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The Most Beautiful Luxury Vases Right Now

A gorgeous bouquet deserves a beautiful vase. And even without a spray of flowers, the best vases can make a strong design statement on their own. Which makes a vase a perfect gift, as well as an easy way to welcome a new season into your home. We went in search of the most beautiful luxury vases right now. Here’s what we found.

gorgeous flowers deserve a beautiful vase

Here at Dandelion Chandelier, we’ve been thinking a lot about flowers. And about gifts. And while we love receiving flowers for a special occasion – or no occasion at all – we realized that we need to up our vase game.

Because a gorgeous bouquet deserves a beautiful luxury vase – and the good news is that there are lots of stunning statement vases out there right now.

Of course, there’s no rule that you have to fill an artful vase with fresh flowers. They can be equally stunning filled with pencils, or work tools, or dried flowers, or found objects. That’s part of the fun.

Whether your tastes run to traditional or avant-garde, classic or contemporary, serious or sassy. And whether you’re looking for a gift for someone whose home decor you know intimately or not at all, no worries. We’ve got you covered.

Grouped by color, here are some of the most beautiful luxury vases we found on our recent shopping expeditions. How you choose to fill them is up to you.

the most beautiful luxury vases right now

1. Pink

Completedworks’ pink ceramic Yesterday is History vase ($188) is part of a collaboration with visual artist Ekaterina Bazhenova Yamasaki. It has a distorted shape that is inspired by the elegance of imperfection. Handcrafted in the UK to a smooth silhouette, it’s then artfully warped and molded to create sculptural curves.

This lovely Now House by Jonathan Adler Medium Cloud Vase in pink ($38) is stoneware with a satin finish. It was inspired by fluffy clouds and is part of a series of vases in modern shapes in light and airy hues. 

Richard Ginori’s porcelain vase with a Star Eye motif for Gucci ($3,500) is a way to play pink in a totally different way.

Clockwise from left: Completedworks Yesterday is History vase; Gucci Star Eye Motif Vase; and the Now House by Jonathan Adler Medium Cloud Vase. Courtesy Photos.

The Venini multicolored glass Bolle vase ($3,360) is a striking statement piece with or without flowers. It’s hand-made in Italy.

This Jay Strongwater Orchid Bud Vase ($325) is lovely and traditional. Made of cast metal, it’s hand-enameled and hand-set with Swarovski crystals.

Blomus’ Colora Porcelain Vase in Withered Rose ($36.99) is a gorgeous deep pink. It’s smooth to the touch and comes with foam pads to protect your tabletop.

Clockwise from upper left: Blomus Colora Vase in Withered Rose; ; Jay Strongwater . Courtesy Photos.

2. White

Designed by Makoto Komatsu and featured in the Museum of Modern Art’s collection, this eye-catching Crinkle Bag Vase ($125) evokes the look of a crinkled paper bag. It’s made of porcelain with a matte finish.

From The New Craftsmen in London comes a beautiful luxury vase, the Sweetheart Cabbage Bud Vase ($300). It’s cast in porcelain by ceramicist Daniel Reynolds. His work has recently been exhibited at the Museum of Arts and Design, New York.

This white Dancing Doughnut vase makes us think of friendship, love and enduring partnerships. Part of Lily Pearmain’s signature series, based on a doughnut-shaped ring that is interpreted in various artistic forms, the vase is crafted by hand at the ceramicist’s London workshop. It has two glazed cylinders with matte bases. Consider filling it with mismatched florals for balance and whimsy.

most beautiful luxury vases

Clockwise from upper left: Lily Pearmain Dancing Doughnut Vase; The New Craftsmen Sweetheart Cabbage Bud Vase; and Makoto Komatsu’s Crinkle Bag Vase. Courtesy Photos.

Frances Palmer refers to her ceramics as “functional art”—they make for stunning decor and can also be used on a daily basis. This tulipere ($1,500) is crafted from glossed earthenware in a cream-white hue and designed with 9 openings to thread your blooms through.

Anissa Kermiche’s confident approach to womanhood is expressed in this white ceramic Jugs Jug vase ($375). It’s made in England as a sculpted female torso whose arm cleverly doubles as a handle. 

Villeroy & Boch’s Arctic Breeze white Numa vase ($76) is a modern take on the classic pear shape silhouette. Mouth-blown from four layers of glass, it’s the product of fine craftsmanship, and will complement many different decors.

most beautiful luxury vases

Clockwise from left: Frances Palmer Tulipere Vase; Villeroy & Boch Numa Vase; and Anissa Kermiche’s Jugs Jug Vase. Courtesy Photos.

3. Green

The MoMA Tuba Vase ($180) made of porcelain and designed by Sebastian Bergne, has asymmetrical openings at each end of its large and small cylinders. The design allows you to compose arrangements of various elements: cut flowers, of course. But also artist’s tools, small potted plants—even bananas. 

Paul Arnhold’s tall green vase ($925) is hand-crafted and hand-blown in New York City. It’s accented with darker green spots. Generously sized with a tapered base, curved neck and widened edge opening, flowers are optional. It’s beautiful enough to stand artfully on its own.

This Daum Tressage Large Vase ($6,600) is hand-crafted lead crystal, made in France, and it comes with a storied heritage. In 1878, Jean Daum set up a workshop in the Lorraine region of France, and the works he created there led him to become known as one of the originators of modern glass making. 

Clockwise from left: Paul Arnhold Tall Green Vase; the MoMA Tuba Vase; and the Daum Tressage Large Vase. Courtesy Photos.

Designed by Tapio Wirkkala, Venini’s Bolle vase ($2,030) is a stunningly beautiful luxury vase. It’s hand-blown from light yellow and green glass. The vase is crafted using a particularly difficult method called the “Incalmo” technique, in which two separate pieces of glass are fused together when still hot by their circumference.

Danish label Louise Roe’s Jewel Glass Vase ($194) is rendered in the brand’s signature clean, uncomplicated aesthetic. It’s perfect for displaying a bouquet of flowers with a subtle contemporary vibe.

The Moser Beauty Vase ($625), made of lead-free crystal in deep emerald green, makes a strong statement with or without blooms in place.


Clockwise from upper left: Venini’s Bolle vase; Louise Roe’s Jewel Glass Vase; and the Moser Beauty Vase. Courtesy Photos.

4. Ocean Blue

The Vitreluxe Tall Cloud Vase ($250) is a beautiful luxury vase. It’s hand-crafted, and blends a medium blue opaque top with a clear base to suggest the sky and the light beside the ocean.

Siemon and Salazar Chroma Low Triangle Crystal Vase ($1,198) is inspired by light and ice floes. Designed by Caleb Siemon, the vase is hand-blown and hand-shaped in California from multicolored crystal.

Handcrafted in Australia, Dinosaur Designs’ blue and white resin Pebble vase ($300) features a lovely marbled pattern. Its smooth surface resembles a weathered stone, and is accented by a subtle de-bossed logo above the base. 

This Alvar Aalto Collection sea blue vase was inspired by waves, and designed by the legendary Alvar Aalto (1898-1976). Each Aalto glass vase is individually mouth blown at the Iittala Glass Factory in Finland. Timeless Finnish design makes this a stunning addition to any interior. And it’s perfect for tall flowers. 

Clockwise from upper left: Alvar Aalto Collection sea blue vase; Siemon and Salazar Chroma Low Triangle Vase; Dinosaur Designs’ blue and white resin Pebble Vase; and Vitreluxe Tall Cloud Vase. Courtesy Photos.

5. Sapphire and Cobalt Blue

Venetia Berry’s white ceramic Moody Face vase ($195) is one of the most beautiful luxury vases we found. The design symbolizes her mission of shaping the female form and aesthetic in a contemporary and feminist light. It’s crafted in the UK, and finished with swirls of blue across the rounded body that resemble a woman’s quizzical expression. 

This Jan Barboglio El Opio Vase ($1,300) is comprised of a hand-painted Talavera jar with and iron poppy stand.

Crate & Barrel’s Nila Large Vase ($21.21) is created with reactive glazes that craft a dramatic and beautiful transition from dark blue to white on this classic bottle-shaped vase.

In cobalt blue, Couronne Company’s Casablanca Three Recycled Glass Vases and Metal Stand ($25.90) is stunning whether displayed alone or with a spray of flowers. The triple vase design allows room for three small arrangements. And the bottles are removable, making clean-up and arranging easy. 

most beautiful luxury vases right now

Clockwise from upper left: Crate & Barrel Nila Vase; Jan Barboglio El Opio Vase; Couronne Company’s Casablanca Three Recycled Glass Vases and Metal Stand; and Venetia Berry Moody Face Vase. Courtesy Photos.

That’s it! Our picks for the most beautiful luxury vases out there right now. Which one is your favorite?

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