Month: September 2021

new book releases, including novels and non-fiction books, coming out in October 2021

26 Cool New Books with Rave Reviews to Read in October 2021

New month, new books! Book Light is our Dandelion Chandelier curated list of the most-anticipated new book releases every month, and next up is October 2021. If you ask us, the ideal October read is . So what are the best new books coming out in October 2021? Previously, we’ve shared our picks for the best fall reads this year. But – wait – there’s more! Our intrepid team kept exploring, and here’s what we found: 26 cool new books with rave reviews we can’t wait to read in October 2021, including novels and non-fiction.

best playlist for Halloween and October this year

What’s the Best Playlist for Halloween This Year?

What’s the best music playlist for Halloween this year? We think weird, wild and wacky is definitely the way to go. Dandelion Chandelier correspondent and resident DJ Julie Chang Murphy has created the best party playlist of music for the Halloween season. Check out our picks of the new and classic spooky songs for the best music playlist for a Halloween costume party this year that both kids and adults will love. Find it on Spotify here. Press play. And get your supernatural on.

The best Halloween costumes for dogs of all sizes this year

10 Dog Halloween Costumes That are Party Perfect for 2021

Attention pet parents! It’s time to plan for one of the best and most holidays of all: Halloween! What are you going to dress your pup in this year? We are crazy excited about spending our first Halloween with our adorable Corgi puppy, so we’ve been scouting all of the options. Now our correspondent Abbie Martin Greenbaum is sharing her curated list of the best cute (most adorable) dog costumes for doggos of all sizes for Halloween this year.

The Perfect Books to Read that feel like the month of the Month of October

16 Best Books to Read to Feel the Autumn Joy of October

What are the best books to read in September 2021? We’ve shared a list of the fantastic new book releases coming in October 2021 and a preview of the best new reads of fall 2021. If you’re in search of still more ideas for what to read next, here’s our take on the 16 best books – novels and non-fiction – to read right now in the month of October. To feel the perfect balance of light and heavy; silly and serious; and excitement and agita that capture the essential vibe of the month. Not just this October, dear reader. Any October.

best wide-leg trousers for women from designer brands that prove everyone can wear the big fashion trend of fall 2021

10 Wide-Leg Trousers Prove Everyone Can Wear the Big Trend of Fall 2021

The effortless chic and power that the right pair of wide-leg pants can convey should never be underestimated. Lauren Bacall may have started it, but the look is just as brilliant now as it was back in the day. If, like us, you’re uncertain about whether your frame or body type can pull off a look that seems to favor the tall among us, fear not. Our correspondent Julie Chang Murphy has found 10 pairs of wide-leg trousers for women from some of our favorite designer brands that demonstrate how to wear the big fashion trend of fall 2021.