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The Luxury Gift Guide: The Best in the Color Yellow

Best Luxury Gifts in the Color Yellow

Looking for a luxury gift for someone who loves the color yellow? Our correspondent Abbie Martin Greenbaum has curated our luxury gift guide to the best gifts in the color yellow.

why have a luxury gift guide all in one color?

Here at Dandelion Chandelier, we’ve created curated lists of all-of-a-color luxury items and experiences for those who love a particular hue – or whose gift recipients do.

Why? Because for starters, it’s an easier way to shop. Your eye can focus on just one shade in the visual cacophony at retail, or you can more easily search for ideas online.

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Second, when the presents are open, everything looks great together! What could be better for your Instagram posts? Color-coding is clearly the way to go if you want to look pulled-together for posterity. 

Finally, it’s just fun for someone who loves color, and shopping, and whimsy (that would be us). ‘Cause why not?

we love the color yellow for luxury gifts

Our annual luxury gift guide of the best presents to give in the color yellow is always one of the easiest ones to write. And why not? 

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Yellow is one of our all-time favorite colors. It’s bright, effervescent, and impossible to miss. It makes us feel completely happy and carefree. In 2009, when “mimosa” was Pantone’s color of the year, they said that yellow “exemplifies the warmth and nurturing quality of the sun.” 

If hope has a color, we think it’s yellow: the hue of the sun and newborn chicks and golden retrievers – of egg yolks and fresh-churned butter, of lemons and New York taxis. 

It stands for strength and purpose – think lions on the savanna. And of course, yellow is arguably the color of celebration: champagne and white wine; roses and honey; birthday cake! A yellow traffic light means there’s still time. It’s not too late.

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So why not make the most of it? Call it saffron, citrine, blond, primrose, or even aureate: it could be just the hue that your gift recipient needs as inspiration to hurry along toward their dreams.

guide to the best luxury gifts in the color yellow

With that in mind, here’s our list of the best luxury gifts in the color yellow; they’re perfect yellow gifts to give and to receive. Consider it the gift of endless summer. From subtle flecks to all-out neon, here are over 30 luxurious yellow gifts to behold.

1. For the home

Maybe you know someone hoping to develop a bit of a green thumb. These yellow planters from West Elm ($51) and The Sill ($45) will make the happiest of homes for new plants. Especially for anyone who lives in a bustling city, bringing some foliage into their lives might be just the change they need – and these yellow planters will look stunning anywhere.

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If yellow planters aren’t enough, how about the gift of a yellow plant? It’s easy as can be with this sunflower kit from William Sonoma ($39.95). What could bring someone more cheer than beautiful sunflowers in their home?

luxury gift guide yellow

Luxury gifts for the home in the color yellow, upper row: sunflower kit from Williams-Sonoma, planter from West Elm. Lower image: planters from The Sill. Courtesy Photos.

Add a little burst of light to any space with these yellow throw pillows from Anthropologie ($58) or One King’s Lane ($125). They will make any room just a little bit happier than it was before – which is the perfect gift.

For someone who really wants to transform their home, this gorgeous chandelier ($1,070) made of yellow flowers will brighten up a room in every possible way.

luxury gift guide yellow

Luxury gifts for the home in the color yellow. Upper: Chandelier from x. Lower, left to right, throw pillows from One King’s Lane and Anthropologie. Courtesy Photos.

2. Apparel and Accessories

On a grey day, a sure-fire pick-me-up is a pop of yellow. We love this chic mohair and wool-blend sweater from Isabel Marant ($625). The version from Acne Studios is a paler butter color ($340). And Max Mara’s blanket-like cardigan ($1,090) is perfect for going out or just hanging around in. 

best luxury gifts for someone who loves yellow

The best luxury gifts for someone who loves yellow: designer sweaters. Courtesy Photos.

New York’s iconic taxis are another legendary use of the color yellow. Kate Spade incorporates this in a wonderful, whimsical way with these new flats ($278) and earrings ($48). A little bit yellow, a little bit New York.

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This show-stopping leather bag from Prada ($2,250) comes in yellow with yellow gold trim. Anyone carrying it will look absolutely beautiful, and they’ll be happier than ever with their sunshine accessory.

Yellow Luxury accessories, left to right: Prada handbag; Kate Spade NY Taxi Flats and Earrings. Courtesy Photos.

If you want to add just a pop of yellow to your gift recipient’s look, you could choose Balenciaga’s sunny wallet ($350). Or Loewe’s yellow elephant coin purse – $450. For those who love the tropics, we vote for this lovely gauze, feather and crystal hair clip ($135) from Ranjana Khan.

luxury gift guide yellow

Luxury accessories in the color yellow, clockwise from upper left: Loewe Elephant Coin Purse; Hair Clip from Ranjana Khan; and Balenciaga Wallet. Courtesy Photos.

This brilliant yellow mohair-blend Loewe scarf ($590) will add a beam of light to any winter ensemble. As will this Jacquemus woven leather belt ($303). 

best luxury gifts for someone who loves yellow

The best luxury gifts for someone who loves yellow: designer accessories. Courtesy Photos.

We also love the yellow version of Off-White by Virgil Abloh’s new line of luggage, called “Quote.” With this roller bag ($1,000), your gift recipient will almost surely never get separated from their suitcase. Globe-Trotter’s Riviera Centenary cabin suitcase ($1,440) is more refined, but it radiates the same yellow-and-white joy. 

luxury gift yellow

The luxury gift guide to the best in the color yellow: the “Quote” roller bag from Off-White by Virgil Abloh. Photo Credit: MyTheresa.

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Or help your gift recipient celebrate their love of yellow loud and proud with an “artist quote” tote bag ($10) from the newly-reopened Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York City. 

Pierre Bonnard MoMA Tote $10

We also find this furry little Stand Studio Lolita faux fur tote bag ($156) a perfect gift for someone who loves yellow. Cool girl types will love Ganni’s yellow leather shoulder bag ($565). And Loewe’s mini Puzzle bag is a classic with a bright twist of yellow ($1,750).

The best luxury gifts for someone who loves yellow: designer handbags. Courtesy Photos.

3. Beach and Pool Gear

Perfect for anyone who loves hanging by the beach or a pool whenever the opportunity arises, consider gifting one of these lovely yellow bathing suits from Seafolly ($68) or Crew ($88).

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While you’re at it, you could also get them a full set of goodies for the beach, all in the color of the sun! This yellow beach towel ($80), this yellow beach tote ($118), and these yellow flip flops ($26) will make the perfect companions for a day on the sand.

Yellow luxury gift items for the beach. Courtesy Photos.

4. For foodies

The cookbook Love and Lemons Every Day: More than 100 Bright, Plant-Forward Recipes for Every Meal ($29.95) was just published. Jeanine Donofrio and Jack Mathews run an amazing website of the same name. Anyone who loves the taste of lemon will adore this fantastic cookbook. Get this for someone who wants to cook delicious, healthy and lemon-yellow meals year round.

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We all know about the push to be more environmentally friendly when it comes to our usage of straws – wasting less plastic, and switching to reusable or paper straws. These adorable straws are made out of hay ($8). Good for the Earth, good for your gift recipient’s mood. Win-win!

Everyone’s favorite yellow drink the mimosa – can become a wonderful gift. This mimosa bar kit ($30) features sugar cubes to add a variety of yummy flavors to your orange juice and champagne. Consider pairing it with a bottle of their favorite bubbly.

If you’re looking to help light up your favorite cook’s kitchen, we love this yellow retro fridge from Smeg. It’s a bold splash of color that will radiate optimism on even the darkest days. If that’s a bit over-the-top, there are two brilliant-yellow kettles that will make for bright mornings in the kitchen – one from Smeg and one from DeLonghi ($139.95)

Luxury yellow gifts for the kitchen

5. beauty and fragrance

Atelier Cologne’s Bergamote Soleil Cologne Absolue is like sunshine in a bottle ($130.00). Byredo’s new fragrance Sundazed ($260) is meant to evoke the feel of the first glimpse of sunlight following a long, cold winter. Louis Vuitton launched three new fragrances this year inspired by the California coast. For purposes of yellow gifting, we vote for Sun Song ($250), “an ode to the orange blossom, the euphoria of those first beautiful days of summer, and feeling the warmth of sunlight on the skin.” 

luxury gift guide yellow

Luxury fragrances that embody the spirit of the color yellow. Courtesy Photos.

6. Destination Yellow

Also on the topic of lemons, you could fuel your recipient’s wanderlust by getting them a pair of tickets to attend the spectacular Festival Du Citron in Menton, France. Next year’s festival runs from February 15 – March 3, 2020. Meaning you have plenty of time to supply your lucky gift recipient with plane tickets and a hotel reservation.

Menton Lemon Festival

The 5-star Connaught Hotel in London in springtime fully embraces yellow – at least, it did the last time we were there. Perhaps your gift recipient would love to experience springtime in London?

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One of the best summer vacations we’ve ever taken was to the majestic Yellowstone National Park

You might also opt for wildflower season in Crested Butte, Colorado, where you’ll find dazzling beauty all around, including meadows full of yellow flowers.

Sunflowers on Pear Pass in Crested Butte, Colorado.

7. for the great outdoors

Your outdoor-loving gift recipient will be easy to spot on the water in this yellow kayak ($418.99) from Gander Outdoors. 

Or you could kick it up a notch with Loewe’s luxurious yellow hiking boots ($790).

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A rugged sports watch tends to come in handy for active types. How about this vibrant, water-resistant G-Shock S-Series model ($104)? 

But sometimes the great outdoors is the place you live – for many of us, it’s a city. Which means we need rain gear to get us from Point A to Point B as stylishly and as dry as we can be. So how about a gift of iconic yellow rain boots? Everyone knows that rain boots are supposed to be yellow. Give the gift of stylish, dry feet with Hunter’s tall yellow rain boots ($150).

Luxury gifts for outdoors-lovers in the color yellow. Courtesy Photos.

8. Mellow Yellow Tunes 

This awesome record player ($399) comes in a spectacular yellow. And why not make sure the first record someone plays on it is in fact, the vinyl of the Beatles’ Yellow Submarine ($21.23)? Strictly speaking, the cover of Beyonce’s iconic Lemonade is not yellow — but who cares? We love it.

luxury gift guide yellow

9. Books

There are LOTS of books with yellow covers, so if that’s your criteria, have at it. If you want to give the gift of a good read that also happens to have a tie to the color yellow, here are three that we’ve read and loved: Half of a Yellow Sun by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. The debut poetry collection Her Favorite Color Was Yellow by Edgar Holmes. And The Ensemble by Aja Gabel, a fantastic novel about music and friendship.

The luxury gift guide of the best in the color yellow: books. Courtesy Photos.

10. Play time!

The recent release of Detective Pikachu means that everyone’s favorite yellow friend is everywhere right now. This adorable Pikachu plushie ($49.99) would make a great present for someone in need of cheer.

You can give the yellow-loving gearheads in your life a Lamborghini – it’s your call if you want to make it a real one, or this scale diecast model of a Lamborghini Aventador ($23.99).  

But for our money, the best luxury gift in the color yellow is this irresistible Mr. Maria extra-large smiley face lamp ($129). We dare you to look at it and remain in a bad mood.

luxury gift guide yellow

The luxury gift guide of the best in the color yellow: just for fun items. Courtesy Photos. 

the best luxury gifts in the color yellow

That’s it!  Our luxury gift guide with the best for those who love the color yellow. What’s at the top of your list? Let’s get out there and radiate some light!

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Abbie Martin Greenbaum grew up in New York City and currently lives in Brooklyn, where she drinks a lot of coffee and matches roommates together for a living. At Oberlin College, she studied English and Cinema, which are still two of her favorite things, along with dessert and musical theater. She believes in magic.

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