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Looking for an accurate horoscope today? There are so many places to get a daily horoscope that it can be overwhelming. But fear not. We researched the question: which astrology websites, apps and columns written by the most influential astrologers are the best? Accurate, fun and focused is what we’re after. Our correspondent has curated a list, so you can get your horoscope today from one of the world’s best astrologers.

where’s the best place to get your horoscope today?

If you’re like some of us here at Dandelion Chandelier, you probably did your due diligence and checked out your horoscope at the beginning of of the year to see what the 12 months ahead have in store. And also like us, you might have promptly forgotten all the predictions as soon as real life got in the way.

On the other hand, though, perhaps you’re someone who has downloaded Co-Star, know your birth chart by heart, and read its in-depth analysis every morning. And when that doesn’t offer enough guidance and clarity, you supplement it with The Astrology Podcast or The Quietest Revolution on YouTube.

Whether you’re an astrology novice or an astro-nerd, it never hurts to have a few reputable guides in the proverbial back pocket. You know- for when real life is really getting in the way.

We’ve done our research to come up with a list of the most influential astrologers you need to know. They write regularly for popular print and online publications, maintain up-to-date blogs and websites, and are frequently consulted for their take on current events. The stars have spoken and they say these astrologers are the ones to check in with!

Here’s our information on which astrology websites, apps and columns written by astrologers are the best for your horoscope today – and every day.

13 most influential astrologers and best astrology websites for your horoscope today

1. The Astro Twins

Twin sisters Tali Edut and Ophira Edut are The Astro Twins – the featured astrology columnists for They have also written four books on astrology, and read charts for celebrities like Beyoncé, Stevie Wonder, Karlie Kloss, Emma Roberts and Sting.

most influential astrologers

The most influential astrologers in the world: The Astro Twins. Courtesy Photo.

We love their approachable style. But it’s their feminist and activist pedigree (Ophira was tapped by Gloria Steinem to be an editor at Ms. while Tali worked for Do Something in the 90’s) that earn our respect.

2. Susan Miller

Susan Miller’s Astrolozy Zone is now in its 25th year and even though her in-depth monthly horoscopes are often late, they are worth the wait. A second generation astrologer, Susan learned the subject from studying with her mother for twelve years starting at age 15.

most ifluential astrologers

One of the most influential astrologers: Susan Miller. Courtesy Photo.

One of the best astrologers in New York, her authority in the field is clear- her site is visited by 10.8 million unique visitors a year and she is a regular contributing editor to 10 international fashion magazines. Be sure to download her free app for practical and informative daily horoscopes.

3. Chani Nicholas

Vanity Fair has proclaimed Chani as the internet’s most popular astrologer. With a community of 1 million monthly readers and as Oprah Magazine’s resident astrologer, she certainly might be. And we can see why- she transforms basic horoscopes about finding love or money into calls of action with a strong social-justice message.

most influential astrologers

The best astrology sites and astrologers in the word today: Chani Nicholas. Courtesy Photo.

She views astrology as a therapeutic tool. You can also check out her latest book, You Were Born For This: Astrology for Radical Self-Acceptance.

4. Annabel Gat

Annabel writes the comprehensive and inspiring horoscopes at Vice. She’s certified by the International Society for Astrological Research and you can learn more about her approach in her book, The Astrology of Love & Sex: A Modern Compatibility Guide.

But it’s not all about certifications and publications. Her irreverent and dark humor really come through on her Twitter and Instagram accounts.

5. Debbie Frank

Debbie Frank was the late Princess Diana’s personal astrologer. Enough said. Well, we’ll say more- she has also written horoscopes and columns for some of the UK’s biggest publications including the Daily Mail online, Sunday Express, Hello, InStyle, Sunday Mirror and Daily Mirror.

best astrology sites

The best astrology websites and astrologers: Debbie Frank. Courtesy Photo.

And if your guilty pleasure is reading about the Royal Family, her website is a must read for horoscopes and predictions.

6. Jessica Lanyadoo

Jessica Lanyadoo is well-respected within the astrological community and is currently the resident astrologer for Girlboss (USA), and Chatelaine (Canada).

best astrology sites

The best astrology websites and astrologers in the world today: Jessica Lanyadoo. Courtesy Photo.

The Hoodwitch, On Our Backs Magazine and Rookie are some of the cool-kid sites she writes for, carving out a unique niche for herself. In 2019, she penned her first book: Astrology for Real Relationships: Understanding You, Me, and How We All Get Along. Her podcast Ghost of a Podcast takes listener’s questions and we find it oddly comforting.

7. Aliza Kelly

Cosmopolitan astrology columnist and host of the weekly podcast, Stars Like Us, Aliza Kelly believes in demystifying the mystical. Her horoscopes and readings are accessible, applicable, and fun.

best astrology sites

The best astrology websites and astrologers in the world today: Aliza Kelly. Courtesy Photo.

For Astro-nerds with a wicked sense of humor, her Instagram page is chock full of in-the-know zodiac memes that will be sure to make you giggle.

8. Rebecca Gordon

Rebecca Gordon is one of the best astrologers in New York City. She’s the founder of the My Path Astrology School, which offers live and online courses to help students learn the sacred language of the skies. She is also the resident astrologer at Harper’s Bazaar and a regular guest on the Dr. Oz Show.

most influential Astrologers and best astrology sites

One of the most influential astrologers in the world: Rebecca Gordon. Courtesy Photo.

Having written a book, Your Body and the Stars: The Zodiac as Your Wellness Guide, she is the go-to astrologer for when you need insight into any health issues.

9. Sally Brompton

If the name looks familiar to the denizens of New York City, it’s because Sally Brompton is the long time astrologer for The New York Post. Like many New Yorkers, she doesn’t mince words. Her horoscopes, which have a cult following, are known for being pithy, direct, and authoritative.

10. Di Garvin

A close friend and associate referred us to Diane Garvin, who resides in Cape Town, South Africa and has been practicing as an astrologer for over 10 years. She studied with leading South African astrologer Rod Suskin, and currently tutors some of his students as well as teaching her own foundation course.

Her belief is that astrology helps us understand the cycles of our life, giving us insight into the times of change in our lives. Making it more likely that we can benefit from certain periods in our life. It also gives us a deeper understanding of the challenging times and how to work through them.

11. Linda Joyce

Linda Joyce is a regular contributor to Women’s Health, Cosmopolitan, Bustle and Romper. Based in New York, she also works with clients around the world, including in London and Shanghai. Linda is a “writer, lecturer, life-coach and astrologer,” and one of our friends swears by her. She has written several books and her essential message is “Identify the problem and a solution is not far behind.”

12. Remy Ramirez

Sedona, Arizona-based Remy Ramirez is an astrologer, poet, essayist, pop-culture journalist, and editor. She has served as the resident astrologer for Nasty Gal, Dolls Kill, and Stitch Fix. Her poems have been featured in The Southern Review and The Miscreant. Her essays have appeared in Marie Claire and Cherry Bombe Magazine. And her celebrity interviews can be found in NYLON, BUST, and Tidal (where she is currently the executive editor).

The best astrology websites and most influential astrologers in the word today: Remy Ramirez. Courtesy Photo.

As an astrologer, Remy is most interested in the complex relationship between cosmic patterns of mathematics and the dynamics of astrological wisdom, rooted in ancient lore. Merging these studies, she is able to unlock a window into the energies that dictate our personal lives and communities. Follow her on Instagram at @remeez or reach out to her at Or read her monthly horoscopes on our site!

13. Sam Reynolds

Last but definitely not least, we wrap up our list with Sam Reynolds. The lone man on our list has written horoscopes for Ebony, Mountain Astrologer and New York Magazine’s The Cut. As an astrologer for over 25 years, Sam’s weekly horoscopes can be found on his blog.

best astrology sites and most influential astrologers

One of the most influential astrologers and best astrology websites: Sam Reynolds. Courtesy Photo.

He is also big on the class and event circuit, regularly hosting The Zodiac Lounge- a monthly community mash-up of a psychic fair, a birthday party, a roaming social networking event, and a marketplace with mini-lectures.

world’s best websites and most influential astrologers for your horoscope today

Those are the results of our research on the best astrology websites, apps and columns written by the most influential astrologers in the world to consult for your horoscope today. Good luck with your predictions. And stay safe and healthy out there, dear reader.

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