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The Best Chic Luxury Pool Floats and Toys This Summer

Planning on lots of pool time and parties this year? Here are some of the best chic luxury pool floats and toys to toss in the water this summer. Your Instagram feed will love them.

Pool poses are a Thing. What’s new this year with pool floats and toys that also happen to be perfect for Instagram? Have a look and see.

the best chic luxury pool toys and floats for summer

Here are four ways to play it this summer that are guaranteed to result in lots of lux looks for your social media feeds. And plenty of fun and games for you and yours, too.

1. Pink Paradise

There are so many pink options that are perfect for Instagram, it’ll be hard to choose just one. From seashells ($24.99), oyster shells ($96.75) and mermaid’s tails ($19.99) to hibiscus flowers ($22.99), summer kisses ($69.00), a bottle of rose ($49.99), or a vintage SoCal inner tube ($39.00), or a challenge to Sink or Swim ($24.00),  your pool can be a pink paradise all summer long.

Clockwise from upper left: Float On Giant Inner Tube; Funboy Pink Metallic Lips Float; Funboy Vintage California Tube Float; BigMouth Pink Seashell Pool Float. Courtesy Photos.

For example, you can float with flamingos three ways: light pink ($25.00), bright pink ($79.00), and in the wild ($30.00). A pool-full of flamingos makes for an excellent Instagram shot (as you well know).

L to R: Funboy Giant Flamingo Pool Float; Jasonwell Giant Inflatable Flamingo Pool Float; Float Naked Necker Pool Float. Courtesy Photos.

Or mix in a little pop of fresh white by adding swans ($70), fireworks in the Hamptons or angel wings ($99.00).

L to R: Sunnylife Swan Pool Float; The Nice Fleet Hamptons Pool Tube; Funboy Angel Wings Float. Courtesy Photos.

2. Hot Tropics

Channel a vacation in the tropics at home (and on Instagram) with a Monstera leaf ($50.00), a pineapple ($60.00), an orange slice ($18.79), lemon slices ($32.19), or a Toucan ($93.25).

Clockwise from upper left: SunnyLIFE Monstera Leaf Float; SunnyLIFE Luxe Lie-On Pineapple Pool Float; SunnyLIFE Women’s Inflatable Toucan; Swimline Giant Swimming Pool Fruit Slice Float. Courtesy Photos.

You can float off to Capri ($30.00), lay out on a lemon slice ($119.25), or chill in an ombre chaise lounge ($79.00).

L to R: Funboy Clear Rainbow Chaise Lounge; Float Naked Capri Float: Frontgate resort Pool Float in Citrus Slice. Courtesy Photos.

3. High Finance

If you want to roll like a hedge fund mogul this summer, what could be better than a private jet? ($99.00) Well, a yacht ($119.00) would be good, too. Add a couple of $100 bills ($24.99), and maybe a few quarters ($25.00) just to show you’re still a person of the people, and you’re in the money.

Clockwise from upper left: Funboy Private Jet float; Jet Creations $100 bill Pool Float; Funboy Yacht Pool Float; Jet Creations Quarter Coin Pool Float. Courtesy Photos.

4. Cool Blue

Transport your guests to far-away lands with these gorgeous blues. Let a primrose ($19.99) take them to England. Or head to Japan (45 €), floating on a print reminiscent of the wave movement of the Izu peninsula. Or choose a float that’s a homage to Bodrum, Turkey ($30.00) and its white-pebble beaches. Tulum (45 €) could be nice, too.

Whether you decide to share these on social, or keep them all to yourself, we hope these will help make your summer chic, cool and happy. Have fun out there!

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