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the best new luxury travel technology this year

New year, new destinations. For some, that’s thrilling. For others, it’s a bit of a grind. Whether you’re on Team Go or Team Tired, the good news is that there’s new luxury travel technology this year that will make any journey just a bit more efficient. And more fun.

another year, another journey

As much as we boast about our upcoming travels, the truth is: traveling is stressful! Some of us agonize about our safety and health while abroad; others overthink their packing – setting aside multiple options for every scenario; and even the most adventurous and free-spirited will want to be sufficiently informed as they plan their itinerary.

Thankfully, the latest in luxury travel innovations are more intuitive, compact and gorgeous than ever. The last thing we want is to be worrying about how to operate our gadgets ahead of a client meeting or while we’re trying to unplug in the first place, allowing for those revelatory moments that make travel so soul-sustaining.

the best new luxury travel technology this year

Let’s start chronologically moving through the three stages of traveling from packing, to the plane, and to paradise. Away we go!

1. packing technology

Smart suitcases

A little preparation in the packing phase is critical to a successful trip. While we have a soft spot for the heritage look of Goyard and LV suitcases, sometimes a traveler needs a suitcase geared for their modern needs. No more hunting around for an outlet or worse, sending withering looks at the guy hogging the outlet. Enter these smart suitcases, which hardly sacrifice style for functionality.

Away Travel

Away Travel has developed a cult following amongst stylish travelers like models and social media influencers. Their carry-ons all feature a TSA approved ejectable battery with charging ports for your phone and other devices. We love their range of color offerings- 10 in all, ranging from sophisticated dark green, brick, and violet to whimsical, candy-shelled sky and blush.

Away Luggage

Arlo Skye

Designed by alums from Tumi and Louis Vuitton, Arlo Skye suitcases also feature a charging port for all your devices. And if you’re feeling nostalgic for a hand-painted monogram, rest assured. You can get a modern update with your initials laser engraved on any of their pieces.

Arlo Skye Carry-on Suitcase

Planet Traveler

Taking it up a notch, or two, or three is Planet Traveler’s SC1 Suitcase, which fancies itself the “world’s smartest suitcase.” We believe it. It has the charging port, as well as a robotic lock that opens with your fingerprint, a global tracker, digital self-scale and speaker system. If you’re wondering how these features will hold up on your around the world sojourn, rest assured, its battery holds up for 225 hours.

Planet Traveler Space Case 1

2. Smart Luggage Tags


Unfortunately, these suitcases can’t pack your belongings for you. But Adero’s Smart Tags can keep all your essentials organized with Bluetooth enabled taglets. Simply stick one on any of your must-have items. With the press of a button on your main “control center” tag, you’ll know something is missing if it glows red. Check your Adero app and find its location in seconds. Does this mean we never have to get down on the hotel carpet and search under the bed again?

Adero Smart Tags

2. On-board technology

Now that you’re on the plane, what are the latest gadgets that will help you be enjoy the ride?

Sleep Aides


If it’s some much-needed sleep you’re after, Bose’s Noise Masking Sleepbuds are specifically designed to help you snooze. Totally wireless, snug and unobtrusive, they come preloaded with 10 different soothing sounds like waterfalls, rustling leaves and crackling fire. You can control the timing and even set an alarm via its accompanying app so you don’t miss the next meal.

Bose Sleepbuds

Brilliant Audio

Ultimate Ears

For the music lovers, it doesn’t get more bespoke than custom ear buds. From Ultimate Ears, comes wireless ear buds that are molded specifically for your ear via an in-home kit that takes an impression of your inner ear in less than a minute. Once they receive the impression, you can choose from different speaker systems with the most luxurious and technical being a set that allows you to hear the most upper register harmonics in clear detail.

Ultimate Ears Wireless Ear Buds

Fitness Reminders


For the movers and shakers, it’s hard to not, well, …MOVE! Hyperice has two compact, and TSA friendly products that can help soothe or activate muscles while on your flight. The Hypersphere is only 5” in diameter and delivers 3 different vibration settings for localized relief. Their newest product, the Vyper 2.0, is a 12” long vibrating fitness roller, that is also TSA friendly. Like the Hypersphere, you can switch between 3 vibration frequencies. Until First Class comes with a massage table and masseuse, we’ll be bringing these along!

The Hyperice Hypersphere

Destination technology

You’ve now arrived at your destination, well rested with your luggage intact and devices charged up and ready to go. We travel to get out of our comfort zone but that doesn’t mean it has to be unnecessarily stress-inducing.

Air purification


How many of us have been eagerly anticipating our voyages, only to start feeling sick at the last minute? The Bizond Portable Ozone Generator, is a conveniently travel cup-size device that can purify and sterilize up to 99% of allergens, bacteria and chemicals such as formaldehyde and ammonia, in an area up to 10 square feet.

Bizond Portable Ozone Generator

Translation Tools


Maximize authentic interactions and avoid potentially disastrous misunderstandings on your trip via the Vasco Mini Translator. While there are more involved pocket translators on the market, we love this device for its ease of use. Toggle between one of the 40 languages it translates to and from and simply speak into the slim, pocket-size device.

The Vasco Mini-Translator

Photography Assists

Yuneec Drones

Everyone back home is wondering what you’re up to and eager to see your vacation mode pics. But trying to capture everything can be overwhelming. Stay with us…have you ever thought of bringing a drone? The Yuneec Mantis Q drone is beginner friendly, folds up and only weighs 1 lb. Launch it into the air for up to 33-minutes of photo and video-taking so you can actually be in the moment.

Yuneec Mantis Q Drone

That’s it – a roundup of the best new luxury travel technology this year. So. Cool.

Tech doesn’t have to be perplexing and cumbersome. Especially when it comes to the latest in travel, it can be clever and graceful, which will always epitomize luxury in our eyes.

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