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It may be a Guy Thing. Or an NFL Thing. Or maybe it’s a Competitive People in All Fields of Endeavor Thing. But almost every week, a football star – usually the quarterback – is either heralded or derided for his skills vis a vis his peer group. Surely you remember the beer chugging contest that resulted in global shaming for Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rogers. Then it was New England Patriots QB Tom Brady confirming his alpha male status by dominating in his own beer chugging contest with his teammates.

Now comes this week’s edition of Who’s the Big Dog?  In the run-up to the start of training camp, Pats QB Tom Brady, 41, shared on Instagram the digital read out of a meter showing that he threw a pass at 61 miles per hour. 

Cambridge MA 5/31/19 Tom Brady throws a pass during the 20th Annual Best Buddies Challenge at Harvard Stadium. (photo by Matthew J. Lee/Globe staff)

Taking the bait, the NFL Channel then held a contest with Young Gun quarterbacks Derek Carr of the Oakland Raiders and Patrick Mahomes of the Kansas City Chiefs. Carr never got above 57 mph. Mahomes threw three passes below 58 mph, and then threw one at 62 miles per hour.

A lively debate followed here at Dandelion Chandelier, with some on our Sports Desk questioning the veracity of Brady’s professed speed and noting that it’s hard to believe that he could be so close to Mahomes, because “that guy throws flaming darts.” To which others on the Desk replied:“the old man still has it.”

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Showtime aired a one hour show on New England Patriots’ wide receiver Julian Edelman. Here’s a great true story about the power of persistence that stuck with us. Five years ago, when Edelman first joined the Pats, he heard that the way to win Tom Brady’s trust was to practice with him in the off-season in LA.  So he got an affordable hotel room and a rental car and headed West.  The first year, Brady called him once and they went out and practiced throwing and catching. The following year, Edelman did the same thing, and Brady called him twice. The third year, it was 4 times. And eventually, he became Brady’s trusted receiver. Further proof of the power of persistence.

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady (12) celebrates a touchdown with wide receiver Julian Edelman (11). Photo Credit: Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports