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The Best Gourmet Snacks on the go for Outdoor Adventure

Best Gourmet Snacks for Outdoor Adventure

Looking for healthy and delicious gourmet portable meals and snacks for your next hiking or camping trip? Our correspondent Abbie Martin Greenbaum has got you covered. Here are the best gourmet snacks on the go for outdoor adventures. 

what are the best gourmet snacks on the go for outdoor adventure?

Are you planning a wilderness adventure this summer? Or a great day-long hike? Perhaps your version of the Great Outdoors is a day in a park in the city. Or maybe you’re even trapped in the office, or on a long plane ride – either of which can feel like being in the wild, especially when you’re hungry.

Whatever your plan, and whether you’ve been exploring all your life, or are about to embark on your very first hike, you’re going to need portable snacks. And perhaps full meals. And while many on-the-go foods are tasty, they can also be high in salt, fat, or unpronounceable ingredients (yep, we’re looking at you, potato chips).

To ensure that you’re properly nourished for whatever adventure you have planned, whether it’s a backpacking trip, a mountain bike ride, or just another day at the office, we’ve got you. Here’s our list of some of the best gourmet snacks for hiking, camping and other adventures.  They’re healthy and absolutely delicious – so you can’t go wrong stashing a few in your duffel. Or your briefcase.

Best Gourmet Snacks for Camping and Hiking

the best gourmet snacks for hiking and camping

1. Taos Bakes

First up on our list of the best gourmet snacks for outdoor adventure is a brand created expressly for that purpose. Based in New Mexico, Taos Bakes first emerged from a kitchen in a community food space in Albuquerque. The founders, Brooks and Kyle, wanted to create energy bars for people like them. People who enjoy spending time in the outdoors, and want healthy and tasty snack options. 

Their bars come in a variety of flavors, ranging from vanilla bean to pecan praline. They are all made with organic ingredients, and are packed with things like chia seeds, flax seeds, and quinoa. Bars like this will give you all of the protein you need to stay energized during a hike, and you don’t need to sacrifice taste.

Best Gourmet Snacks

Best Gourmet Snacks: Taos Bakes. Photo Courtesy Taos Bakes.

2. Harmony House

Harmony House has been in the business fourteen years, providing backpackers with dehydrated foods that can easily be consumed on any trip. Their meal kits are as tasty to eat as they are as simple to prepare. All options are vegan and gluten-free. Choices include soups and chili mixes, dehydrated fruits and vegetables, and beans and legumes. They come with additional spices, so you can add even more flavor to your food.

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3. Kate’s Real Food

The founder of Kate’s Real Food, Kate Schade, was working and skiing in Wyoming when she decided she wanted to create a food product that was healthy and delicious. That was her motivation for creating the ”tram bar.” When she shared with her friends on the slopes and got an enthusiastic response, a new business was born.

Schade’s company has expanded to offer six different flavors of bars, including peanut butter, mango and coconut, lemon and coconut, and dark chocolate and almond. The bars are made with sustainability in mind, with wrappers made from recycled materials. They are all organic and gluten free. 

4. OMeals

Designed for campers, hikers and other outdoor adventurers, each variety in the OMeals line is made to taste as if its been made in a kitchen at home. They’re delicious and also incredibly lightweight, making them easy to carry in a knapsack during a climb. You could dine on chicken with rice, turkey chili or beef and lentils. Vegetarians, there is no need to worry, because there are many meat-free options for you as well.

Best Gourmet Snacks for Camping and Hiking: Omeals

5. 88 Acres

88 Acres is the company behind a line of handcrafted, healthy snacks that it says are completely allergen-free. The company promises that their products are all entirely safe to eat for anyone who is allergic to eggs, soy, dairy, gluten, all nuts, or sesame.  Making them perfect for hikers with food intolerance or dietary restrictions. The brand uses ingredients with natural health benefits, like flax, sunflower, pumpkin and watermelon seeds. Next time you’re planning a hike, or have a long plane ride, grab the double “chocolate mocha seed bar” or “cinnamon oat” seed bar to take along with you.

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6. Steve’s Paleo Goods

Passionate about health and fitness, Steve Liberati, founder of  Steve’s Paleo Goods, set out to create a line of snacks that was healthy and portable. His goods are now available online, and he offers power bars, jerky, dried fruit and yummy paleo bites, ideal gourmet snacks for hiking and camping. Or even commuting to and from work!

Honey Stinger

If you’re a fan of dessert (and who among isn’t?), and want something sweet that will also help you sustain your energy throughout your outdoor adventure, check out Honey Stinger. The brand offers energy chews and gels, protein bars and snack bars, and most delicious of all, their famous stroopwaffles. All are made with real honey and other wholesome ingredients. That’s a gourmet snack on the go that qualifies the best in our book!

Honey Stinger Organic Waffle. Courtesy Photo.

8. Good To-Go

Founder Jennifer Scism worked as a professional chef in some of New York’s favorite restaurants before starting Good To-Go. It’s a line of gourmet, instant meals. They’re all gluten free; all you need to do is add water. Enjoy a delicious bowl of herbed mushroom risotto, corn chowder or pad thai. She also offers breakfast packs, so you can eat delicious food all day long the next time you’re out enjoying the wilderness. Or sitting in your apartment preparing for some Netflix and chill!

Gourmet Meals and Snacks for Camping and Hiking

Good To-Go Gourmet Meals and Snacks for Camping and Hiking

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9. Mary Jane’s Farm

In addition to selling cookbooks, seed stock, bedding, a monthly magazine and more, Mary Jane’s Farm, located in Latah County, Idaho, also offers a delicious line of food for backpackers and hikers. Handcrafted, with lots sweet and savory options, you can choose from meals made with beans, lentils, couscous and bulghar. There are also plenty of breakfasts and desserts. An added plus? These are easy to prepare – just add water!

Mary Jane’s Farm. Courtesy Photo.

10. Thunderbird Bars

Last but not least on our list of the best gourmet snacks for on-the-go is Thunderbird Bars. Founded in Austin, Texas, by endurance athletes, these delectable bars are paleo, vegan and gluten free. Flavors include chocolate raspberry espresso, chocolate almond butter sea salt, and coconut cashew. They’re made using only real ingredients, so they’re sure to keep you feeling strong and energized through the duration of your journey.

gourmet snacks camping and hiking

Thunderbird Bars. Courtesy Photo.

There you have it! Our picks for the best gourmet snacks on the go for outdoor adventure. Whether your plans include camping, hiking, an epic bike ride, or just a trip home, we hope these will keep you healthy and happy.

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Abbie Martin Greenbaum grew up in New York City and currently lives in Brooklyn, where she drinks a lot of coffee and matches roommates together for a living. At Oberlin College, she studied English and Cinema, which are still two of her favorite things, along with dessert and musical theater. She believes in magic.

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