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The New Year’s Resolutions of Team Dandelion Chandelier

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New year, new decade, New Year’s resolutions. Here are our Squad Goals here at Dandelion Chandelier for 2020. We hope they may inspire you to make one or two of your own. And hey, now that they’re public, you can hold us accountable for sticking to them!

what could 2020 mean for each of us?

It’s an optimistic time of year, and we’re as susceptible to it as anyone. So we set out to make and share our New Year’s resolutions.

We didn’t discuss them advance (we swear) – but there are some common themes and elements across our crew’s resolutions that might resonate for you, too.

We are a group of different ages and stages, genders and ethnicities. Yet we’re united in some universal desires that transcend those superficial boundaries.

our team dandelion chandelier new year's resolutions for 2020
Our new year’s resolutions for 2020.

We all want to slow down and nurture our personal relationships with friends and family. We want to be a bit less digital and a bit more analog. We want to hone our skills; we want to finish a project dear to our hearts. To pursue activities that make us feel more like our true selves. To read more books; and re-commit to a healthy lifestyle. We want to make a difference, at home and in the world.

In short – we want to be bright spirits in the world in 2020. 

#Squad Goals Team Dandelion Chandelier


Over the past three years, it seems like many of my friends have been making a mass exodus out of the city. People who swore up and down that they could never live anywhere but New York City. It made me regret how often and how easily we have canceled our plans with one another last-minute. The reasons are usually legit- kids getting unexpectedly sick, babysitters who cancel, being too tired from the work week and the random winter squall.

our team dandelion chandelier new year's resolutions for 2020
Our new year’s resolutions for 2020.

But this year, my goal is to prioritize meeting up with my girlfriends and initiating nights-out and activities with acquaintances who have close friend potential. Those relationships do so much in bolstering my sense of happiness, well-being and confidence; they make me feel like myself. It does mean I will have to be more organized– making more efficient use of my Google calendars, creating polls to get everyone to commit to dates, and hiring a few more back-up babysitters, but I can’t think of anything more worthy than female friendship.


This year my goal is to spend less time on my phone.  While I know I can’t completely do away with it, I can do with less of it, so I am going to try something like the Quality Time App to control my usage.  Rather than mindlessly scrolling through Instagram or shopping sites, I want to spend more time reading books and doing activities with my family instead.

Our new year’s resolutions for 2020.


My son loves it when we all sit around the dinner table together and talk about our day, highlighting the best and worst parts of our day. So in 2020, I plan to do more cooking for the full family. I’ve been scouring the New York Times and Epicurious, saving recipes so I can hit the ground running in 2020!


In 2020, I want to:

  • Turn my writing workshop into a traveling program for high school students across the country
  • Go 100% vegan and don’t let my friends bully me into eating otherwise at group events
  • Call my mom more often


In 2019, I pushed myself to try a lot of new things, and the outcome was really great. This year I plan to invest more time in simple things that have always brought me joy but that I have neglected a bit the past few years, such as reading, drawing and baking. Most importantly, reminding myself that if I can’t get to it all, that’s ok!

our team dandelion chandelier new year's resolutions for 2020


Personally, I love resolutions. Even if they do not always work out, I think there is something really beautiful about trying, once a year, to bring ourselves a little bit closer to the people we wish we could be. And since this is the start of a whole new decade, these resolutions seem to hold even a little bit more weight than usual. I decided to limit myself to three, even though I happily could have made twenty. I want to:

  • Attend at least one yoga class a week, all year.
  • To (finally!) learn how to drive.
  • I want to finish a draft of my book that I’m happy with, and finally show it to other people.


I’ve had a lifelong interest in politics, so an election year is always a good year in my book. Don’t worry – Dandelion Chandelier is a safe zone from the bruising battlefield of a national election, so there won’t be any polemics or political treatises coming your way from us in 2020.

But a pivotal year in politics is the landscape in which I’m making my resolution for the new year. And it’s this: to genuinely engage in the hard work of forging connections with other people. Especially difficult people. As much as possible, I’ll resist the temptation to avoid hard conversations. I am going to hang in. And listen. And advocate. Respectfully. And without fear.

And yes, dear reader, I am gonna get some people to register. And to vote.

our team dandelion chandelier new year's resolutions for 2020

Those are our Squad Goals. How about you? Happy New Year from all of us here at Dandelion Chandelier. We hope it’s a happy, healthy and safe one for you and all your loved ones. Now, go win 2020!

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