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Sometimes when we look for fashion and style inspiration, we find it on the red carpet. Or on the streets of the city. But every now and then, we find it onscreen. On small screens, to be exact. Some television shows just nail the fashion moment – and those are the ones that are must see TV this fall. Our correspondent Meredith Lepore has curated a list of the 4 tv shows so chic right now that you can take their fashion direction to heart and use it to inspire your look this fall 2021, including The White Lotus and Gossip Girl.

Which TV shows give you fashion inspiration?

Who was worried we were going to run out of good television? It seems that during the pandemic the various networks and streaming services really stepped up their game with new content.

tv shows so chic right now that you can take their fashion direction to heart and use it to inspire your look this fall 2021, including White Lotus and Gossip Girl.

The tv shows so chic right now that you can take their fashion direction to heart and use it to inspire your look this fall 2021, including The White Lotus and Gossip Girl.

And when it comes to the fashion on these shows, they really went above and beyond. With fall around the corner these are some great looks to turn to (and a few to wrap up your end of summer) from the hottest shows out there right now, including The White Lotus and Gossip Girl


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4 shows you can take fashion inspiration from this fall

1. Gossip Girl (HBO Max)

How did we cope for eight years without Gossip Girl to inform us on what to wear? Once again, we find ourselves turning to high schoolers for fashion tips but anyone that can pull off bicycle shorts, a letterman jacket, Balenciaga sneakers and a retro Louis Vuitton bag is OK in my book. Think rugby sweaters, plaid skirts, crisp white blouses, and swackets.

Leading lady Julien Calloway is wearing looks straight from off the runway. Audrey Hope’s (Emily Alyn Lynd) aesthetic is more relatable. She strongly channels Blair Waldorf with her bow accessories and black booties but with a bit of an edge (and that rather odd Connecticut lockjaw accent.) She has very much made me want to buy all the striped sweaters from La Ligne and a Stella McCartney chain handle bag. And if you actually want to dress like a teenager, turn no farther than Zoya Lott (Whitney Peak) whose footwear is off the chain. She has made me think I can pull off cloud socks and Adidas x Beyonce Superstar platform sneakers.


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2. Physical (Apple TV)

You may have to be a bit bolder to pull off these looks but they may just inspire you to do some jumping jacks. On Physical the always excellent Rose Byrne plays a depressed housewife in the 1980s with one of the most vicious inner monologues the world has ever been exposed to. 

The show takes place over a range of years starting with the mall era in which we see Byrne’s Sheila transform from sidekick wife to aerobics empress and the outfits are a huge part of her metamorphosis. Costume designer, Kameron Lennox said she was, of course, inspired by real-life aerobics queen Jane Fonda but also Marisa Benson, a socialite and model in the 1980s. Though we think of the 80s, and especially aerobics, as so loud and flashy there is more to it than that. “I did a deep dive … [Jane Fonda] was teaching these classes in Beverly Hills — and in looking into those, I saw that a lot of people were wearing what they wore to ballet classes. The basic leotards and tights. I also had memories of being a kid and going to aerobics classes with my mom, and [the look] was very subtle.” Lennox used a lot of “fall tones,” -think muted reds and pinks-on Byrne.

“Her palate is pretty much set in the ’70s,” Byrne told The NY Post, adding: “1981 isn’t quite ’80s yet. Part of everyone’s look is still in the ’70s. It was before fast fashion; before people were constantly buying things, so a lot of those [color] tones speak to the ’70s. Those warm colors bring you down to sunny Southern California and bring that Berkeley ’60s and ’70s vibe.” 


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3. The White Lotus (HBO)

If you want to know what to wear on your next vacation, look no further than “The White Lotus.”

First of all, the show is excellent so you should watch it anyway, but the fashion is on par and yet also attainable. Costume designer Alex Bovaird had her work cut out for her with shooting happening during the summer of 2020 on Hawaii no less. She also had to dress a range of characters from Jennifer Coolidge’s sloppy, histrionic mess of a drunk woman to complicated newlywed Alexandra Daddario to past-the-point-of-woke college students played by Sydney Sweeney (who seems to be on every cool show out there) and Brittany O’Grady.

Lots of flowy dresses and coverups but then for the Gen Zer’s it’s all shredded T-shirts and vintage men’s Hawaiian shorts to buck convention (except for when Sweeney, who plays one of the scariest breeds of mean girls pop culture has seen since The Heathers, sports a frilly pink LoveShackFancy-type dress as if almost as to parody herself.) Connie Britton is the ultimate power woman on vacation in her caftans and hats and $75,000 Piaget bracelets (an important part of the plot.)


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4. Hacks (HBO)

“Hacks” is another show that displays the staying power of caftans (there are some things from the pandemic that are never going to go away clearly.) On “Hacks” Jean Smart plays a Joan Rivers-type multi-millionaire comedian who will not go quietly into the night in all sequins, loud blouses and wide-leg pants.

Fall shows and fashion

TV shows that inspire fashion this fall 2021. Courtesy Photo.

A stark juxtaposition to her new writer Hannah’s LA grunge core look. Costume designer Kathleen Felix-Hager, who received an Emmy for her work on the show, told Paper Magazine of Jean Smart’s Deborah “We ended up doing a lot of that sort of long sparkly duster coat on stage and that silhouette carried on to her everyday wear, even though it was a different fabrication. I just wanted her to be a real person.

We also created a back story that Deborah is a collector. She loves clothes, and she keeps all of her clothes in those big closets. I just imagined there would be clothes that she loved from every single period of her life. But really she just appeared to me, I can’t explain it any other way.”

4 TV shows from which to take fashion inspiration from this fall

That’s our take on the four top TV shows right now that are so chic you can take their fashion direction to heart to inspire your look this fall 2021, including The White Lotus and Gossip Girl. What do you think, dear reader? Ready to go swacket shopping?

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Meredith Lepore is a freelance writer, editor, and content strategist. Her work has appeared in Marie Claire Magazine, Women’s Health, InStyle, Architectural Digest, The Observer, and Travel & Leisure. She earned her Masters in journalism from the Newhouse School at Syracuse University. Meredith resides in New York full time, and enjoys reading, jogging, spinning, and playing with her small dog, Otis.

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