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Holiday Gift Shop: The 25 Best Ideas in 2021 for Frequent Travelers

the best chic luxury gifts for travelers that they'll love

Looking for a luxury gift this holiday for someone who loves to travel? What are the best cool luxury travel gifts right now for those whose wanderlust will never be sated? Our correspondent Jillian Tangen has has curated our Christmas and holiday travel gift shop for 2021 with the best ideas for luxury gifts for frequent travelers – her, him and them.

What are the Best Holiday and Christmas Gifts in Travel in 2021?

You probably have someone in your life who loves to travel, and for whom you need a gift at least once a year. Perhaps they travel for the joy of it – filled with wanderlust and a need to explore. Or maybe they do it for work, or to fulfill other obligations.

The prospect of travel can evoke a spectrum of emotions. For some, it’s an exciting chance to explore. For others, it’s a burdensome and mildly unpleasant requirement of keeping their job. And even the best vacation travel can have its moments, especially when something unexpected occurs.

That’s why the best luxury gifts for travelers are not only practical. They’re also energizing, or soothing. And ideally, stylish and smart. 

From stress-reducing self care products to sleep aides to noise-cancelling headphones to an indestructible yet chic roller bag, we’ve found over 30 for our Christmas and holiday 2021 travel gift shop with the best gifts for frequent travelers. These will help your favorite globetrotter make it through their next adventure like a pro.

holiday Gift Shop: the Best travel gifts of 2021

1. Bose QuietComfort Noise Cancelling Headphones.

We start off our holiday 2021 travel gift guide One way to make traveling en masse more bearable? Help your gift recipient block out the noise and tune in with some top of the line headphones.  The latest edition of Bose’s QuietComfort noise cancelling headphones comes in this chic shade called “White Smoke.” Of course they also come in black. Doesn’t everything?

holiday gift guide 2021 best gifts for travel

BUY NOW: $329.

2. Bowers & Wilkens P17 noise-cancelling earbuds.

Sometimes a weary traveler prefers hearing nothing at all, after a long day of work or play in a distant location. For those times, these new Bowers & Wilkens P17 noise-cancelling earbuds are perfect. Whether for overnight flights (or the inevitable screaming toddler) or the unfortunate hotel room right next to the elevator. These are charcoal, but there’s also a version in white.  Looking for more options?  Check out our guide to the best first class headphones.


BUY NOW: $399.

3. Aviteur leather carry-on bag.

Founded by Patricia Gucci, granddaughter of Guccio Gucci, Aviteur’s high-end luggage will instantly transform you into a chic traveler. The Aviteur Carry-On features paneled woven leather stitched and assembled by hand from naturally tanned calf leather, plus aluminum hardware and a Lucite handle for a high-end, understated look.

Best new suitcases, carry on and roller bags and other designer luggage to help you travel in style in 2021.

BUY NOW – $8,145.

4. Louis Vuitton Horizon Soft Duffle 4R 55.

You can never go wrong turning to Louis Vuitton for chic luggage. One of our favorites is the LV Horizon, which is continually updated in new colors and fabrics. The iconic bag comes in either a hard or soft case option and a variety of colors. Like this vibrant orange soft-sided version.

holiday gift guide 2021 best gifts for travel

BUY NOW: $3,250.

5. Away Aluminum Carry On.

For something with a little more high tech look, we like the aluminum line of suitcases from Away. Their carry-ons all feature a TSA-approved removable battery with charging ports for phones and other devices.

holiday gift guide 2021 best gifts for travel

BUY NOW: $525-545.

6. Globe Trotter x Eden Being Signature Suitcase.

Le Bristol Hotel in Paris is one of our absolute favorite hotels in the world. If someone on your list shares that view, this Globe-Trotter Le Bristol Paris suitcase is the perfect gift. This limited-edition piece is made in the UK of Vulcan Fiber, with black vegetable tanned-leather straps, chrome buckles, a pull-out handle and wheels.

holiday gift guide 2021 best gifts for travel

BUY NOW: $1,651.

There are also versions available for some of the other properties in the Oetker Collection of luxury hotels, including the Lanesborough London hotel, Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc, Eden Roc St. Barth’s, and the Brenners Park-Hotel & Spa in Baden Baden. For even more ideas, check out our roundup of the best suitcases.

7. Vasco Mini Translator.

Help your Road Warrior make their travel just a little bit smarter with the some of the latest in travel tech. For example, for friends who love foreign travel, there is the Vasco Mini Translator, which can help them with any potential language barriers they may encounter.

BUY NOW: $233.

8. Molekule Air Mini portable air purifyer.

For road warriors wary of getting sick, consider the gift of a Molekule Air Mini, a portable device that can purify and sterilize up to 99% of allergens, bacteria and chemicals in an area up to 250 square feet (perfect for a hotel room). Ideal for a road trip, the device is probably too large for a carry-on – but can certainly go into checked baggage.

BUY NOW: $399.

9. MZ Skin Hydra Bright Eye Treatment Masks.

Cleansing and moisturizing are the two smartest steps you can take for your skin after you board. Encourage your beloved traveler to take care of themselves with  a Christmas gift like the MZ Skin Hydra Bright Golden Eye Treatment Mask, perfect for travel.  The tiny gold particles will definitely make them feel fancy. And more importantly, this treatment will provide them with a dose of collagen, hyaluronic acid, and seaweed to fight dark circles and fine lines. 

holiday gift guide 2021 best luxury gifts for travel

BUY NOW: $105 for a pack of 5.

10. Acupuncture massage rings.

Of course, self care doesn’t only have to be about skin care. It’s also about their state of mind.  Help them unwind and prepare for the adventures (or meetings) ahead with these Acupuncture massage rings.


holiday gift guide 2021 best luxury gifts for travel

BUY NOW: $8.99.

11. Aesop Departure Kit.

Friends don’t let friends get caught using hotel/airline toiletries (unless they’re from a premium kit).  But perhaps your road warrior can’t always fly first class or stay in a 5-star hotel. So why not give them some top-of-the-line toiletries to make their travels a little more luxurious?  Aesop’s Departure Kit features seven Aesop classics to help your Road Warrior stay fresh-faced and groomed at their destination.

BUY NOW: $53.

12. Louis Vuitton Fragrance Travel Set.

Louis Vuitton has travel sizes in many of its signature fragrances, including the aptly-named Sur la route. This travel set includes seven scents, so your gift recipient has lots of options depending on their destination (and plans once they arrive).

holiday gift guide 2021 best luxury gifts for travel

BUY NOW: $380.

13. Smythson leather watch and jewelry roll.

Whether it’s for toiletries or for gathering cords and cables, pouches, bags and cases are a great gift idea for people on the road to help them stay organized. 

Smythson of Bond Street‘s Panama watch and  jewelry roll  would make a great Christmas gift in the travel world. It’s crafted from printed calf leather with a nubuck interior. There are three zippered pockets, and holders for rings and earrings. It also comes in cherry red, and can be personalized with the recipient’s initials.

holiday gift guide 2021 best luxury gifts for travel

BUY NOW: $545.

14. Hermes leather passport holder.

One of the best gifts we’ve ever received is a leather passport holder that also has room for our business cards, hotel room keys and other travel necessities. We use ours all the time. If you want to go in this direction, for chic passport holders, you can never go wrong with Hermes. The brand’s Tarmac passport holder comes in 7 colors and is crafted from Epsom calfskin with a palladium plated snap closure.

holiday gift guide 2021 best luxury gifts for travel

BUY NOW: $230.

15. White & Warren Cashmere Mini Travel Wrap.

Elevate their style and possibly also their comfort with some new travel attire.  For the ladies, a scarf or wrap adds a layer of sophistication while also offering warmth on long cold flights. We like White & Warren’s travel wraps, which come in a wide variety of colors.

holiday gift guide 2021 best luxury gifts for travel

BUY NOW: $385.

16. The Gravity Flex Travel Weighted Blanket.

Sleep is the ultimate luxury gift for some travelers. So, help them arrive at their destination well rested with some easy to carry sleep aides like sleep masks and neck pillows. The Gravity has just debuted a new Flex Travel Blanket. Weighing 10 pounds and fitted with its own carrying case, this compact weighted travel blanket is designed to optimize relaxation no matter where you’re going.

Holiday gift guide 2021 best gifts for travelers

BUY NOW: $100.

17. Calpak travel neck pillow and eye mask.

Ladies with long hair who travel know how wonky their hair can get while they sleep.  Keep her looking well-groomed and comfortable with Calpak’s Silk Travel Neck Pillow and Eye Mask Set.  The luxe silk fabric is not only hypoallergenic, but also extra easy on hair and skin.

holiday gift guide 2021 best luxury gifts for travel

BUY NOW: $76.

18. Snowe soy candle set.

For those who spend a lot of time on the road, it’s always nice to have a piece of home along for the ride.  The best gift for someone who loves to travel might actually be a little surprise note from you in their bag. In addition, you could tuck in a travel-sized candle with the fragrance of home.  Snowe makes pint-sized and TSA-approved versions of their most popular scents in this Travel Candle Set.

holiday gift guide 2021 best luxury gifts for travel

BUY NOW: $140.

19. Rohm travel sound machine.

For those who may want to drown out the sounds of an unfamiliar city, consider the Rohm travel sound machine.  It can be used both at home and away.

holiday gift guide 2021 best luxury gifts for travel


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20. TUMI x Mophie Power Station Plus. 

No guide of luxury travel gifts would be complete without a few items to help jet-setters stay connected to their loved ones. Tumi’s Powerstation Plus, developed in collaboration with Mophie, is a great example. It delivers up to 34 hours of additional battery life to a smartphone, and will power up any device that has Lightning input or a micro USB port.

holiday gift guide 2021 best luxury gifts for travel

BUY NOW: $150.

21. Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition.

Long flights can be grueling without something to pass the time. For those who love a good book, Amazon’s new Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition is an excellent luxury gift for travelers. It features a 6.8″ display, wireless charging, and auto-adjusting front light that makes reading in a dim airplane cabin a cinch.


holiday gift guide 2021 best luxury gifts for travel

BUY NOW: $189.99.

22. Destination Art by the editors of Phaidon.

It wouldn’t be a luxury traveler gift guide without the addition of some marvelous books that will inspire future travels. Destination Art: 500 Artworks Worth the Trip is a portable guide to 500 must-see examples of permanently installed art from the last 100 years. Organized geographically and with ample logistical details (including GPS coordinates, addresses, websites, and symbols indicating the degree of possible access), it’s made to travel. The featured artists include Marina Abramović, Alexander Calder, Jenny Holzer, Yayoi Kusama, Henri Matisse, Henry Moore, and Richard Serra.

holiday gift guide 2021 best luxury gifts for travel

BUY NOW: $35.

23. Where Architects Sleep by Sarah Miller.

Where Architects Sleep by Sarah Miller is the ultimate insider’s guide to where to stay when traveling the world. What better luxury gift for travelers than a directory of the most chic lodging options in the world? More than 250 of the world’s leading architects share their tips on where to stay, from renowned destinations to undiscovered gems. With 1,200 listings in more than 100 countries, there’s a marvelous new hotel to discover for everyone on your list.

holiday gift guide 2021 best luxury gifts for travel

BUY NOW: $29.95.

24. Frederic Malle 20th anniversary travel set.

There’s no need to travel scent-free when there are so many elegant luxury fragrance travel sets. Like this one, from Frederic Malle in honor of the house’s 20th anniversary.

BUY NOW: $265 for her.

25. Gift Certificates for Luxurious Travel Experiences

Finally, we close our holiday travel gift shopfor 2021 with the best ideas for luxury gifts for frequent travelers for her, him or them with an easy-to-buy gift that might be a dream come true for your loved one. A gift certificate to a 5-star hotel would be a welcome gift for almost any travel aficionado! Whether it’s Claridge’s in London  or the new Rosewood resort in Bermuda, the gift of a luxury travel experience might be the best one of all.

Christmas Holiday Gift Shop: The Best Luxury travel Gifts of 2021

That’s it! Our Christmas holiday gift guide with the best luxury gifts in 2021 for her, him and them in travel and the items that make frequent travelers feel ready to hit the road. What say you? What will gift your favorite road warrior this year, dear reader?

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Jillian Tangen is the Head of Research at Dandelion Chandelier. Formerly, she was a Senior Research Analyst at McKinsey & Co and Analyst at Shearman & Sterling. She is an avid fan of Nordic design, having owned an independent lifestyle store and sales agency focused on emerging Scandinavian design. Jillian lives in NYC and is married with three young children. She loves cross country skiing, the New York Rangers, reading, travel and discovering new brands.

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