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Before venturing out on our sunny day adventures, we have to talk sunscreen, dear reader. We all need it, all year ’round. The only question open for debate? Which luxury sun protection brand is going to give you the best experience possible? Meaning not greasy, or chalky, or with excessive fragrance. And which luxury sunscreen gives the best protection for those sweet precious days in the sun? Our correspondent Jillian Tangen has curated a list of the best luxury sunscreen brands to buy right now for every age.

What’s the best luxury sun protection right now?

We know, we sound like your mom, but it’s true: while some sun is wonderful for our moods and our health, too much sun can be bad. Especially when it comes to our skin.

What is the best luxury sunscreen sun protection brand right now?

What is the best luxury sunscreen sun protection brand for every age right now?

From a painful burn to potentially serious health implications, too many rays can leave your skin looking and feeling like an old leather leather handbag – and while we all love vintage, no one likes that.


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No worries, though. We’ve found 12 of the best and most luxurious sunscreens to keep your skin looking and feeling its healthiest and happiest all year round. Because sunscreen isn’t just for summer.

what is the best luxury sunscreen brand right now?

What is the best luxury sunscreen sun protection brand for every age right now?

And don’t forget: even the most luxurious sunscreen doesn’t work if you don’t apply it as directed, so be sure to refresh it every 2 hours. Here are our 12 tried and true picks for the best luxury sun screens out there right now.

What are the best luxury sunscreen brands?

1. everyday spf

Everyone’s favorite swimwear brand Solid & Striped has expanded into the skincare scene.  The brand’s All-Over Sunscreen is a coral reef safe SPF 30 that is completely free of the contentious chemical UV filter oxybenzone, which has been banned in many places for its harmful effects on marine life.  In addition, it’s been formulated with an anti-inflammatory licorice root that’s bound to become a requisite step in any skin-care routine, no matter the season.

best luxury sunscreens

BUY NOW  – $28.


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2. nourishing

Clé de Peau Beauté’s UV Protective Cream Broad Spectrum SPF 50+ does much more than shield you from the sun’s rays.  Formulated with mangosteen, Asian ginseng, wild thyme, hyaluronic acid and scutellaria baicalensis extract (a traditional Japanese herb that supports skin health), this sunscreen smooths and moisturizes skin while protecting it from pollution. It also incorporates the brand’s Illuminating Complex EX, which uses precious platinum golden silk and pearl elements to help retexturize skin and lessen the appearance of damage.

best luxury sunscreens

BUY NOW – $135.

3. anti-aging

3Lab’s WW Day Cream is a multi-functional cream that provides every day protection from damaging UVA/ UVB rays while also fighting against the signs of aging. It’s an ideal makeup base, moisturizer and SPF 40 broad spectrum sunscreen. Fans say that improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, brightening, tightening and soothing the skin while protecting against the sun and environmental damage.


best luxury sunscreens

BUY NOW $425.

4. mineral 

Mineral sunscreens are notorious for leaving a chalky white finish but this one from Versed, a  LA-based company offering clean, straightforward, effective skincare solutions has solved that problem. It comes out of the tube with a peachy hue but goes on virtually undetectable on all skin tones. Its creamy texture has a natural, skin-like finish—not too dewy, not too matte. Formulated with sea fennel for anti-aging and collagen-boosting properties and moringa seed extract to fight antioxidants, it has won multiple awards for best sunscreen from Harper’s Bazaar, Allure and Self.

BUY NOW – $35.

5. tinted 

Tower 28 partnered with celebrity makeup artist, Kirin Bhatty, to formulate all 14 adaptable shades of this tinted sunscreen. With skin-soothing ingredients like reparative prickly pear, anti-inflammatory white sage, and soothing aloe, it was also the first ever sunscreen to earn the National Eczema Association’s Seal of Acceptance. Fans have said that it’s like an Instagram filter in a tube and that it’s easy to blend with the perfectly dewy, medium-weight coverage. 


BUY NOW – $30.

6. oily/acne-prone 

We’ve heard from those with oily and acne-prone skin that they avoid sunscreen altogether because it tends to clog their pores and make them break out even more. Dermatologists recommend liquid instead of a thicker sunscreen to combat this issue. Tizo’s mineral sunscreen strikes the right balance of feeling silky smooth but providing mattifying coverage. Reviewers caution that a little goes a long way to avoid white residue.

what's the best luxury sun protection right now?


BUY NOW – $43.


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7. no-residue

Katonya B. Breaux founded Unsun Cosmetics to create a company focused on sun defense suited for women of all skin tones.  The black owned beauty brand’s SPF 30 Mineral Tinted Sunscreen shields skin from harmful UV rays with its lightweight, blendable coverage while ensuring that people of color get the protection and coverage they need.

what's the best luxury sun protection right now?

BUY NOW – $29.

8. family-friendly

La Roche-Posay’s Anthelios 60 is hands down one of our favorite drugstore beauty finds because it’s both smooth and fast-absorbing. It’s cream-to-water formula melts into your skin and provides a cooling sensation, perfect super hot days. The formula is fragrance-free, non comedogenic, making it a good choice for those with sensitive skin or for families with young kids like my own. It’s also water-resistant up to 80 minutes. Last but not least, it’s formulated with an SPF of 60. It has antioxidants, to keep your skin fully protected from both UVA and UVB rays.

summer 2020

BUY NOW – $31.99.

9. k-beauty find

Many of our serious skincare fanatic friends swear by Missha’s All Around Safe Block Essence Sun Milk SPF 50+.  It offers a double-layered UV protection system that is impenetrable even against water and sweat and will keep the skin comfortable all day long with flower extracts that soothe, nourish and hydrate dry skin.  Oh, and it melts into your skin like a serum so it feels lightweight and fresh.  If you haven’t tried K-beauty products yet, make this your first.

what to buy

BUY NOW – $29.

10. spray-on

Shiseido’s easy-to-use Ultimate Sun Protection Spray Broad Spectrum SPF 50+ does it all.  Its lightweight non-comedogenic formula makes it perfect for use on not just your body but your face too.  And its texture doesn’t leave you feeling greasy or sticky.  Plus, it has broad spectrum SPF 50+ protection and it’s water-resistant for up to 80 minutes, so it’s a great choice for long days in the water.

what to buy sun protection

BUY NOW – $40.


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11. hydrating

If you want a sunscreen with real skincare chops, few offer a better track record than La Mer.  It’s Broad Spectrum SPF 50 UV Protecting Fluid is lightweight and protective while simultaneously keeping your skin hydrated all day thanks to the brand’s sea sourced Miracle Broth.  Designed to be worn over your moisturizer or under makeup, this soothing fluid is perfect for protecting your skin from the sun’s harmful rays and future discoloration throughout the summer months.

what is the best luxury sun protection right now?

BUY NOW – $95.

12. sporty

EltaMd’s UV Sport Broad-Spectrum SPF 50 Pump is the perfect companion for all kinds of outdoor summer activities. It’s lightweight, dries within minutes and doesn’t clog your pores.  Plus it provides a high level of broad-spectrum SPF 50 protection through the use of 9% zinc oxide and it can be applied to both wet and dry skin, making it super convenient.

best luxury sunscreens sun protection

BUY NOW $53.

What’s the best luxury sunscreen for every age?

Those are picks for the 12 best luxury sun protection-sunscreen brands for every age. And just like that – no burns, no problems – just great looking skin!

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Jillian Tangen is the Head of Research at Dandelion Chandelier and a former Senior Research Analyst at McKinsey & Co and Analyst at Shearman & Sterling. She is an avid fan of Nordic design, having owned an independent lifestyle store and sales agency focused on emerging Scandinavian design. Jillian lives in New York and is married with three young children. She loves cross-country skiing, the New York Rangers, reading, travel and discovering new brands.

Jillian Tangen

Jillian is a lifestyle editor at Dandelion Chandelier covering topics like fashion, travel, entertainment and on occasion, even finance. She thinks there’s no such thing as having too many sweaters.