 2019

What are the top fitness trends for 2019? We’re all starting a new year, and most of us have new year’s resolutions that involve getting or staying in shape. We’ve scoured the web and here’s what we’ve learned about the top fitness trends you need to know for 2019. No excuses, people — there’s something out there for all of us.

What are the top fitness trends for 2019?

Every year seems to bring a new wave of “must do” exercises, or other ideas about how to more efficiently and effectively get and stay fit. 2019 is no exception. Forget everything you were told last year. Here’s the latest on what various experts say it will take to make this year your strongest ever. Plus some cool new fitness tech that looks to be fun, whether it works or not. Game on.

the top fitness trends you need to know for 2019

1. Fitness Furniture

We posed the question some years ago: can home fitness equipment actually be stylish? The answer then was a qualified yes (as long as you had real cash to invest in the effort). Heading into 2019, the home decor industry has joined the party. You can purchase functional and stylish coffee and end tables that double as exercise equipment. Hong Kong-based The Habit used a Kickstarter campaign to fund its first line of wooden multi-functional furniture: a coffee table that doubles as workout bench and two stools that can be used as dumbbells.

The Habit Furniture Company Coffee Table

2. Moving Beyond HIIT

Let’s face it: exercise is a form of physical stress. The new thinking around high-intensity workouts is that they raise stress levels to possibly unhelpful levels for some. In highly stressed individuals, an HIIT workout can actually lead to fat gain by kicking the body’s cortisol levels into overdrive. Thus, for 2019, expect to hear more about “lower cortisol workouts.” Specifically, HILIT (High Intensity Low Impact Training). It’s a gentler version of HIIT (High Impact Interval Training). In addition to avoiding the cortisol spike, this approach puts less strain on the joints.

3. Holistic Escapes

Sure, boot camps are still with us. But holistic mind-body fitness travel is the new item on the menu in 2019. For example, Our Retreat, a boutique fitness company offering luxury “fitness, nutrition and well-being breaks for adventure-lovers and solo travelers” is hosting its first ski-based escape in Chamonix, in the foothills of Mont Blanc, in February 2019. The philosophy behind Our Retreat isn’t about limiting calorie intake and promoting hours of intense training. Instead, the focus is on mobility and strength training – in this case, exercises ideal for preparing the muscles for skiing – as well as yoga, hiking, meditation and sound healing sessions.

4. Take a Hike

The popularity of hiking continues to grow, and expectations are that this trend will continue strongly in 2019. We searched out some of the best places in the world for a luxurious hiking vacation. Expect lots more of this coverage in the coming months.

5. New Smart Home Exercise Machines

The Internet of Things has made working out at home easier and easier. 2018 saw several product launches, and there will be plenty more in 2019. For now, check out the latest wave of smart exercise machines already on the market. The new Peloton Tread has a built-in 32-inch HD display that lets you stream live or on demand classes. (Full disclosure: the author is on the board of Peloton). Bowflex’s SelectTech 560 “Smart” Dumbbells have integrated Bluetooth to track weight, count reps and sets, and provide video coaching. And the Nexersys boxing unit is a smart home boxing trainer and sparring partner.

The Peloton Bike and Tread

6. New Wearable Tech

The accuracy and sophistication of wearable fitness technology continues to improve (we’re looking at you Apple Watch 4). In 2019, expect to see ever-more-nuanced personalized data to optimize your workouts. The annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in mid-January always sees the unveiling of new fitness tech. Business Insider reports that we’re likely to see “new and advanced sensors and special types of fabric to make fitness tracking even better; sports-specific gadgets that can improve athletic performance; and Samsung may unveil ‘smart shoes.‘” Over the course of the year, new fitness wearables are expected from Apple (the Apple Watch 5 and Airpods 2), Garmin (the Fēnix 6), and Google (the Pixel Watch with fitness tracking).

The Garmin Fēnix 5 Series

7. Focus on Fitness Recovery

Forbes magazine highlights the growing attention paid what happens after your workout. Elite gyms increasingly have “Recovery Lounges.” Some of the fitness recovery tech now being used at the best gyms? NormaTec compression “stockings” use compressed air to massage your legs, mobilize fluids, and speed recovery. Halo Sport headphones make training more efficient by applying a mild electric field to the motor cortex in your brain. This state of “hyperplasticity” is optimal when you’re exercising because the brain’s normal fine-tuning process occurs more rapidly — meaning you get better results from each session. The Hyperice Vyper 2.0 vibrating foam roller does everything a manual foam roller does, only with a lot more power.

Hyperice Vyper 2 Vibrating Foam Roller

8. Breathwork

The New York Times reports that “breathwork is now becoming a discipline in its own right. Fitness industry professionals are increasingly saying that it can enhance athletic performance or speed muscular recovery after a workout.” For example, proper nasal breathing can optimize athletic performance and result in fewer injuries. Guided breathing classes are available at some upscale gyms. In New York, Inscape offers in-studio classes as well as app.

9. Take a Stand

While standing desks have been in vogue for some time, there’s new focus on the simple fitness benefits gained from standing up for at least 30 to 40 minutes a day. Other moves that use your own body weight – like planking – are coming back into fashion as well.

That’s it – our round-up of the top fitness trends you need to know for 2019. What’s your fitness plan for the new year? Anything we missed?

Whatever you decide to pursue, we hope you have a happy and healthy 2019.

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