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Win the Month with These Expert January 2021 Horoscopes

astrology predictions and horoscopes for the year 2021 from an expert astrologer

New month, new opportunities!  What are the predictions for the month of January 2021 for every sign of the zodiac? As you launch into January, look to the stars and learn how to win the month with surprising insights. Expert astrologer Remy Ramirez shares her predictions on what to expect this month in her January 2021 horoscopes.

January 2021 Horoscopes from an expert astrologer

What does the month of January 2021 have in store for you? Let’s look to the stars and see what surprising insights we can glean with the help of an expert astrologer.

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Mars, your planetary ruler, enters hardworking Taurus on January 6th, where it will set up shop through January. Taurus is a slow moving Earth sign, and that may frustrate your fiery need for instant gratification.

What to expect in January 2021 Aries

What predictions to expect this January 2021: Aries.

But the Bull’s magic is in its unwavering commitment, so lean into that gradual pace knowing that this energy will help you see projects through to the end. On January 8th, Mars squares off with communication master, Mercury. Avoid important convos around this day and bite your tongue if someone comes at you with an attitude. After the 11th is a better time to handle conflict.


The planet of willpower and action, Mars, enters your sign on January 6th, and will stay there through the end of the month. “Slow and steady” is your M.O., but Mars isn’t having it, so get ready to switch into high gear and welcome exciting new prospects.

What to expect in January 2021 Taurus

The zodiac signs of January 2021 predictions: Taurus.

Juggling work with your personal life may feel overwhelming, but ride it out, Taurus; opportunities like this don’t come around every day. On January 13th, amorous Venus trines unpredictable Uranus. Happy surprises may throw some unexpected romance your way, so pucker up and enjoy a little gift from the cosmos.


On January 4th, your planetary ruler, Mercury, will conjunct powerful Pluto in money savvy Capricorn. If you’ve been waiting to ask for a raise, a loan, or a payout of any kind, circle this date and plan accordingly.

January 2021 Horoscopes Gemini

An astrologer predictions for your January 2021 horoscope: Gemini.

Four days later on the 8th, Mercury darts into quick thinking, quirky Aquarius. A fellow Air sign, this transit is a match made in heaven. Not only will communication happen smoothly and quickly, ideas will also get fast tracked into actual projects with this cosmic pairing. Do yourself a favor and make sure to have any important conversations, presentations, or pitches the last three weeks of the month.

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Prepare for a grounding reboot on January 13th when your planetary ruler, the Moon, refreshes in earthy Capricorn. This New Moon is pulling focus on smart business decisions, finance strategy, and successful solo projects. Invest time and effort into these arenas mid-month to get the biggest bang for your buck (pun intended).

What to expect in January 2021 Cancer

What predictions to expect this January 2021: Cancer.

To help give you a boost with budgeting, the Sun will light up your 8th house of unearned income for the first three weeks of January. Loans, inheritances, and gifted money will flow easier to you during this transit. Combine the power of the Sun and Moon, and watch your bank account reap the benefits.

5. LEO

On January 8th, the Sun, your planetary ruler, will sextile dreamy Neptune. Any and all creative projects will get a boost during this transit, as will romantic endeavors. A word of caution though: Neptune can cause confusion or even lead to deception, so make sure to keep an eye out for red flags before moving forward.

What to expect in January 2021 Leo

The zodiac signs of January 2021 predictions: Leo.

Starting on the 6th, Mars will light up your house of education and foreign affairs. You might receive a work opportunity from overseas or start a new school, class, or course of study. However it manifests for you, the energy is all about expanding horizons, so turn your gaze to bigger and better things, Leo.


January 8th is a big day for you, Virgo, so mark it on your cal. On this day, Mercury, your planetary ruler, moves into innovative Aquarius and will hang out here throughout the month. You like routine and structure, but Aquarius is as unconventional as it gets. To make the most of this energy, be fearless in rethinking your methods.

An astrologer predictions for your January 2021 horoscope: Virgo.

Going outside of your comfort zone professionally and personally will have big payoffs for you, even if it makes you a little nervous. As soon as Mercury makes this move on the 8th, it squares off with warring Mars. Hold back on this day—important conversations, work projects, and travel should all be put off till after the 11th when the astrological seas are calmer for you.

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Ready to get serious about love, Libra? Your planetary ruler, romantic Venus, enters pragmatic Capricorn on January 8th. Not only will relationships reach higher commitment levels, but you’ll also get a no-nonsense boost to any art projects you’ve been working on—especially when it comes to building an income around them.

What to expect in January 2021 Libra

What predictions to expect this January 2021: Libra.

On that note, get ready to be pleasantly surprised on these fronts when, five days later, Venus trines unpredictable Uranus on January 13th. A huge opportunity could fall into your lap around this day, romantic, professional, or otherwise. There’s no way to prepare for the unexpected, so just enjoy the ride, Libra.


January is the month to update your living situation, Scorp. With the Sun lighting up your house of home in technologically advanced Aquarius, this is the perfect time to remodel, renovate, or modernize—even if it’s just a new piece of equipment or software to help streamline your life.

Astrologer predictions January 2021 Scorpio

The zodiac signs of January 2021 predictions: Scorpio.

Get ready to speak up on January 4th when your planetary ruler, Pluto, conjuncts Mercury, the master of communication. You’re known as the silent, mysterious type, but this transit is asking you to come out of the shadows and talk it out. Use your words wisely, Scorpio—a sharp tongue (er, pincer) will only bring momentary satisfaction.


It’s time to expand your social circles, Sag. Friendly Venus is moving into your 11th house of community on January 8th in hard working Capricorn. Your friends might introduce you to potential new clients, you might team up with your current circle on an exciting work project, or a friend might set you up with a serious romantic prospect. Whatever the outcome, look to your friends for new opportunities.

An astrologer predictions for your January 2021 horoscope: Sagittarius.

When your planetary ruler, lucky Jupiter, conjuncts chatty Mercury on the 11th, it’s the perfect time for all things communication-related. Meetings, heart-to-hearts, publishing, and podcasting will all benefit from this exciting transit.

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With the Sun lighting up your house of income in fast-moving, innovative Aquarius this month, get ready to engage in your favorite pastime: cashing checks. Money will flow faster to you, and you might even find a new source of income from the tech industry.

Astrologer predictions January 2021 Capricorn

What predictions to expect this January 2021: Capricorn.

On January 9th, Saturn, your planetary ruler, will conjunct chatty, quick-witted Mercury. As the zodiac’s strong, silent type, you might feel a little uncomfortable with this cosmic pairing, Cap. But if you can open up even just a little, you’ll find that the stars are happy to reward your efforts.


Have you been feeling stuck in the mud a bit, Aquarius? That’s all about to change on January 14th, when your planetary ruler, Uranus, ends its retrograde orbit and officially goes direct. Meeting goals—both personally and professionally—will become much easier after this shift.

What to expect in January 2021 Aquarius

The zodiac signs of January 2021 predictions: Aquarius.

On January 17th, the stars send you a bump in the road when Uranus squares off with lucky, expansive Jupiter. If you have anything important scheduled on this date plus or minus three days, reschedule it now. Lay low during this transit and let the storm blow over.


Ready to take your place in the (literal) sun, Pisces? On January 8th, your planetary ruler, Neptune, will sextile the Sun, helping you achieve recognition in your work and creative endeavors. It’s a real ego boost, so the more you can plan around this date plus or minus three days, the better the results.

An astrologer predictions for your January 2021 horoscope: Pisces.

Speaking of the Sun, it will be lighting up your ruling 12th house in ethereal Aquarius most of the month—a cosmic combo that you’ll absolutely love. Go deep into yoga, meditation, tarot, or psychological work to get the most out of this transit.

January 2021 Horoscopes

That’s what an expert astrologer has to say about what you should expect in January 2021 for every sign of the zodiac. Whatever is on the way, we wish you a good, healthy, happy and safe month ahead, dear reader.

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Remy Ramirez is an astrologer, poet, essayist, pop-culture journalist, and editor. She has served as the resident astrologer for Nasty Gal, Dolls Kill, and Stitch Fix, her poems have been featured in The Southern Review and The Miscreant, her essays in Marie Claire and Cherry Bombe Mag, and her celebrity interviews in NYLON, BUST, and Tidal (where she is currently the executive editor). She lives in Sedona, AZ because the thrifting is good and so is the karaoke.

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