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What are the Best Innovative “Smart” Luxury Lawn Mowers?

What are the Best Innovative "Smart" Luxury Lawn Mowers?

There’s something deeply satisfying about a freshly-moved lawn. The scent of the grass, the beauty and order of an expanse of domesticated nature right outside our door. Outdoor entertaining season is here – so if you’re a DIY type, what’s the best way to get the job done right now? Our correspondent Jillian Tangen has curated a list of the best innovative “smart” luxury lawn mowers to shop for right now, whether you’re looking for a walk-behind, ride-on, or robotic model. It’s lawn mowing gone high-tech.

“Smart” Luxury Lawn Mowers 

Perhaps you’re a new homeowner investing in lawn care tools for the first time. Or maybe you’re looking to help an old pro like Dad upgrade his arsenal of power equipmentFather’s Day is just around the corner, you know. 

What are the Best Innovative "Smart" Luxury Lawn Mowers?

What are the Best Innovative “Smart” Luxury Lawn Mowers?

Either way, the situation requires a lawn mower that will make landscaping a simple, at least somewhat pleasant experience.  And with a top-of-the-line lawn mower in the shed, you’ll be able to groom your yard in less time and with more accuracy – who doesn’t want that?

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With so many makes, models and styles on the market, selecting the right one for your lawn needs can be a daunting task – not to mention a little boring, too.  To help you cut through all the grass, ooops we mean noise, we’ve identified ten of the most powerful, “smart” and overall best luxury lawn mowers to help level up your landscaping tool kit this summer. You’re welcome!

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From customizable walk-behind styles powered by gas or electric to cruise controlled ride-ons or self operating robotic mowers that start trimming at an “okay, Google”, here are ten of the best luxury lawn mowers to consider.

What are the Best Innovative “Smart” Luxury Lawn Mowers?

The Most Innovative and Best Luxury Lawn Mowers Right Now

the best walk-behind lawn mowers

1. toro recycler

Push mowers are ideal for smaller yards – generally a quarter of an acre or less – with flat terrain.  However, with its extra wide 22-inch blade, the Toro Recycler 22 inch Mower ($449) is a great choice if you have an even larger area of grass to mow.  And if you need to stop along the way?  

What are the best innovative “smart” luxury lawn mowers? The Toro Recycler. Courtesy Photo.

This mower has a blade stop system that ensures the stays running even if the blades aren’t.  That means never having to pull the start cord again whenever you need to move a branch out of the way.  Another nice feature is what Toro calls “personal pace.”  Some self-propelled mowers can go too fast to be comfortable to walk with, but with “personal pace” you can walk at your own speed. Or alternatively, you can up the speed for a little work out while you mow.

2. weibang wb537scv

The 3-in-1 Weibang WB537SCV ($799) is a serious mower, and if ruggedness and durability are top of your list, this one’s for you.  Thanks to a 196cc shaft-driven engine, it’s got some serious power under the hood – so no need to worry about twigs getting stuck or slippage when the terrain is wet.  

High-tech lawn mowing right now: Weibang wb537scv. Courtesy Photo.

It also has quick release handles so that the main mower handle folds fully down, making it easy to turn the machine upside down to clean or store in your shed.

3. ego power+ select lm2135sp

While gas powered mowers tend to be more powerful, electric lawn mowers are quieter, more eco-friendly and easier to maintain (think no trips to the gas station, no checking the oil levels, and no spilled fuel).  

innovative luxury lawn mowers

One of the perfect high-tech lawn mowers to buy right now: Ego Power. Courtesy Photo.

Compared with other electric models, the Ego Power+ Select Cut Mower LM2135SP ($630) has a longer run time (up to an hour) than most and a faster charge time too.   It also features intuitive speed control and two blades (a feature unique to cordless mowers), ensuring an even cut and efficient mulching.  And when it’s not in use, the handle can be folded in and the mower can be stored upright for less garage clutter.

the best riding mowers

4. john deere e180 lawn tractor

The fully loaded John Deere E180 25-hp V-Twin Lawn Tractor ($2,799) is one of the top performing riding mowers.  It’s 25 hp V-Twin Extended Life Series engine is designed for a long life cycle.  It’s ReadyStart system offers choke-free starting, making it both easy and reliable to start.  

innovative luxury lawn mowers

One of the perfect high-tech lawn mowers to buy right now: John Deere e180. Courtesy Photo.

On top of that it has a hydrostatic transmission, so you don’t have to worry about shifting. You can focus on just mowing. Speaking of mowing, it has a generous 54-inch mower deck that makes for a large cutting area and cruise control options. This means fewer passes over the lawn and a more comfortable time cutting.

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5. cub cadet ultima zt1 50

With precise maneuverability, the Cub Cadet Ultima ZT1 50 Zero Turn Mower ($3,000) gives you full control over your mowing.  Not only can you control the deck height to 15 quarter-inch increments across a 50-inch wide cut at speeds up to 7.5 miles per hour, it has an ergonomic design for riding comfort.  

innovative luxury lawn mowers

One of the most innovative luxury lawn mowers to buy right now: Cub Cadet Ultima zt1 50 Courtesy Photo.

Both the lap bar and high back seat are fully adjustable. Also, you can engage the blades with the simple touch of a finger.  Not to mention that the ergonomic hand grips help to reduce hand fatigue – which any seasoned lawn mower can tell you is a small but big win.

6. husqvarna yth22v46

The Swedish designed Husqvarna YTH22V46 ($1,899) 46-inch riding lawn mower is outfitted with a powerful 22 hp, 724cc Briggs and Stratton engine, enabling it to maneuver tall grass and slopes. 

high-tech lawn mowers

High-tech lawn mowing: Husqvarna yth22v46. Courtesy Photo.

Its hydrostatic transmission allows for a smooth ride, and offers cruise control for easily maintaining a set speed.  And as the name implies, this ride-on has a 46-inch cutting deck. It allows for a uniform and fast cut on your yard.

the best robotic lawn mowers

7. robomow rs630

A relatively new entrant to the market, robotic lawn mowers operate similar to robotic vacuums whereby you set up a wired perimeter and then the mower sets off to work with any intervention necessary. The Robomow RS630 ($2,499) is considered one of the premier robotic lawnmowers.  

high-tech lawn mowers

High-tech lawn mowing: Robomow rs630. Courtesy Photo.

It handles up to three-quarters of an acre and sloped yards up to 20 degrees and is ideal for most yard types.  It also has a rain sensor to prevent mowing during inclement weather and automatic recharging when the mower runs low on power.  With an operational decibel range of up to 78dB, it’s a little bit louder than other robo options. It’s significantly quieter than your average riding lawn mower.

8. Honda Miimo HRM 520

It’s really no surprise that the company that brought us Asimo, the world’s most advanced humanoid robot, is also one of the pioneering robotic lawn care manufacturers.  The Honda Miimo HRM 520 ($2,800) features a 0.75-acre mowing capability and a slope mowing capability of up to 25 degrees.  

high-tech lawn mowers

High-tech lawn mowing: Honda Miimo HRm 520. Courtesy Photo.

The HRM 520’s app allows you to adjust the cutting height, start or stop the unit, and also manage a cutting calendar. This is all done from your smartphone. This model also uses an innovative “continuous cutting system” where the machine trims your lawn about an inch multiple times a week. Honda claims this promotes better growth and overall yard health versus much less infrequent and larger cuts.

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9. Husqvarna Automower 450X

Have a little bit bigger yard?  The Husqvarna Automower 450X ($4,600) covers a considerable amount of turf – up to 1.25 acres.  Like other robotic models, you’ll need to “fence” off the perimeter of your yard as well as garden patches before the first mow.  

high-tech lawn mowers

High-tech lawn mowing: the Husqvarna Automower 450X. Courtesy Photo.

This mower however, is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home. You could connect it with your intelligent speakers for remote voice control.  You can schedule multiple mow times over the course of a given month. This allows the model to trim as regularly or minimally as desired. 

One of the best features though, is its quiet operation.  Graded at just 58 dB, this lawnmower is about as loud as an air conditioning unit.  If you really wanted to, you might be able to get away with mowing in the middle of the night and you actually can, because this mower has LED lights for night functionality.

Bonus round lawn mower: Just for fun!

10. John Deere X758

Need a little more power?  Look no further than John Deere’s X758 ($14,629) – a signature series lawn tractor.  It’s completely customizable. If you go with deluxe accessories it won’t take long to up the price to $25,000 or more.  

What are the best innovative “smart” luxury lawn mowers? The John Deere X758. Courtesy Photo.

It has car-like features and includes four-wheel drive, cruise control, tilt steering, a powerful 3-cylinder diesel engine, cup holders and a port to plug in your cell phone. You won’t have any excuses for not mowing the lawn anymore.

The Best Luxury Lawn Mowers Right Now

There you have it, ten of the best and most powerful luxury lawn mowers this year.  Luxury and lawn mowers are probably two words you never thought you would see together.  But if we’ve learned anything so far in 2020, it’s that anything is possible.

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Jillian Tangen is the Head of Research at Dandelion Chandelier and a former Senior Research Analyst at McKinsey & Co and Analyst at Shearman & Sterling. She is an avid fan of Nordic design, having owned an independent lifestyle store and sales agency focused on emerging Scandinavian design. Jillian lives in New York and is married with three young children. She loves cross-country skiing, the New York Rangers, reading, travel and discovering new brands.

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