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The Board Games so Stunning They Double as Home Decor

the luxury board game sets perfect for chic home or office decor

As the days of #StayHome continue on their meandering path, lots of people are turning to the Old School amusements that our grandparents once loved. Puzzles, coloring, knitting, baking, cross-stitching and more. You can add board games to that list, too. While there are lots of inexpensive and fun family board games from which to choose, we decided instead to dream a little dream. Here’s our curated list of the best luxury board games and board game sets, including chess, checkers, backgammon, poker and dominos – and they’re so beautiful that they can double as stunning home or office decor. Game on!

the most luxurious board game sets in the world

While traditionally, board game sets have either been neatly stacked in cupboard, or casually piled up in a basement corner, it’s a new era now. Luxury board game sets are proliferating, and many of them are designed so beautifully they can double as chic home or office decor. 

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Last year, Architectural Digest proclaimed that “puzzles and games are the new coffee table book.” Wow.

The ultra-luxurious board game trend was present before the global coronavirus pandemic. But with our enforced time at home, and the need for comfort and calm that can’t always be met by digital distractions, this might be the moment to invest in a new collection of board games.

After all, if there was ever a moment to unplug, slow down and enjoy the simple luxury of playing board games with your loved ones, it’s now, right?

Board Games so Stunning They Can Double as Luxury Home or Office Decor

Here are a few of our favorite luxury board games that are so chic that they can also serve to elevate our home or office decor.


We begin with peace and love, because who could argue with that? This metallic tic-tac-toe set from Jonathan Adler could be considered as either fabulous home decor, or a fun party game. Or both! It’s equal parts groovy and gravitas. Your move.

luxury board games for home and office decor

Jonathan Adler Metallic Tic-Tac-Toe Set.

BUY NOW $125.


Designed by the late pioneering architect Zaha Hadid, this chess set is informed by her firm’s on-going research and development in the realm of architectural towers. Carved in resin with a highly polished finish, the individual chess pieces represent an ideal cityscape. The chess board is lacquered and polished with a silk-screen printed grid. It’s available in a limited edition of 200 in black or silver, and a special edition of 25 in red.


luxury board games for home and office decor

Zaha Hadid Design Field of Towers Chess Set.

BUY NOW £9,900. 

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Purling London is known throughout the world for its artist-designed chess, checker, and backgammon sets, among other art games. The company’s premium checkers set is made with Italian alabaster coins featuring Nappa leather felts embossed with an 18K-gold logo, all laid upon a bird’s-eye maple board. 

luxury board games for home and office decor

Purling London Checkers Set.

BUY NOW $695.


Skyline Chess’ “London” marble game board is inspired by the architecture of its namesake city. The hand-cast bronze game pieces take the shape of some of London’s most iconic landmarks, with Big Ben acting as the Rook and Canary Wharf standing in as the King.

luxury board games for home and office decor

Skyline Chess London Bronze And Marble Chess Set.

BUY NOW $4,000.


Fornasetti is an iconic homeware brand headquartered in Milan, known for both its impeccable craftsmanship and its love of surrealism. And this chessboard set is no exception. Handmade in limited annual production from briarwood, the set is printed with the face of Fornasetti’s muse, Lina Cavalleri.


Fornasetti Chess Board.



Add some mod glam to game night with this Jonathan Adler Milano backgammon set. It features a concentric loop pattern in a gorgeous pastel color palette. When the game is done, deploy it as a chic cocktail table accent. The dreamy hues and  high-gloss finish make this a beautiful set to display either open or closed.


Jonathan Adler Backgammon Set.

BUY NOW $395.

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This lovely hand-crafted backgammon set is housed in an oak box whose wood is sourced from trees growing in London. Inside, you’ll find single stems of tulips; the painted petals are sealed with hand-applied lacquer. The compartments are lined in calf leather, and the shakers are black calf leather. The doubling die is embossed weighted leather. There are two color choices for the playing pieces: red and cream leather, or gold and silver aluminum. 

luxurious board games that can double as home or office decor

Alexandra Llewellyn Tulip Backgammon Set.

BUY NOW £4,800.


Add a Tiffany touch to your next game night. Featuring the brand’s vintage logo and metallic silver foil edge, these playing cards are polished to perfection. Like some other luxury brands, Tiffany’s offers an extensive selection of elevated classic games in its Everyday Objects collection. Including everything you need to play poker, pool, and table tennis

Tiffany & Co. Travel Playing Cards.

BUY NOW $115


Edie Parker’s poker set is made from glossy acrylic. The wood insert neatly holds the colorful chips in stacks for ease of use.

Edie Parker Acrylic And Wood Poker Set.

BUY NOW $1,995.

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There’s even a luxury version of that beloved family pasttime Monopoly. The game board is made of solid wood. Inside the drawer, you’ll find wooden houses and hotels, dyed-bone dice and the classic tokens. Plus a Pottery Barn bulldog. 

Monopoly – The Luxury Edition at Pottery Barn.

BUY NOW $183.


This SunnyLife Mega Jumbling Tower is a vibrant take on an old favorite. Each of the 45 natural wood pieces are hand-dyed in bright, bold shades.  

SunnyLife Mega Jumbling Tower.

BUY NOW $110.


Baccarat’s whimsical Butterfly Tic Tac Toe set includes five crystal butterflies in each of two colors, and one acrylic board.

Baccarat Butterfly Tic Tac Toe Set.

BUY NOW $1,950.

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This Tic-Tac-Toe set from Aerin has been given a luxurious upgrade with a wood inlay base made from walnut and beechwood, and embossed shagreen pieces edged in brass. The square box, also in shagreen with brass detailing, allows you to make it part of your home decor, with a place of honor  on a bookshelf or tabletop.

BUY NOW $995.


Could high-quality dice be what your board game night is missing? This set from L’Objet comes in two sizes, big and small, and are made from antiquated brass

L’Objet Two-Pair Dice.

BUY NOW $86.25.


A collector’s item as much as it is a fun game set, each colorful plexiglass piece on Louis Vuitton’s Jenga set is embellished with one of the iconic fashion house’s motifs, such as the Monogram Flower. Playing pieces are arranged in gradient shades of blue and pink. The portable plexiglass box features a smooth leather handle so it can be taken along anywhere.

Louis Vuitton Monogram Jenga Tower.

BUY NOW $3,050.

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Edie Parker’s playful Chinese checkers set is crafted from hand-poured acrylic and decorated with a marbled finish, giving it the sense of lacquered wood. It comes with 60 game pieces in glossy rainbow hues. 

Edie Parker Chinese Checkers Acrylic Set.

BUY NOW $1,395.


Pinetti’s domino set elevates the classic game to the ultimate in modern luxury. A textured leather box reveals handcrafted game pieces set on Canaletto walnut trays. Display it on a credenza or a library shelf for easy access for an after-dinner game.

Pinetti Leather Domino Set.

BUY NOW $695.


For an elegant board game addition to your luxury home or office decor, consider Baccarat’s black and white checker set. With 20 clear crystal and 20 black crystal coins, it’s a gorgeous centerpiece that can also provide hours of joy with friends and family.


Baccarat Marble And Crystal Checkers Set By Marcel Wanders.

BUY NOW $10,000.

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Prefer chess to checkers? There’s also a stunning collector’s piece from Baccarat and Marcel Wanders for you. The pieces are rendered in crystal and the chessboard in inlaid marble.


Baccarat Marble And Crystal Chess Set By Marcel Wanders.

BUY NOW $18,300.


Edie Parker’s “Four-In-A-Row” game is crafted from tie-dye marbled acrylic with multicolored chips and a gold-tone metal base.

Edie Parker Four-In-A-Row Acrylic Game Set.

BUY NOW $1,495.


Edie Parker transforms the classic Ouija Board with a hand-poured acrylic board and planchette with a galaxy design.

BUY NOW $1,995.

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Strategy board games get played in high luxury style with this reversible game board by William & Son has been jazzed up with fine Grampian leather, which includes two different artfully designed maps. One side features Snakes and Ladders, and the other is Ludo.

Reversible Game Board by William & Son.

BUY NOW $1,995.


Asprey’s “Hanover” set is meticulously crafted from leather, and includes a playing board backed with purple silk that rests on a rotating disc for convenience, along with racks for four players. It comes in a handsome presentation case.

luxury board games for home and office decor

Asprey Leather Scrabble Set.

BUY NOW $11,950.


For a statement board game, you can’t do better than this domino set. The storage case and tiles are made in the UK from solid maple wood upholstered with orange Ingleston leather. You can pop everything into the bespoke canvas carry case when you’re bringing the party along with you.

luxury board games for home and office decor

William & Son Dominos Set.

BUY NOW $4,110.


We’re finishing our list with a memory game that will only get more challenging as the night wears on. Hermes’ La Collection Emile Hermes Memory Game is beautiful, and surely that will aid your concentration, right?

luxury board games for home and office decor

La Collection Emile Hermes Memory Game.

BUY NOW $255.


Dutch designer Marcel Wanders has also reimagined the classic game of dominoes. Crafted in partnership with Baccarat’s skilled artisans, this numbered-edition set features 28 black crystal dominoes in a white marble box. Its sleek modern design can lend a minimalist-luxe touch to your work or living space.

Baccarat Marble And Crystal Domino Set By Marcel Wanders.

BUY NOW $8,200.


The made-to-order Stratego chess board crafted by Italian firm Teckell is covered in extra-clear crystal and rests on a Marquina marble base (also available in white Carrara marble). The minimalist pieces are turned of extra-clear crystal with details in brass. One side has 24k gold-plated brass details, the other chromed-brass accents.

BUY NOW $14,000.

board game sets as luxury home and office decor

That’s it! Our picks for some of the best luxury board games that would also be perfect additions to your home or office decor.

If there is any silver lining to the enforced #StayHome times that we’re living through, it may be that some of us will revert – sometimes – to some of the joys of simpler, analog times with our friends and family. Game Night is a lovely way to pass some time right now. And it might even last as a beloved ritual when we’re once again free to roam.

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