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The Luxury Gift Guide: The Best New Tech Gadgets We Love

luxury gift guide for the best tech gadgets

Do you have a tech junkie in your life who geeks out on all the latest gadgets? If so, and you’re looking for the perfect gift to please them, we’ve got 20 ideas to help get you started, including authentic new luxury Apple AirPods cases. Our correspondent Julie Chang Murphy has curated our ultimate luxury gift guide of the best new tech gadgets we love right now.

Do you have a tech junkie in your life who geeks out on all the latest gadgets? They’re the ones who are already on a waiting list for the next brand new shiny toy before it hits the stores. They can spout off release dates of the new Apple products and detail how they’ve changed from last year’s model. This breed is pretty hard to keep up with and admittedly, very intimidating to shop for.

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Or maybe the friends in your circle (or some of your family members) are Luddites, who are still kicking and screaming about entering the digital age. They rail against anything new, but could clearly benefit from a few lifestyle upgrades.

Luxury Apple Airpods cases

One hot gift this year is Luxury Apple Airpods cases.

No matter where they might be on this spectrum, we’ve combed through the latest new consumer tech and electronics offerings. We’ve found gadgets that are user-friendly enough for the tech novices, and compelling enough for the tech gurus. We also placed an emphasis on products that can fit seamlessly into their lifestyles and not complicate them (we’re looking at you, Bluetooth coffee mug.)

For you planners out there, some of these suggestions are still in the production stage, so get on the list now to really impress your early adopter friends. Here are our top luxury tech products to buy for any special gift occasions you have coming up.

The Luxury Gift Guide: The Best New Tech Gadgets We Love

the best luxury tech gifts and gadgets: Accessories for Tech Equipment

If you don’t want to take a big risk and get something with all the bells and whistles (and lasers), why not buy them these handy new inventions that enhance the gadgets they already have?

1. Phone Soap

We’re pretty sure that even the most tech averse person has a smart phone these days. And for the brother who always has the newest model in his hands, you might think there’s no phone related gift you could possibly buy that he doesn’t already have. You would be wrong.

Consider this Phone Soap ($99.95), an ingenious 2-in-1 wireless device that will kill 99.99% of bacteria with three germicidal UV-C bulbs. It utilizes Qi wireless technology to charge phones without needing to attach a charging cable. Considering how dirty our phones can be, here’s hoping that these gadgets become as commonplace as anti-bacterial soap!

The luxury gift guide of the best new tech gadgets: the Phone Soap Tech Sanitizer. Courtesy Photo.

2. Winston Online Privacy Device

We concur that this isn’t the sexiest tech product out there. But is it one of the most practical and safe? Yes! And it would be appreciated by folks who claim they distrust the internet and those who live their whole life in cyberspace.

This hardware filter installs between the modem and router to protect users’ data online. It hides geo-location, encrypts their DNS and even scrambles traffic with other Winston users for total peace of mind. The device ($239) is currently in production phase and can be pre-ordered on Indiegogo.

The luxury gift guide of the best new tech gadgets: the Winston Online Privacy Device. Courtesy Photo.

3. Designer Luxury Apple AirPods Cases

While you can find knock-off versions of Apple AirPod cases featuring the logos of luxury companies like Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and Supreme all over the Internet, this year three luxury houses have taken the hint and launched authentic branded versions of these cases. 

Earlier this year, Dior launched the hottest new small leather designer accessory on the market: a black leather Apple AirPod case ($350). The square case also comes in grey, and can be attached to a bag or a belt loop for that casual tech chic look.

Luxury Apple Airpods cases

The luxury gift guide of the best new tech gadgets: the new Apple Airpods leather carrying case from Dior.

Dolce & Gabbana has new calfskin Apple Airpods cases in 5 colors ($165). 

Not to be outdone, Louis Vuitton’s Apple AirPods Trunk Case Necklace is crafted in a square form to look like an Essential Trunk. Wrapped in the brand’s iconic monogram print leather, the accessory features gold-tone reinforcements, rivets and clasp. Louis Vuitton has yet to release details on the product launch date, but social media has gone wild with excitement about it. So if you have a hypebeast on your gift list, stay close on this one.

the best luxury tech gifts and gadgets: Wearable and Portable Tech Products

The realm of personal and wearable devices keep getting more user-friendly and design driven, making them a no-brainer for a luxury gift option.

luxury Apple Airpods cases

4. The new Apple AirPods Pro

Apple’s original AirPods have emerged as a status signifier, epic hit product, and menace to subway and train platforms everywhere. Just in time for holiday shopping 2019, there’s a new more expensive premium version to keep the frenzy alive: Apple AirPods Pro ($249). 

The Pro version has a vent to alleviate some of the pressure on the wearer’s ears, as well as two microphones to better hear or block out background noise. They also have shorter stems. The killer app seems to be the noise cancellation – reviewers are raving about a dramatic improvement over the prior version. If the wearer actually does want to hear more of what’s happening, it’s an easy switch to “transparency mode.” Just. Don’t. Lose. Them.

luxury Apple Airpods cases

The luxury gift guide of the best new tech gadgets: Apple AirPods Pro and luxury carrying cases. Courtesy Photo.

5. Bose Frames Audio Sunglasses

This is one of our favorites on the list- cool frames with built-in Bose quality speakers ($199) so one doesn’t have to carry around (and try not to lose) sunglasses and headphones? Take our money!

They produce rich, immersive sound for the wearer, while others hear practically nothing. An integrated microphone provides clear calls and access to your phone’s virtual assistant and the sunglasses block up to 99% of UVA/UVB rays.

The luxury gift guide of the best new tech gadgets: Bose Frame Audio Sunglasses. Courtesy Photo.

6. Bang & Olufsen P2 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

This Bang & Olufsen small speaker ($175) provides sound that lasts for up to 10 hours – the wireless device connects via Bluetooth and features a microphone for voice-activated commands. It’s small enough to fit in the palm of your gift recipient’s hand. 

The luxury gift guide of the best new tech gadgets: Bang & Olufsen portable Bluetooth speaker. Courtesy Photo.

7. Aina Smart Ring

Smart watches are so 2018. Next up- smart rings! Aina is a premium AI-powered smart ring/remote control that connects to a smartphone and gives the wearer the fastest and easiest way to accomplish everyday tasks without constantly staring into a phone.

Using Behavioral AI, it anticipates their daily routine and programs shortcuts so that with one touch or one swipe on the ring’s surface, an alarm can be snoozed, coffee maker started or lights turned on. This is in a addition to typical smart watch features like fitness and sleep monitoring and phone and voice assistant capabilities. Pre-order for $249.

luxury gift tech gadget

The luxury gift guide of the best new tech gadgets: the Aina AI-Powered Smart Ring. Courtesy Photo.

8. Gillette Heated Razor

If you’ve exhausted all the shaving gifts and accouterments for the special gentleman in your life, here’s a new award-winning razor to consider. Designed in Germany, the Heated Razor ($200) features adjustable temperature levels to achieve optimal comfort. It activates and delivers instant warmth in less than one second at the push of a button and provides a noticeably more comfortable and luxurious shave.

luxury gift tech gadget

The luxury gift guide of the best new tech gadgets: the Gillette Heated Razor. Courtesy Photo.

9. Dyson Pure Cool Link Desk Air Purifier

Show your love and concern for your gift recipient’s health and wellness with the gift of a portable air purifier that they can use at the office or at home. The Dyson Pure Cool Link Desk Air Purifier ($299.95) has a sleek and elegant design. And it automatically removes 99.97% of allergens and pollutants as small as 0.3 microns. Inside the base is a Dyson HEPA filter, complete with a layer of activated carbon granules that capture odors and harmful toxins like paint fumes. The device also functions as a fan in hot weather.

luxury gift tech gadget

The luxury gift guide of the best new tech gadgets: the Dyson Pure Cool Link Desk Air Purifier. Courtesy Photo.

the best luxury tech gifts and gadgets: Travel Tech Products

10. Smart Halo 2 Biking

Consider this a GPS/Smart Watch for your bike. It’s an all-in-one connected device with a minimal, non-distracting design that provides simple navigation on a rider’s handlebar. It also includes an anti-theft alarm and powerful front light for safety. And with this bicycle computer, there’s even a built-in activity tracker that monitors cycling metrics like speed, distance, and calories burned. Currently in production for a Spring 2020 launch, pre-order Smart Halo 2 on kickstarter for $129.

11. Ambassador Translator

 For the jet-setter, this Ambassador translating device (starting at $109) is a game changer. Whether they’re traveling for pleasure or conducting group business meetings, a specially designed over-the-ear headpiece captures speech within 8 feet and translates it into the wearer’s native language with higher accuracy than any other tool on the market in 20 languages and 42 dialects. Fluid translations occur via over-the-ear audio, or text on its accompanying app. And for the first time, translations can also be broadcast live in a conference environment via paired smart phone or speaker system. Pre-order now in time for the 4th quarter 2019 launch here.

luxury Apple Airpods cases

The luxury gift guide of the best new tech gadgets: the Ambassador Translator. Courtesy Photo.

the best luxury tech gifts and gadgets: Home Tech Products

Cutting edge tech has the capability to make the most impact in our homes, changing the way we do our everyday chores. So we have time to relax and watch shows on our tricked out high tech televisions! These products will really make your gift recipient feel like they’re living in the future.

12. Vaonis Stellina smart telescope 

Billed as the world’s first connected, all-in-one telescope, the Stellina telescope ($4, 412) from Vaonis allows voice-command viewing from a smartphone or tablet. Once set up and calibrated, the Stellina can point itself toward over a hundred nebulae, star clusters, galaxies and others stellar points of interest. It’s light enough to be carried in a backback – and no more squinting into a metal and glass eyepiece! The images are sharply rendered on the screen of your mobile device.

luxury gift tech gadget

The luxury gift guide of the best new tech gadgets: the Vaonis Stellina smart telescope. Courtesy Photo.

The Wall Street Journal reports that early next year, there will be a competitor on the market. The Unistellar eV-scope ($2,999) is expected to ship in February 2020, and it’s a mashup of old school and new. It has a lot of the features of the Stellina – but it retains the eyepiece. Which purists might actually prefer.

13. FoldiMate

This contraption has been receiving a lot of press attention as a testament to how much we all hate folding clothes. It’s the last piece of the laundry puzzle (though I still maintain that it’s much harder to put it all away.) This machine, which resembles a photo copier of sorts, folds about 25 pieces of laundry in under 5 minutes. Clothing, towels or sheets are clipped into a feeder and emerge in a perfectly folded square pile. FoldiMates will initially be available in limited quantities. So the only way to secure your spot is to join the waitlist. The retail price will be approximately $1,500.

14. Amazon Smart Oven

Need help cooking? Amazon unveiled the latest Alexa-compatible kitchen countertop appliance in September: the Amazon Smart Oven. This microwave appliance has the capacity to cook a 5-pound chicken. It also offers convection cooking, air fryer and food warming capabilities. Alexa assists by prompting the cook to stir the food and remove it when finished. The most forward thinking feature is the Scan to Cook function, wherein a prepackaged food from Whole Foods is scanned via Alexa or Echo, automatically programming the oven to cook it according to its specifications. Available in November 2019; preorder now for $249.99.

15. LG Rollable 65-inch OLED TV

With all that time saved from folding laundry and cooking, they’ll have more time to relax and watch some TV (Fleabag bingefest, perhaps?). This one from LG will be a surefire hit with those who have a minimal, modern look in their homes. The television basically appears out of thin air- or more accurately, a sleek, low to the ground base that also acts as a sound and storage unit. When in use, the screen rises out of the base with top-of-the-line picture performance. All the tech publications are eagerly awaiting news of distribution. It will likely be out in South Korea later this year and in the States by early 2020.

luxury gift tech gadget

The luxury gift guide of the best new tech gadgets: the LG Rollable OLED TV. Courtesy Photo.

16. Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug 2

Brighten the morning of your beloved with a smart mug. The Ember temperature control mug 2 ($99.95) is a new and improved version of the original. It keeps hot drinks at the exact preferred temperature. It can be controlled via a smartphone, and it has a one-hour battery life or can sit on the included charging coaster for all-day use. 

The luxury gift guide of the best new tech gadgets: the Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug 2. Courtesy Photo.

17. Sonos Beam

The Sonos Beam ($399) has garnered rave reviews for its ability to immediately enhance the audio quality of home televisions. It’ll play music, movies, and televised programs. The Beam is Alexa-enabled, and voice-controlled, and its compatible with all iOS devices. And it looks really, really cool. Available in black or white.

The Sonos Beam

18. Aibo the Robot Dog

Aibo, the latest robot dog from Sony ($2,900), will learn tricks and interact with you in a sympathetic way. Just like a real emotional support puppy! It has lifelike expressions and a dynamic array of movements. Because it’s AI-enabled, as Aibo learns its environment and develops relationships with people, its identity takes on more and more layers. Probably best to train it well, right from the start. So as not to end up with Cujo instead of Lassie. The aibo First Litter Edition is an all-in-one bundle that includes the robo-pup, a three-year AI Cloud Plan1, pink ball, aibone, paw pads and aibo’s special charging station, as well as an individually numbered commemorative dog tag.

The luxury gift guide of the best new tech gadgets: Sony’s Robo-Dog, Aibo. Courtesy Photo.

19. DJI Mavic 2 Pro Drone

According to PC Magazine, the DJI Mavic 2 Pro ($1,725; $2,190 with a smart controller) is the best small drone on the market, with superior image and video quality, obstacle avoidance, and excellent battery life. Whether your gift recipient is an amateur film director, a social media star, or just naturally curious, this is a gift that will keep giving long after the box has been opened. 

The luxury gift guide of the best new tech gadgets: the DJI Mavic 2 PRO. Courtesy Photo.

20. Daniel Arsham x Bang & Olufsen Beoplay A9 Speaker

Artist Daniel Arsham has partnered with Bang & Olufsen on a limited-edition Beoplay A9 speaker ($2,965) that is gorgeously romantic.  It features the image of a blue moon taken from an original painting by Arsham. Slide your hand across its surface to adjust the volume, and tap to skip, play and pause. The image of a glacial moon seems a perfect gift on a winter holiday, in particular, no? We are All. In.

The best luxury tech gifts: the limited-edition Beoplay A9 speaker designed by artist Daniel Arsham.

The Luxury Gift Guide: The Best New Tech Gadgets We Love

That’s our recommended list of the best luxury tech gifts and gadgets on the market right now. What’s at the top of your list? Happy shopping!

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Crediting her training as a cultural anthropologist at Wellesley College, Julie has immersed herself in various industries in the last 15 years including fashion design, event planning, fitness and even investigating police misconduct. Julie lives in NYC where she loves trying every ramen and dumpling restaurant with her husband and three children. She finds joy in bold prints, biographies of fierce women, and kickboxing. And spending way too long finding the perfect polish color to express her mood.

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