Month: January 2020

the inside luxury secret of the Pirelli calendar

The Insider Secret Luxury of the Pirelli Calendar

The world of luxury has many ancient secrets. One of the more interesting ones is the annual Pirelli calendar, which is sent to a select group of wealthy and influential individuals who the company has determined to be appropriate members of their List. And no one else. It’s a tale of art, fashion, money and exclusivity. What could be more luxurious than that? Our correspondent Julie Chang Murphy shares everything you need to know about the insider secret luxury of the Pirelli Calendar, including some of the most talked-about, iconic and infamous images from its history.

the best luxury spring break vacation with kids

The Best 2020 Luxury Spring Break Vacations with Kids

Spring Break! Those iconic words once meant a carefree and crazy week in a warm location with your posse. But now that you’re a parent, it’s all about a family spring break vacation with the kids. Does that mean the fun is over? No way. In fact, the fun is just getting started. Where to go for the best luxury spring break vacation with kids in 2020? Our correspondent Jillian Tangen has found 10 of the best destinations for a luxury family vacation this year. We promise that they’ll be fun and restorative for everyone. Including you!

celebrating good deeds january 2020 haymakers for hope

Celebrating Good Deeds: the January Sparkler of the Month

Sparklers is a monthly series that highlights those spreading light in the world. We’re celebrating good deeds and those who choose to shine in January 2020. This month we’re recognizing Haymakers for Hope, a charity organization that gives people the opportunity to fight back against cancer – literally. Our correspondent Jillian Tangen shares the inspiring story of Haymakers for Hope and the organization’s innovative approach to raising money for cancer research.

best luxury designer sneakers

The Best Sneakers from Luxury Designers this Season

The new power dress code for men involves chic sneakers. And increasingly, the same can be said for women. But which expensive sneakers are actually worth the money? And how do you put the look together in a way that’s stylish and smart? Our correspondent Julie Chang Murphy has the rundown on the best sneakers from luxury designers this season and how to wear them.