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Win the month every day with these expert October 2021 Horoscopes

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New month, new opportunities!  What are the predictions for the month of September 2021 for every sign of the zodiac? As you launch into October, look to the stars and learn how to win the month with surprising insights. Expert astrologer Remy Ramirez shares her predictions on what to expect this month for every sign of the zodiac in her October 2021 horoscopes.

October 2021 Horoscopes from an expert astrologer

What does the month of October 2021 have in store for you? Let’s look to the stars and see what surprising insights we can glean with the help of an expert astrologer.


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Expert astrologer Remy Ramirez shares her predictions on what to expect this month in her October 2021 horoscopes.

1. October 2021 Horoscopes: LIBRA

Happy birthday, Libra! Though Mercury retrograde in your sign may throw wrenches in your plans and communications this month, a Libra New Moon on the 6th is creating an overall positive dynamic. Mars will be infusing you with vitality and energy; Jupiter will be sending good news, uplifting conversations, or info that helps expand your horizons; and Venus will see that you create deep, intimate connections in romance, art, or with loved ones. Be careful, however, not to become combative with Mars’ powerful energy, especially because the remnants of Pluto’s square to Mercury may linger, bringing up painful communication or conversations about trauma.


The key is honesty and healthy boundaries. For 10 days following the New Moon, you’ll be blessed with beneficent transits that bring luck, confidence, and strong communication, but tides turn a bit on the 17th and 22nd, when Pluto squares your Sun and Mars, respectively. In its shadow, Pluto oversees trauma, power struggles, secrets, and endings, so keep the second half of the month clear of any important meetings or conversations if possible, to keep this impact to a minimum. On the 18th you can breathe a sigh of relief when Mercury in your sign goes direct. But keep Mercury retrograde rules intact throughout the month: Avoid big decisions, signing contracts, and buying mechanical devices/electronics till November.

2. October 2021 Horoscopes: SCORPIO

Though Mercury retrograde may cause you to rethink your spirituality or mental health, or even reveal secrets to you this month, October actually opens with some beautiful astrology for you. On the 2nd, Venus will be sextile to Pluto, your planetary ruler, opening conversations about romance, money, art, or with loved ones—speak freely. On the 6th, Pluto goes direct, helping you get better footing and clarity for the next six months, but on the 17th, it butts heads with the Sun in your house of mental health, secrets, and spirituality. Any of these issues might cause a blow to the ego or to your vision of yourself. It’s a tough aspect but meant for growth—pull from your self-care toolbox till a resolution is in place.


On the 23rd, the Sun moves into Scorpio, followed by Mars on the 30th, giving you plenty of energy and putting you in the spotlight. It’s a fun, powerful transit that can also sometimes rouse difficulties. Case in point: on the 30th, the Sun squares Saturn, potentially causing clashes with authority figures, parents, police, or anything law or rule-related. This is happening in your house of home, family and childhood, so your physical home, family dynamics, or childhood memories may play a role. Remember that pride goeth before a fall—staying honest, grounded, and committed to your personal integrity will carry you through.


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3. October 2021 Horoscopes: SAGITTARIUS

Though Mercury retrograde could throw some friend miscommunications at you, this month is looking great overall, Sag! On the 7th, Venus enters Sagittarius, bringing you romance, money, creativity, and beauty. On the 13th and 16th, Venus in your corner will be sextile Saturn and Mercury respectively—a goodness double whammy! So close together, this is looking like conversations, publishing, or broadcasting that brings long-lasting success and stability, especially as concerns the Venusian sweet spots mentioned above. These days are ideal for taking important meetings or launching new projects, and with Mercury retrograde, this may even be a “take two” on something you’ve tried before but are better prepared for now.


Your planetary ruler, Jupiter, and Mercury go direct on the 18th, helping you feel more stable going forward—especially if you’ve been lost or confused the last few months. On the 26th, waters get a little choppy when Venus squares Neptune in your house of home and family, disrupting issues with your physical house or related to your childhood/family members—be on the lookout for confusion or deception and avoid taking action if possible. Things perk up again by the 28th when Venus is sextile Jupiter in your house of communication and siblings, bringing you luck and ending the month on a high note.

4. October 2021 Horoscopes: CAPRICORN

Mercury retrograde is throwing wrenches in your career communications this month, Cap, or potentially giving you a “take two” on a career project to help you course correct. That pro/con energy is a theme; On the 1st, Pluto in Capricorn will square Mercury in Libra, and then sextile Venus on the 2nd. The first transit can rouse difficult conversations, prompt a deep dive with your therapist, or initiate unwelcome career news. But Venus swoops in the next day to bring the help of your friends, online networks, or work connections—you may even see a development toward bigger aspirations at play.


On the 10th, Saturn, your planetary ruler, goes direct. If you’ve been feeling a little directionless or confused the last few months, this will help you get back on track. On the 13th, more good news: Venus in Sagittarius sextile your planetary ruler, Saturn, is lighting up your houses of mental health/spirituality and income. This is a great time to tap into your connections and/or the internet to generate a stable cash flow (examples could be an online mental health or tarot business). On the 30th, you’ll find a bump in the road when the Sun squares Saturn. Friends or networks might shut you out, or your ego, self-worth, or one of your money sources might be blocked. Draw on your resilience and resourcefulness and trusted confidantes as these rough waters test you and push you to grow.

5. October 2021 Horoscopes: AQUARIUS

Though Mercury retrograde is causing upsets in your house of expansion, education, and travel, this is actually a great month for you, Aquarius! On the 3rd, Jupiter trine Mercury brings you good news from abroad, regarding travel/education, or in a way that expands your horizons. Book your meetings as close to this date as possible. On the 13th, Venus sends shiny beams to Saturn, lighting up your online endeavors, friendships, and networks, setting you up for long-lasting success and/or wealth. Two days later on the 15th, Jupiter lends you another helping hand—your creative endeavors could see expanded success around these two days, so plan important convos accordingly.


Your efforts pay off on the 18th when Mars trine Jupiter helps you make moves and get things done, and on the 28th, Jupiter steps in on your behalf again to bring you closer with your friend groups and/or highlighting the importance of your networks in romance, money, or creative endeavors. The only tough spot is on the 30th, when Saturn butts heads with the Sun in your house of career. Blockages and ego blows are a possibility around this day; stay grounded, focused, and solution-oriented.


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6. October 2021 Horoscopes: PISCES

Mercury retrograde is asking you to look back in order to move forward, and that’s very much a theme for you this month. A deep change wants to emerge for you, Pisces, and that becomes clear on the 6th when the New Moon invigorates your house of transformation, especially as concerns your spirituality or mental health. This is powerful internal work that has the potential to set you up for bigger and better things. We often forget that in order to expand, we have to strengthen our relationship to ourselves first, and that is exactly what this moon is catalyzing.


Don’t look for easy answers; initiate opportunities for healing (therapy, meditation workshops, boundaries, etc.), and the payoffs will really start to show in six months. On the 20th, the full moon in Aries is lighting up your house of wealth and self-worth (yes, the two are very much connected). Many of the same themes are echoed with this Full Moon, but there is a charge here, a call to action that will work beautifully for you. Being proactive and taking bold steps is the required energy—let this guide you. On the 26th, Neptune, your planetary ruler, will square Venus in your house of career. Confusing or deceptive events may arise. Don’t sign anything, don’t make any assumptions, and get everything in writing.

7. October 2021 Horoscopes: ARIES

Libra’s Mercury retrograde may cause confusion or course-correction in your house of partnerships this month, Aries, and with Libra in the spotlight for much of October, those collaborators—romantic, platonic, and professional—will stay front and center. On the 8th, the Sun conjunct Mars is igniting big action around your partnerships; a lusty encounter is possible. Then on the 9th, Mars conjunct Mercury is paving the way for powerful conversations with partners or collaborations in broadcasting/ publishing. There is so much opportunity here, but remember that Mars, your planetary ruler, can become combative, and with the Sun and Mercury (in retrograde) involved, your ego—and then words—could get the better of you.


Tread these days with gratitude for the power they bring, and focus on conflict resolution sans chaos. On the 18th, Mars trine Jupiter is bringing a partnership with a friend to the internet or into your networks—and the pairing is beautiful. Feel free to move full steam ahead. On the 20th, the Full Aries Moon is packing confidence, long-term success, sexual magnetism, romance, and helpful conversations—this is a great day for you! A word of warning though—success can bring challenging emotions, and this Moon is also uncovering painful, possibly hidden feelings or compulsive behaviors. Should these arise, slow down, Aries. Take a moment to process and find your footing again before taking action.

8. October 2021 Horoscopes: TAURUS

The Libra Mercury retrograde may cause confusion at the office, but it also appears to be helping you course-correct your work and day-to-day routine, Taurus, because big career changes are on the horizon! On the 7th, your planetary ruler, Venus enters fun-loving Sagittarius, lighting up your house of deep transformation and wealth. This house rules big endings and beginnings, and almost always leaves you in a new place—and by the looks of it, this is a place you’ll love. On the 13th, sweet and creative Venus in this house makes a sweet connection to Saturn, bringing long-lasting success to your career sector. And just three days later on the 16th, it sends this same beam to Mercury in your house of work, health, and daily routines.


If you have important work meetings, the week of the 11th is the time to schedule them! There is a rough spot for you on the 26th, when Venus squares Neptune in your house of networks, friends, and the internet. Confusion, misunderstandings, and deception are part of this energy—this is not a good time to take action. But by the 28th, things are looking up again when Venus makes nice with Jupiter, also in your career sector, bringing luck, expansion, and travel/overseas relationships. Overall, a beautiful month.

9. October 2021 Horoscopes: GEMINI

This month, Mercury, your planetary ruler, is retrograde in your house of creativity, romance, children, and pleasure, and while miscommunications or “do-overs” in these areas are likely, it’s only one of the things putting this house in the spotlight. On the 1st, this house butts heads with your house of endings & beginnings /transformation/wealth. Difficult, potentially painful conversations or news may arise in these areas—bring your self-care toolkit.


The good news is that just two days later on the 3rd, it receives a beaming connection to your house of expansion, luck, education, travel, and international relationships, so the dark clouds should pass quickly. Mark the 9th on your cal—on this day, that same house is electric with a Sun/Mercury/Mars conjunction. Action, communication, and vitality will infuse this day with excitement—just be careful not to go overboard and exhaust yourself or let your ego get carried away. On the 18th, Mercury goes direct. Communication issues should start to ease up, but don’t go rushing into anything (especially when it comes to buying electronics or signing contracts) until November when you’re out of the retro-shade period.


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10. October 2021 Horoscopes: CANCER

Mercury retrograde may be causing miscommunications around your home/childhood this month, Cancer, but your planetary ruler, the Moon, is dominating your October astrology. The New Moon in Libra on the 6th is bringing important conversations around a move, remodel, or other areas affecting your physical home. Alternately, this house also rules your childhood (memories & trauma), and family, and changes might be at the forefront here as well. The latter is likely, as your partnership sector is lit up with this Moon. Difficult conversations, arguments, and deep feelings are possible, but there is also a quest for deeper meaning, expanding horizons, and vitality that brings positive opportunities. It’s complex, but constructive if you can focus on what works.


On the 20th, the Aries Full Moon is bringing up the same themes, but this time, instead of Libra’s diplomatic, pensive energy, we have Aries’ action-oriented, sometimes combative energy. Though you may see more actual progress with this moon (and it looks as though you will), you might also feel alienated by Aries’ process of going it alone. Your houses of work and career are also lit up with this Moon, along with your houses of home, partnership, and expansion again. As before, there is so much potential with this Moon and so much to celebrate—keep those at the forefront if your emotions become overwhelming.

11. October 2021 Horoscopes: LEO

Mercury is retrograde in your house of communication this month, Leo—oof! And while it may give you an opportunity to reroute your communication style or review publications, it may also cause misunderstandings. Especially on the 8th, when Mars conjunct your planetary ruler, the Sun, could stir up arguments. You’re passionate, Leo, but be careful you don’t say something you’ll later wish you could take back. On the 9th, your planetary ruler is conjunct Mercury; conversations are infused with your power, charisma, and vitality now, but again—choose your words wisely.


On the 15th, the Sun makes a beautiful connection to your house of partnerships—a collaboration of some kind (professional, romantic, platonic) is bringing luck and expansion. This is a great day to take meetings. Two days later on the 17th, the Sun square Pluto in your house of work and health is bringing deep, potentially painful feelings that could bruise your ego or change how you see yourself. Draw on your natural resilience—and your therapist, if necessary—to move through this turbulence. On the 18th, Mercury goes direct, but will stay in its shadow through the rest of the month. Err on the side of caution with your words till then, and steer clear of signing contracts and buying electronics.

12. October 2021 Horoscopes: VIRGO

With your planetary ruler, Mercury, retrograde in your house of income and self-worth this month, money issues or words that affect your self-esteem may prove troublesome. Especially on the 1st, when Mercury square Pluto disrupts your house of romance, creativity, pleasure, and children. Pluto’s energy runs deep and rules sexuality, endings, beginnings, and compulsive behavior; it’s not afraid to hold a mirror up to the shadow. Incidentally, it also rules wealth, so a money issue may arise instead. Take time to lick whatever wounds surface, and get back in the game on the 3rd when Mercury trine Jupiter brings luck and expansion to your house of work, health, and routines (the house your sign rules!).


Mark the 9th on your cal—on this day, your house of income and self-worth is electric with a Sun/Mercury/Mars conjunction. Action, communication, and vitality will infuse this day with excitement, making this is a great day, plus or minus three days, to schedule important meetings. Just be careful not to go overboard and exhaust yourself or let your ego get carried away. On the 18th, Mercury goes direct. Communication issues should start to ease up, but don’t go rushing into anything (especially when it comes to buying electronics or signing contracts) until November when you’re out of the retro-shade period.

October 2021 Horoscopes for every sign of the zodiac

That’s what an expert astrologer has to say about horoscopes and what to expect in October 2021 for every sign of the zodiac. Whatever is on the way, we wish you a good, healthy, happy and safe month ahead, dear reader.

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Remy Ramirez is an astrologer, poet, essayist, pop-culture journalist, and editor. She has served as the resident astrologer for Nasty Gal, Dolls Kill, and Stitch Fix, her poems have been featured in The Southern Review and The Miscreant, her essays in Marie Claire and Cherry Bombe Mag, and her celebrity interviews in NYLON, BUST, and Tidal (where she is currently the executive editor). She lives in Sedona, AZ because the thrifting is good and so is the karaoke.

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