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What are the Best Luxury Hot Chocolate Brands in the World?

What are the Best Luxury Hot Chocolate Brands in the World?

It’s hot chocolate season! No matter how you may feel about cold weather, snow and ice, surely all of us can greet the arrival of hot chocolate season with good cheer. And if you’re ready to level up your winter beverage game, what are the best luxury hot chocolate brands in the world? Our ace correspondent Abbie Martin Greenbaum has answers on where to buy the 15 best gourmet mail-order brands of luxury hot chocolate online right now. Any of these would be a perfect gift – for a loved one, or for yourself. Because these days, a delicious winter warm-up is not a luxury, dear reader  – it’s a necessity!

The best brands of luxury hot chocolate to order by mail right now

We’re deep into the most wonderful time of the year, and there’s only one drink we want to bring with us. For once, all of those “coffee versus tea” debates get to take a backseat and make way for the best beverage of them all: hot chocolate.

Winter simply isn’t complete without a mug of chocolatey deliciousness to warm our heart and hands through the coldest months.

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And even if you don’t want to pop out to your favorite café, you don’t have to miss out. Here are twelve of our favorite luxury hot chocolate brands, all available online by mail-order so you’ll know where to buy them. Order now to enjoy yours all season long. And don’t forget the whipped cream. Or the marshmallows. Or both!

best luxury hot chocolate in the world to buy by mail

The best gourmet mail-order hot chocolate in the world.

The best gourmet brands of luxury hot chocolate and where to buy them online

1. Angelina

Angelina is number one on our list, because they boast the best hot chocolate in Paris – and in New York. While we are thrilled to have their legendary confections so close to home, we know we also would love to have them even closer – such as, in the comfort of our own kitchens. The recipe may be top secret, but lucky for us, Angelina’s beloved hot chocolate mix is available on their website. You can also buy it in bottle form.  Order now, and you can make your at-home hot chocolate dreams come true.

gourmet mail-order hot chocolates

BUY NOW – $21.65.

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2. LA Burdick

Everyone’s tried L.A. Burdick’s delectable chocolates, but have you tried their drinking chocolate? Made with single source Grenada dark chocolate, notes of banana, coffee and nutmeg will liven up the velvety chocolate. If you find yourself loving it, L.A. Burdick also offers many other flavors, so you may as well try them all. And, as the cherry on top, each bag comes with an adorable miniature whisk. It doesn’t get easier than this.

gourmet mail-order hot chocolates

BUY NOW – $28.

3. Fortnum & Mason

If the hot chocolate you’re ordering is a present for someone else, you may want to select this gift pack from Fortnum & Mason. It includes four different varieties: 100% dark, 85% dark, and 41% milk chocolates, as well as a festive salted caramel. In each, the cocoa powder is blended with a rich and delicious cocoa butter, to ensure maximum taste. You won’t find a better gift.

BUY NOW – £19.40.

4. Franzese

Franzese makes the best traditional Italian hot chocolate: Italian cocoa, real vanilla, and real sugar. All you need to do is add two tablespoons of their amazing mix to the milk of your choice, and whisk casually on the stovetop. In minutes, you’ll have a perfect cup of handcrafted hot chocolate.  And a little tip – you can incorporate additional flavors to enhance the taste. Each tin includes ten servings, making this a great choice for the whole family.

gourmet mail-order hot chocolates

BUY NOW – $29.95.

5. Guittard

Guittard makes some incredible chocolate, and so we’re not surprised that they also offer one of our favorite drinking chocolates. Made with a combination of finely-ground Etienne chocolate and Dutch process cocoa powder, this flavorful blend is described as “pudding-like” – and we can’t imagine anything we’d enjoy more.

gourmet mail-order hot chocolates

BUY NOW – $7.99.

6. Amara

Beloved California supplier of coffee and chocolate, Amara now offers their hot chocolate blend on Amazon. Designed as a tribute to 18th century Venezuelan drinking chocolate traditions, you can taste how much thought and care goes into each bag. Imbued with a bitter yet fruity flavor, this is one of the most delightfully intense hot chocolates around.

BUY NOW – $32.95.

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7. Vosges

Vosges’ drinking chocolate is just as scrumptious as their actual chocolate. Inspired by the French “chocolat chaud,” this blend of pure dark chocolate and Madagascan vanilla bean will produce a rich, creamy chocolate drink. If you order today, you’ll receive yours in their limited-edition 2020 Holiday Collection packaging.

BUY NOW  – $18.

8. Vesta

Have you ever wanted to try a vanilla-flavored hot chocolate? It may sound like a contradiction, but it isn’t – at least not in the hands of the popular New Jersey chocolatier. Add two ounces of powder to two ounces of water, let sit, and then stir in the steamed milk of your choice. This is how happy memories are made.

SIGN UP NOW – $32.

9.  MarieBelle

MarieBelle is on everybody’s list of the best hot chocolate, and it’s easy to see why. Their mixes guarantee a rich, creamy cup of cocoa, and they come in fun varieties like hazelnut and chipotle, as well as the classic milk and dark. You can prepare your hot chocolate either the American way (with milk) or the European way (with water), or even make it a Mochaccino – by adding a shot of espresso.

BUY NOW – $23.

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10. Williams Sonoma

If you’re someone who is plagued by indecision, it may be difficult to pick which hot chocolate to order. There are so many delicious options, how are you supposed to choose? Well, in that case, we recommend trying this sampler pack, only available at Williams Sonoma. It’s three tins in one, and includes the classic, peppermint and salted caramel. And since it’s made with shavings of Guittard chocolate, and is inspired by the drinks at Angelina, you’re also getting a sip of some of the other yummy options on this list.

BUY NOW – $13.99 – $166.99.

11. Midunu Chocolates

And we have second suggestion for those who can’t make up their minds. Based in Ghana, Midunu makes artisanal, handcrafted chocolates uses Ghanian cocoa. Every item has a complex flavor profile, developed with ingredients from all over the continent. And yes, they offer a trio of luxury drinking chocolates. One is prepared with ginger, cardamom, and orange; one is prepared with a blend of West African spices; and the third is an unaltered “classic” milk chocolate. The perfect choice if you want to try a little bit of everything, and it can be enjoyed hot or cold.

BUY NOW  – $72.

12. Serendipity 3

We can’t think of any other beverage that’s been as deeply mythologized as Serendipity 3’s Frozen (or “Frrrozen”) Hot Chocolate. After all, how many hot chocolates can say they’ve starred in a movie? Or two? And if you’ve always wanted to try this legend for yourself, we think it might be (almost) your time. Serendipity 3 now offers the iconic drink in mix-form, so that you can make it for yourself at home.  It is currently sold out – we aren’t surprised – but we are sure that it will be back in stock soon. A unique blend of fourteen gourmet cocoa powders, the mix works with both hot and cold iterations of the drink.


13. Madhu Chocolate

Madhu means sweet in Hindi. And if you want your hot chocolate to be sweet – and to have a little something extra – then you should know that this orange blossom hot cocoa mix is our latest obsession. We love the way the orange accents help to bring the chocolate to life, giving each cup a more complex flavor. Madhu Chocolate is a small Austin-based business, and all their cacao is sourced from Colombia and India.

BUY NOW – $21.

14. Jacques Torres

How could we forget Jacques Torres? As he says, you haven’t tried hot chocolate until you’ve tried his – and we have to agree. Choose between classic, peppermint, “wicked,” and a new vegan variety, then add the liquid of your choice. It’s as decadent as drinking a chocolate bar.

BUY NOW – $22.50.

15. Hotel Chocolat

Maybe you are someone for whom hot chocolate goes beyond just a seasonal enjoyment. Maybe you consider your cup of cocoa an integral part of your daily life.   For you, we have to recommend The Velvetiser, an in-home machine that will revolutionize your hot chocolate experience. It works with any of Hotel Chocolat’s different pods, each of which makes an exceptional single serving of hot chocolate. Pre-order your new machine today, before the line is even released – and soon you’ll be able to enjoy a perfect cup of hot chocolate every time.

Gourmet hot chocolate brands to buy. Courtesy Photo.

BUY NOW  – $149.25.

the best gourmet mail-order brands of luxury hot chocolate

That’s our roundup of the best luxury mail-order hot chocolate brands, and where to buy gourmet hot chocolate online as a gift (or for yourself!). What’s at the top of your list?

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Abbie Martin Greenbaum grew up in New York City and currently lives in Brooklyn, where she drinks a lot of coffee and matches roommates together for a living. At Oberlin College, she studied English and Cinema, which are still two of her favorite things, along with dessert and musical theater. She believes in magic.

The best hot chocolates to order by mail right now

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