Month: April 2019

the best weight loss boot camps in the world

What are the Best Luxury Boot Camps in the World?

Sometimes we get a bit off track with our diet and workout routines. Sometimes we get waaaayy off track. For those moments when a big event, vacation or pool party loom large on our calendars and our weight does, too, intensive intervention is required. Yep, we’re talking Boot Camp. Our correspondent Julie Chang Murphy, who is a badass kick-boxing instructor in her free time, has the cure. She’s rounded up the best luxury weight loss-focused boot camps in the world right now. Here’s where to go when you’re ready for the ultimate weight loss and fitness experience. Its how to lose weight fast when money is no object.

The Most Important Film Festivals in the World

Previously, we’ve rounded up the best music, jazz, dance and classical music festivals in the world. Now it’s time for the cineastes among us. What are the most important film festivals in the world? Our correspondent Abbie Martin Greenbaum has compiled our list of the top 10 best film festivals in the world: Cannes, Venice, Berlin, Sundance, Toronto and more.

most beautiful gardens north america

Where are the Most Beautiful Gardens in North America?

New research indicates that spending time in a garden is excellent for our health. To help you find the nearest lovely spot, we embarked on a round-the-world tour. The result is our five-part series on the most beautiful gardens in the world. We’re sharing our top picks of the best gardens in Central and South America; Europe; Asia; the Middle East and Africa. These are our top picks for the most beautiful gardens in North America – the best gardens in the United States and Canada.

The Best Chic Rain Gear for Spring Showers This Year

We love April, don’t get us wrong. But we’re not wild about the rain showers that usually come along with it. Is it possible to stay both chic and dry? Actually, it is, dear reader. Whether its stylish raincoats, umbrellas, rain boots or rain hats, there’s a wide array of fashionable rain gear out there right now. Our correspondent Jillian Tangen has rounded up the best chic rain gear for spring showers this year.