Month: June 2019

best summer 2019 fashion launches

the best of the summer 2019 luxury fashion launches

A hot summer always brings something new and cool in the world of fashion and beauty, and this year is no exception. There are new pop-up stores; surprising and fresh designer collaborations; and of course, summer 2019 will see the debut of several new fashion and beauty products. Here’s a round-up of the 15 best summer 2019 luxury fashion launches.

best travel apps to book hotel last minute

the best travel apps to book a hotel at the last minute

Part of the hustle is that sometimes you have to travel at the last minute. A meeting runs late. Or a flight gets delayed. And you get stuck in an airport for multiple hours. Or you hit the wall and just need to get out of Dodge, fast. Should you find yourself in such a situation, what’s the most efficient way to book a decent local hotel on really short notice? And how can you be sure that you’re not checking into the Bates Motel because you’re desperate for a place to lay your head for a few hours? Correspondent Julie Chang Murphy has sussed out the best travel apps to book a hotel at the last minute.

best luxury whale watching in juneau alaska

the best luxury whale watching trip in juneau alaska

If you’re taking a cruise, or otherwise planning to be in Juneau, Alaska, we highly recommend taking a luxury whale watching trip while you’re there. We did recently as part of a 7-day voyage on Norwegian Cruise Lines’ Norwegian Bliss. (Full disclosure – the author is a board member of the ship’s parent company). Now we’re sharing our report on the best luxury whale watching trip in Juneau, Alaska.