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The Luxury Gift Guide: The Best in the Color Green

Our guide to the best luxury gifts in the color green this holiday season.

Looking for a stand-out luxury gift for someone who loves the color green? Our luxury gift guide to the best presents for those who love the color green has lots of ideas and inspiration. Our correspondent Julie Chang Murphy has rounded up the most-wanted gifts in every shade of green. Dear reader, you’ve got the green light – it’s time to go get the perfect gift.

why have a luxury gift guide all in one color?

Here at Dandelion Chandelier, we’ve created curated lists of all-of-a-color luxury items and experiences for those who love a particular hue – or whose gift recipients do.

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Why? Because for starters, it’s an easier way to shop. Your eye can focus on just one shade in the visual cacophony at retail, or you can more easily search for ideas online.


Second, when the presents are open, everything looks great together! What could be better for your Instagram posts? Color-coding is clearly the way to go if you want to look pulled-together for posterity. 

Finally, it’s just fun for someone who loves color, and shopping, and whimsy (that would be us). ‘Cause why not?

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We Love the Color Green for Luxury Gifts

As a kid, my favorite color fresh out of a Crayola 64 Crayon box was GREEN. It was the perfect shade of green- crisp and vivid, with just the right hint of warmth.

the guide to the best luxury gifts in the color green

Right after that, my next go-to was Yellow-Green. It added dimension and perkiness to my flowers and petals. And I secretly liked that no one else ever seemed to appreciate it, calling it “puke green.” Rounding out the top 3 was Sea Green. It was a magical hue that inspired pictures of mermaids, unicorns with flowing hair and dainty fairy wings. It’s safe to say that green was the prominent color in my imaginary world.

Green has Symbolic Meaning

In the real world, green is significant for many cultures. In the Ming Dynasty, green symbolized the heavens. And the jade stone’s importance can not be overstated as a reflection of Confucian values of wisdom, modesty and compassion. Not to mention, all of my Taiwanese relatives and aunties sported jade bangles around their wrists, meant to provide safety and protection.

best luxury gifts in the color green

What are the best luxury gifts in the color green?

Interestingly enough, I married into an Irish-American family whose default color choice is always the lucky shamrock green. What color placemats to buy? Green! What color to paint the front door? Green! In Muslim countries, green is a holy color associated with paradise.

And the green of the olive branch is of course, the traditional color to represent peace. What better hue for a gift for a precious loved one?

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The Wide Array of Hues Make Green Highly Versatile

There are so many shades of green: from lively lime to mellow sage to serious forest green. Meaning that anyone can wear green and look great. Depending on where the color falls on the spectrum, green can represent nature, renewal, wealth and also, sickness, jealousy and evil.

Green apparel can be romantic, rural or rugged. Stimulating or soothing. It can be city-chic or country-club correct. Take your pick. 

It’s not Just a Color – It’s a Movement

Finally, it’s more than a color. Green has also become a verb. Going green is a social movement and lifestyle for making conscious decisions that protect and sustain our precious planet.

What’s not to love?

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The Best Luxury Gifts in the Color Green

For those with a discerning eye, we think green is one of the most satisfying colors upon which to base a luxury gift (or group of gifts). Here are over 25 ideas for the best green gifts (both literally and figuratively) to buy for the green lover in your life.

1. Jewelry

Emerald, prasiolite, jade and malachite. So many precious green stones to make everyone else green with envy.

Jennifer Meyer’s diamond and emerald necklace ($10,500) sparkles with personality and is also suitable for everyday wear with its flat bezel cut that lies comfortably against the collarbone.

Traditional Asian jade bracelets can be complicated to buy, as many modern versions are altered with dye. We trust the Grade A Burmese Jade from Jade Heaven. This bangle ($675) has the requisite “clouds” and good variation of green veins that are typically prized.

Pomellato’s prasiolite ring  ($2,350) in the brand’s iconic Nudo style, is a harmonious, neutral green that looks like a delicious gumdrop in the right light. Finally, malachite earrings lend a bohemian and mysterious air to any outfit. We love this dangling pair ($174) by Sylvia Toledano.

Best luxury gifts in the color green

Best Luxury Gifts in the Color Green: Fine Jewelry. Courtesy Photos.

For deeper shades of green, we love these sparklers from Dolce & Gabbana – the necklace ($2,965) and matching earrings ($675) or cocktail ring ($891) would definitely make a statement. The matching tiara ($2,045) is totally OOT, but isn’t that what gifting is all about?

The best luxury gifts in the color green: fashion jewelry. Courtesy Photos.

2. Watches

A watch in the color green looks especially luxurious and opulent with a gold metal band and/or accents.

The two colors are synonymous with Swiss watchmaker, Rolex. This men’s Day Date timepiece is the ultimate status symbol ($37,550). Another solid choice for men is the Movado Bold ($795) with a handsome green dial and gold ion-plated stainless steel link bracelet.

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From Gucci, the monochrome G-Timeless watch ($910) with green leather and iconic bee would look especially smashing on someone wearing an all-white summer ensemble. For an even more lavish look, consider the Piaget Possession watch ($17,000). It features a malachite dial with matching alligator skin strap and 42 brilliant cut diamonds.

best luxury gifts in the color green

The Best Luxury Gifts in the Color Green: Watches. Courtesy Photos.

3. Apparel

Hot brand Khaite‘s Molly cashmere turtleneck is a deep rich evergreen ($1,460). Ganni brings the drama with its balloon-sleeve melange sweater ($270). And Moncler goes sporty with this vibrant logo embroidered sweater ($840).

The best luxury gifts in the color green: knits. Courtesy Photos.

For coats, you kind of have to love this cheeky Moschino dollar bill patterned overcoat ($2,595) – the ultimate green, no? This Chiara Bertani shearling coat is the opposite – rich color, quietly insouciant ($499). Iekni Iekni’s iridescent oversized puffer ($1,856) light up any grey day.

the best luxury gift for someone who loves the color green

The best luxury gift for someone who loves the color green: outerwear. Courtesy Photos.

4. Handbags

A green bag is great way to add a pop of color to a more sober ensemble – green plays extremely well with grey, black and navy. So why not have some fun with a green handbag?

For example, this Alexander McQueen “The Myth” leather shoulder bag ($1,590), or  the Chloe “C” mini shoulder bag ($1,690), or Danse Lente’s Phoebe Bis two-tone bag in dark green and camel ($395).

The best luxury gifts in the color green: handbags. Courtesy Photos.

4. Nature-inspired

For friends and family with that elusive green thumb or who simply love the outdoors, check out these nature-inspired gifts.

These avocado green indoor pots are handmade in Portugal. They feature a lovely palm leaf imprint and come in small, medium and large sizes ($18, $28, $58). For wanna-be plant parents, a monthly subscription to The Sill is $35 per month for an easy-care plant, lovingly hand-potted in 5″ earthenware planters in the color of their choice. We love the mint option, of course.

Sleeping among the trees and under the stars feels like a simple luxury with Marmot’s Trestles 30 sleeping bag ($99). It provides an exceptional combination of warmth, softness, low weight, and portability.

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And for the person who is passionate about the environment, for our list of the most-wanted green gifts, why not a contribution to a green organization? We love One Tree Planted, a non-profit environmental charity that’s on a mission of global reforestation. For just $1, the organization will plant a tree in a region of your choice- North America, Latin America, Asia or Africa. $100 = 100 trees. And you can also set up a monthly donation in your gift recipient’s name. Turns out it is easy being green.

Best luxury gifts in the color green

The Best Luxury Gifts in the Color Green: Nature-Inspired Presents. Courtesy Photos.

5. Home Decor

Gucci’s porcelain Herbarium pattern sets the stage for a lovely garden party, whether inside or out. In addition to the coffee pot ($550) and cake stand ($550), the collection includes a tea pot and a sugar bowl.

The best gift for someone who loves the color green: the Gucci Herbarium porcelain collection. Courtesy Photo.

Blue Carreon’s green Brasilia bookends ($525) are handcrafted from smooth marbled resin that resembles malachite – a natural stone that’s thought to bring positive energy into the home. Christina Lundsteen’s green and blue cotton-velvet Zigzag cushion ($182) and 

If your gift recipient loves to entertain, they might love this clever Murano glass salt and pepper  holder from Campbell-Rey ($289) or this gorgeous lacquered tray from The Lacquer Company in collaboration with abstract artist Luke Edward Hall ($190).

The most-wanted luxury gifts in the color green: home decor. Courtesy Photos.

6. Skincare

Clean beauty is good for the skin and nowadays, there are many brands to choose from who also uphold eco-friendly practices.

Tea tree oil has long been a favorite ingredient in skincare. This Biossance gift box ($29) features a trio of oils and a mask to nourish and calm the skin. It’s made from Australian tea trees that are grown with the highest quality eco-friendly farming practices.

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Cult beauty brand Herbivore is known for its pure and vegan products comprised of only natural ingredients, with no fillers of any kind. Their Balance + Clarify Natural Skincare Mini Collection ($49) features products based on green tea, fruit acids and blue tansy. L’Occitane’s beloved body duo of Verbena shower gel and lotion ($49) is fresh and never cloying and is made from organic verbena from Provence.

In addition, there’s a plethora of CBD body creams out there these days. We love Cannuka’s version ($28) for its smooth and soothing hydration.

The Most-Wanted Luxury Gifts in the Color Green: Beauty Products. Courtesy Photos.

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7. Sleep

Though shades of blue are usually associated with colors that can help induce sleep, we think celadon has a wonderful calming effect while deep emeralds feel cozy and intimate.

Olivia Von Halle’s lagoon-colored silk pajamas ($475) drape beautifully and are finished with mother of pearl buttons. These Julia B. Santorini fitted sheets ($150 for King size) in celadon and ivory feature a Greek Key appliqué. They’re made with 450-thread count Italian milled Egyptian cotton.

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To elevate any bedside nightstand, this Royal Malachite Eight Candle ($250) with 14k gold accent by Stefano Ricci is a beautiful choice. For something sassier and goofier, we love Anya Hindmarch’s chewing-gum scented candle ($50). And finally, Sferra’s lightweight Corino blanket ($225) brings a sense of quiet luxury to the bedroom.

The Best Luxury Gifts in the Color Green: Bedtime Items. Courtesy Photos.

8. Books

When thinking about books centered around green as a color, we immediately thought of art prints and art books. From the slightly sinister and ominous chartreuse greens of German expressionist painter, Ernst Ludwig Kirchner($35) to the lush and lively greens of Diego Rivera’s Mexico ($9.95) and Henri Rousseau’s dense and dreamy forest ($14.95).

The Best and Most-Wanted Luxury Gifts in the Color Green: Art Books and Prints. Courtesy Photos.

Also included in this category are must-reads for anyone concerned about the environment. In The Songs of Trees, ($11.75 hardcover) author David George Haskell explores how human history, ecology, and well-being are intimately intertwined with the lives of trees. It was the 2018 winner of the John Burroughs Medal for Outstanding Natural History Writing.

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Barbara Kingsolver’s Animal, Vegetable, Miracle ($8.70 hardcover) is part memoir, part journalistic investigation on their journey away from the industrial-food pipeline. For a year, her family embraces the rural life vowing to eat food grown themselves or only buy food raised in their own neighborhood. In The Water Will Come ($10.97 hardcover), acclaimed journalist Jeff Goodell travels across 12 countries to report on climate change and rapidly rising sea levels.

The Most-Wanted Luxury Gifts in the Color Green: Books. Courtesy Photos.

The Ultimate Luxury Gift in the Color Green

And now, we have reached the final and best recommendation I can give you in choosing the best luxury gift in the color green.

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For your next celebration, forego the basic vanilla cupcakes with buttercream frosting or chocolate cake and try Lady M’s Green Tea Mille Crepe cake ($90)! It is my birthday cake, my husband’s birthday cake and I’m *this* close to convincing it to be my 8 year-old’s birthday cake. Light pastry cream sandwiched between melt-in-your mouth layers of crepes and fine green tea powder, it serves between 10-14 guests. Who hopefully have more self-control than I do.

The Most-Wanted Luxury Gifts in the Color Green: Green Tea Cake from Lady M Cake Boutique. Courtesy Photo.

guide to the best luxury gifts for someone who loves the color green

That’s it! Our summary of suggestions on the most-wanted luxury gifts right now in the color green. Good luck! We hope this helps you find the perfect gift for someone who loves the color green this year.

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Crediting her training as a cultural anthropologist at Wellesley College, Julie has immersed herself in various industries in the last 15 years including fashion design, event planning, fitness and even investigating police misconduct. Julie lives in NYC where she loves trying every ramen and dumpling restaurant with her husband and three children. She finds joy in bold prints, biographies of fierce women, kickboxing and spending way too long finding the perfect polish color to express her mood.

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