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The Ultimate Luxury Gift Guide: Best for Movie Lovers

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In need of a luxury gift for a movie lover, film fanatic, cinephile or cineaste? What are the best gifts for movie lovers? Our resident film expert, Abbie Martin Greenbaum, is sharing her curated luxury gift guide of what to buy this holiday as the best gifts for the movie lover on your list.

what should you give the movie lover in your life as the perfect gift?

Do you know someone who is absolutely obsessed with movies? Maybe this person follows all the latest news from behind the scenes. Maybe they attend film festivals and read reviews. They may even want to make films themselves some day!

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If like some people, you personally don’t share that passion, you may be at a bit of a loss for what to give the budding director or cineaste in your life when gift-giving time rolls around. Whether its for a birthday, holiday gift, or to mark some other special occasion, fear not. We’ve got lots of ideas for you.

the luxury gift guide: the best for movie lovers

Here is a gift guide designed to suit every cinephile’s needs. We have DVDs, books, amazing experiences, and everything else you could possibly need to help fill the lives of the people around you with movie magic.  

best gifts movie lovers

1. A Film Projector

Much in the same way record players are arguably the best way to listen to music at home, projectors are the best way to watch movies.  Rather than investing in a new television, get your cinephile the luxury gift of an Epson film projector ($329.99). That way, they can turn their home into their own personal movie theater. And enjoy all their favorite films on the big screen.

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2. Cinemaps

For anyone obsessed with both movies and geography, Cinemaps ($29.99), an illustrated tome by Andrew DeGraff, will be a dream come true. It is a physical atlas, showing the real-life routes that well-known fictional characters have traveled on screen. The images are meticulously created and absolutely beautiful, and this present is one-of-a-kind.

3. The Wes Anderson Collection

This gorgeous volume by Michael Chabon and Matt Zoller Seitz is much more than your average coffee table book. The Wes Anderson Collection ($45) is filled with essays, interviews and stunning illustrations. Upon seeing it, we were immediately seized with the desire to sit down and read it cover to cover. Wes Anderson is such a visually unique director, any fan of his will love seeing his signature aesthetic translated in the pages of this book.

The best luxury gifts for cinephiles: projector and coffee table books. Courtesy Photos.

4. A Luxury Night at the Movies

A fun night at the movies is a guarantee if you gift your cineaste an Alamo Drafthouse Gift Card ($25-$150). The Alamo Drafthouse is one of the greatest places to watch movies right now. With theaters all around the United States, the Alamo has figured out how to take the act of movie going and renew some of its magic. Give someone the ability to sit it in an incredibly comfortable armchairs and order a delicious meal delivered directly to their seat, while enjoying all of the latest releases. They can save the Netflix and chill for some other night.

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5. A Game of Skill

Trivia buffs and film fans will love the gift of Movie Buff: The World’s Greatest Movie Trivia Game ($17.95). With a set up similar to Uno, the game cards are open-ended enough to allow players to instill it with their own film knowledge and preferences. Play for as many hours as you’d like with up to sixteen people! 

6. Movie Posters

Minimalist Movie Poster ($80) is a fabulous Etsy market that makes minimalist movie posters for favorite films. This set will get you thirty-five of them, which you can give to different people. Or perhaps all to one person who wants to fill an entire wall. The posters are crisp and eye-catching, and the selection is out of this world.

Luxury gift guide for cinephiles: gift cards, games and movie posters. Courtesy Photos.

7. François Truffaut Boxed Set

Every cinephile will be familiar with the significance of the French New Wave, and of legendary founding director François Truffaut. This François Truffaut Box Set ($247.75) includes five of his most important films, including the iconic 400 Blows. It’s the perfect luxury gift for a cineaste hoping to continue building their knowledge of classic cinema.

luxury gift cineaste

What are the best gifts for movie lovers?

8. A Chronicle of Classic Films

1001 Movies to Watch Before you Die ($34.25) by Steven Jay Schneider and Ian Haydn Smith is the ultimate guide to many of the most important films in the history of cinema. It comes with full color photos, information about each film and why it was selected, and a handy index that they can use as a checklist.

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9. A Way to Track Every Film Viewed

This clever Movie Scratch Off Poster ($15) could be a great accompaniment to 1001 Movies to Watch Before You Die. It allows your gift recipient to keep visual track of their film bucket list. Every time they see a new movie for the first time, they scratch the film off the chart. It’s a way to turn the act of exploring the film canon into a really fun game.

10. Membership in the A-List

If you have an AMC movie theater near you, then consider the gift of an AMC A-List Membership ($23.95, monthly). Membership is a great way to help someone see lots of movies in a theater every month. A subscription earns members three free movies every single week. Plus, they can earn points toward future free films and movie snacks.

luxury gift cinéaste

The best luxury gift for a cinéaste: books and posters.

11. A memory journal

If you know someone who likes to hold onto their movie tickets, this Ticket Stub Journal ($14) is an excellent gift for the movie lover on your list. It’s like a photo album, but with sleeves perfectly sized for all of their cinematic mementos. Help them old onto the memories of Avengers: Endgame forever!  

luxury gift guide cinephile

The luxury gift guide for a cinephile: a tour of Universal Studios.

12. A Subscription

For people who still love having physical DVDs, this Movie Subscription Service ($49.99, monthly) sends a monthly box of films from the criterion collection right to the gift recipient’s door. Along with a packet of trivia information, and additional goodies. 

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13. Movie Night Menus

Movie Night Menus ($22) by Tenaya and André Darlington takes 30 favorite films and creates inventive menus of food and drink to accompany them. The book includes thoughtful text and research, as well as excellent photographs. It’s the perfect aid for helping someone plan the greatest movie night of all time.  

gift movie lover film fan

The best luxury gift for a cinéaste: books and subscriptions.

14. Big Lebowski Pins

Film buffs love the Coen Brothers’ classic film The Big Lebowski, and these adorable Big Lebowski Pins ($10) are a great way to give someone a little token of one of their favorite movies.

15. A Studio Tour

The Deluxe Studio Tour at Warner Brothers ($295) in California is a full five hours long. It gives exclusive access to some of the most famous movie sets in all of history. Your gift recipient can pop in to visit the Wizarding World, explore the landscape of the DC Universe, and learn more about their favorite films than ever before.

gift film fan movie lover

The best luxury gift for a cinéaste: pins and memorabilia.

16. A Director’s Clapper

Is the cinephile in your life an aspiring director? This fun gift of a Hollywood Movie Clapper ($2.99) will surely be an inspirational piece of decoration. Not to mention – if they plan to try their hand at making any of their own films – an actually useful item to have on hand. Help them feel like they are already an auteur with this iconic item. Action!!!

17. Old-School Movie Music

We all know that so much of what makes great movies is great music. Why not give a great soundtrack or two as a luxury gift for the cineaste on your list? For example, John Hughes’ beloved 80’s classics have fantastic soundtracks. This Pretty in Pink vinyl ($23.74) will free your loved one to dance around their house to some of the best movie songs of all time.   

gift movie lover

The best gifts for movie lovers: movie music and a director’s clapper.

the best luxury gifts for movie lovers this holiday

That’s it! Our suggestions of the best presents for movie lovers of all types. Have fun shopping.

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Abbie Martin Greenbaum grew up in New York City and currently lives in Brooklyn, where she drinks a lot of coffee and matches roommates together for a living. At Oberlin College, she studied English and Cinema, which are still two of her favorite things, along with dessert and musical theater. She believes in magic.

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