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How to Find the Most Magical Luxury Home String Lights

the best luxury indoor and outdoor string and fairy lights

With home entertaining on the upswing, one of the easiest and most effective way to create a warm and inviting environment is with luxury home string lights, twinkle lights, fairy lights and other sprays of light. Here’s how to find the most magical luxury home indoor and outdoor string lights, including globe, Edison and fairy lights, solar and plug-in, curtains, spheres and more.

how to find the most magical luxury home string lights for indoor and outdoor occasions

Transform your backyard into a tropical oasis with a set of luxury outdoor string lights. Strung between trees or lantern posts, or above your outdoor dining area, these lights will create a midsummer night’s dream right in your backyard. The lights can be hung around a porch, between outdoor planters, around a pergola or arbor, along the balcony rail or by a seating area.

the best luxury indoor and outdoor string and fairy lights

Or bring warmth, comfort, and mystery to your next indoor event with luxury string lights. They immediately cast a romantic hue over the space, instantly setting the mood. 

Whether indoors or out, you can have fun with them. Take a structured approach, or go completely organic and let them fall in a free-flowing design.

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Many string lights on the market are designed to be plugged into an electrical outlet; the most durable ones also feature protected sockets to keep out moisture. But if you don’t have an outlet available for your outdoor lighting, look for USB-powered or solar string lights.

the best luxury indoor and outdoor string and fairy lights

LED bulbs are the most common. These bulbs offer the longest lifespan and best energy savings of any bulb type. However, you’ll still need to decide if you want a bright, vintage light from an Edison-style light bulb or the softer glow of string lights with a globe bulb.

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a dimmer, or include a remote control that allows you to control various lighting effects. 

the best luxury indoor and outdoor string and fairy lights

The OG of luxury home outdoor lights is a string with vintage, Edison-style bulbs. The soft, warm light adds a welcoming glow to patios, backyards, porches, pergolas, gardens and more.

1. Sunthin LED Outdoor String Lights

These commercial-grade lights – a 48-foot strand of 18 bulbs – are equipped with impact- and weather-resistant bulbs and have been designed for outdoor use, but will also add a festive atmosphere to indoor locations. No need to worry about these shatterproof bulbs as they won’t break if dropped. If you have a large space to cover, this is a good choice — a total of 12 strings of these can be connected using just one electrical outlet.

BUY NOW $41.99.

2. Mpow Vintage Dimmable Bulbs

Another strong sophisticated option are these vintage-style Edison bulbs from Mpow. And you can connect up to 23 strands! Online reviewers positively cite how bright these are, and the strand is dimmer-compatible so you can easily achieve the effect you’re seeking.


BUY NOW $53.

3. Pottery Barn Bistro String Lights

New this season, these Bistro String Lights enchant and delight and can be used indoors and out. The frosted white bulbs cast a soft, ethereal glow that’s reminiscent of a coffee shop or neighborhood cocktail bar.

BUY NOW $79.

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4. Terrain Starburst Globe Lights

For indoor and outdoor illumination, this strand of LED bulbs offers the look of classic, warm white globe lights. Each bulb includes a starburst of lights for a cheerful, twinkling appearance

BUY NOW $248.

5. LAMPLUST Mini Lantern String Lights

this clear strand of 20 White Mini Lanterns with Warm White lights. connect up to 22 strands for a long, beautiful display

BUY NOW $33.

6. Globe Electric Chicago String Lights

not only do the metal shades of the Chicago string lights provide bulb protection, they also bring a vintage industrial element to any space



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7. Crate and Barrel Twinkle Gold Lights

Tiny twinkling lights on a slender gold wire wrap trees, garlands and shrubbery with an elegant sparkle and warm glow. 

BUY NOW $29.95.

Solar lights are a terrific option for outdoor decor, and it’s really easy to find them. point the small solar panel towards the sky. Just six hours of direct sunlight will keep your outdoor space illuminated for five to six hours. sun-powered lighting is available in a wide range of styles and types from tiny solar tea lights to globe-shaped pendant lamps. To keep them charged just position their solar panels toward the sunlight.

8. Mpow Solar-Powered String LED Lights

100 super brilliant LEDs make every night potentially a starry night. You can have a lot of fun with the pre-programmed effects, which include Fireflies, Chasing and Twinkle. up to 10 hours after fully charged. Lights up automatically at night and off during the day


BUY NOW $15.99.

9. Terrain Solar Lantern Light String

Crafted from durable Tyvek for casual, elegant appeal, this solar lantern light strand can be charged during the day to illuminate your outdoor parties at night.

magical luxury home string lights

BUY NOW $60.

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10. Pottery Barn Boho Globe Solar Lantern

The delicate filigreed pattern of Pottery Barn’s Boho Globe Solar Lantern creates a charming play of light and shadow when lit from within. Ideal for outdoor festivities, it comes in two colorways: Pearl Wave and Blue Metallic. And two sizes: 7″ and 12″.


BUY NOW $49.

11. Terrain Stargazer Copper Curtain Lights

This string light curtain includes eight connected strands of LED lights to illuminate both indoors and out. The strands include a mix of warm white LEDs and twinkle lights for a soft, sparkling glow.

the best luxury string lights

BUY NOW $88.

12. Curtain Leaf String Lights

Transform your space into an enchanted garden with the Curtain Leaf String Lights. Multiple glittering tendrils of faux greenery gently climb down the wall, perfect for a living room, covered outdoor patio or behind your bed. Can be used indoors or outdoors under a covered area.

BUY NOW $79.

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13. West Elm LED String Light Spheres and Loops

BUY NOW $150-250.

14. Terrain Northstar Table Lights

this cosmic tabletop burst of warm white LEDs adds a warm glow to your holiday home.

BUY NOW $38.

15. Frontgate LED Spritzers

We love the joyful idea behind these light fixtures, starting with their name. How could you not want to start a party once the spritzers have arrived?

Featuring a mix of steady and twinkling LED lights, these flexible decorations can be fanned out into an orb, laid flat or twisted into various shapes. Add one or several to brighten up any festive display.

BUY NOW $49-79.

16. Mooni Full Moon Light

Even though they’re not string lights, we couldn’t resist adding these splendid “full moon lights” to this edit. Because they just radiate the spirit of dreams and magic, and we need as much of those as we can get right now! With five LED light modes and a spectrum of colors, use them to create a mysterious and romantic mood both indoors and out.

BUY NOW $99.

how to find the most magical luxury home string lights

That’s it – our favorite sources for the most magical luxury home string lights for both outdoor and indoor entertaining. What’s your favorite?

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