Month: May 2021

Top 10 Headlines to Know About Sports This Week

This Week in Sports Talk (TWIST) is our weekly roundup of top headlines and current news events from the past seven days in the world of pro sports, plus a preview of what’s up next. Heading into the week of May 23, 2021, these are the top 10 headlines you need to know about to understand and join the conversation this week about professional sports, including football, baseball, golf, tennis and basketball news.

10 Best Destinations This Year for a Luxurious Girls Trip

10 Best Destinations This Year for a Luxurious Girls Trip

One of the greatest joys in life is hanging out with your girlfriends. And while you can always meet in town, there’s real magic in hitting the road. Especially over the summer! Our correspondent Julie Chang Murphy has curated a list of 10 of the best destinations for a luxurious and relaxing post COVID-19 girls trip vacation escape this year.

The sighting of a hidden robin's nest on a New York City terrace proves to be for a mom and her kids the ultimate spring luxury experience

Robin’s Nest Sighting Proves This Year to be the Ultimate Spring Luxury

It has been said that “one swallow does not make spring, nor does one fine day.” But when you live in an apartment in New York City, the arrival of even a single emissary from the natural world can be cause for jubilation. Our correspondent Jillian Tangen is sharing her first-hand experience this spring, along with her three daughters, of observing a family of baby robins hatching on her city terrace. With adorable photos to illustrate what she saw! Just in time for the beginning of Spring, it’s a reminder that sometimes the most precious luxury experiences are free. Here’s our account of the surprise luxury experience of sighting a robin’s nest in New York City this spring.

trophy trees wealthy residential homes

Trees are the Hot New Design Element to Love in Luxury Architecture

Let’s face it: trees are having a moment. You’ve heard wellness experts extol the benefits of forest bathing. You’ve read about the intelligence and communication abilities of trees that were heretofore unknown. But why are trees are the hot new design element to love in luxury architecture? According to multiple publications, including the Wall Street Journal, trophy trees are the hot new 2021 design element in luxury architecture, inspiring plans (and generating enormous expenditures) for the best new residential real estate developments and homes of the wealthy. So if you’re looking for a sound investment that doesn’t involve cryptocurrency or a SPAC, here’s a new idea to consider. ‘Cause who needs an NFT when you can invest in a magnificent tree?