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12 Luxury Shopping Streets Best to Visit Right Now in Paris

best luxury shopping streets, new and iconic boutiques and stores, and other must-visit retail in Paris right now

Whether for Fashion Week, the haute couture shows, the winter holidays or a last-minute vacation, you may be heading to Paris soon. And you may, at some point, be in the mood to shop. So, in this post COVID-19 world, where is the best luxury shopping in Paris? Our ace correspondent Abbie Martin Greenbaum has rounded up insider tips for our guide to the 12 best luxury shopping streets, new and iconic boutiques and stores, and other must-visit retail in Paris right now.

insider tips on the best luxury shopping in Paris

Ah, Paris. The city of love and the city of romance. The city of delicious food, incomparable art, and – sometimes – inexplicable (but still romantic) melancholy. And also, yes – an indéniable fashion capital of the world.

And so, if you have an upcoming trip planned – say, for the holidays – we assume you will want to do a little shopping.

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Well, lucky for you, Paris has no shortage of places for you to shop – you’ll find haute couture, massive flagships, and department stores that are truly incomparable.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by all the options, we understand. Our suggestion is to take it slow – choose one neighborhood, or arrondissement, and spend the whole day there – taking lots of breaks (of course) for patisserie. Something to note is that many shops appear more than once (and sometimes in every neighborhood), which should take a bit of the pressure off of you.

We also suggest starting with the biggest and most iconic shopping spots – you can always venture beyond, to explore Paris’s many other hidden (or not-so-hidden) gems if you have the energy.

Here’s where to start your luxury shopping extravaganza.

Where is the best luxury shopping right now in Paris?

1. The Champs-Élysées and Triangle D’or

This is the iconic Paris street (even inspiring the famous song), and therefore your first stop. Located in the 8th Arrondissement, you’ll find the avenue stretches about a mile long, all the way from the Arc de Triomphe to Place de La Concorde – so you’ll be able to do some excellent sightseeing on your way.

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The Champs-Élysées

You may find yourself stunned by the street’s sheer number of offerings. First stop is the famous Louis Vuitton flagship store, whose art deco façade has been listed as a historical landmark since 1914. At the time of the store’s opening, it was the largest Louis Vuitton store in the world.

As you continue onward, you’ll find flagships for Hugo Boss, Lacoste, Dior, Cartier, and so, so many more.

Triangle d’Or

And anything you don’t see on The Champs-Élysées, you’ll find as part of the Triangle d’Or (or Golden Triangle) – a trio of streets that split off directly from the famed avenue. Head down Avenue Montaigne, Avenue Georges V and Rue Francois 1er to find every other major brand and flagship, including  Saint Laurent, Chanel, Gucci, Prada, Valentino, Hermès, and so many more. You will also notice some duplicates – a few brands appear both on the Champs-Élysées and also as part of the triangle.

Make sure to take it slow – you don’t want to tire yourself out yet, and you’ll unfortunately be battling through massive crowds. Give yourself plenty of time, and plan to take breaks – such as for coffee and a macaron at the equally-iconic Ladurée.

luxury shopping in Paris

Our insider’s guide to luxury shopping in Paris: Laduree. Courtesy Photo.

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2. St-Germain-des-Prés

Located along the Left Bank, St-Germain-des-Prés is one of the quarters that makes up the 6th Arrondissement. A neighborhood that is storied with Parisian history, you could argue that this is one of the best (or even the best) places to visit in the entire city. And it doesn’t hurt that it’s fully walkable, comprised of quintessentially charming Paris streets – and that it enjoys the exquisite backdrop of the Seine.

Boulevard St. Germain

Before you even begin your shopping (or perhaps when you need to recharge), stop for a coffee or bite to eat at one of the neighborhood’s many legendary cafés, such as Café de Flore. As you sip your espresso, you can think about the fact that the city’s best and most famous writers once haunted the same spot. And if it’s full, you can check out the equally illustrious Les Deux Magots, which is right next door.

luxury shopping in Paris

Our insider’s guide to luxury shopping in Paris: Cafe de Flore. Courtesy Photo.

Then it’s time to get going.

On the same street as the cafes, you’ll find many – and close to every – of the city’s top brands. You’ll want to pop into Gucci, Armani, Moncler, Etro, Hugo Boss, and the Ralph Lauren flagship store, as well as many other top retailers. You can let us know if shopping feels different with image of the Seine winding around behind you. 

Le Bon Marché

Give yourself some time to wander aimlessly – you don’t want to miss out on that special feeling – and then direct yourself to Le Bon Marché. This high-end department store was the very first in Paris, built in 1852. Today it’s home to many of the world’s best brands, including Chanel, Alexander McQueen, Balenciaga, Dior, Fendi, and Louis Vuitton. You’ll also find restaurants, cafes, and even art exhibits. If you’re feeling worn out, you may want to take advantage of the respite of their many beauty and spa offerings.

And p.s, the holidays happen to be a great time to visit – the Christmas decorations will take your breath away.

Before you’re done with the neighborhood, stop by Le Jardin de Luxembourg – one of the most beautiful gardens in Paris.

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3. Louvre and Tuileries

The name may give you a hint of what you’ll find in the 1st Arrondissement. But the world’s greatest art museum is not the only thing in this Paris neighborhood (and yes, budget your time accordingly).

luxury shopping in Paris

Our insider’s guide to luxury shopping in Paris: Louvre. Courtesy Photo.

Before or after your day at the Louvre, you have some serious shopping to do.

Rue du Faubourg Saint Honoré

Here you’ll find Givenchy, Burberry, Miu Miu, Hermès. You’ll also find Le Palace de Élysée – or the home of the French president.

Rue Saint Honoré.

Keep walking and the street turns into Rue Saint Honoré, which is home to Versace, Dior, Guerlain, Louboutin, Moynat, as well as many more shops. This is one of the most exclusive shopping streets in Paris – nearly any store you find there will be worth your time.

It’s possible you’ll need more than an afternoon to cover everything that’s here.

luxury shopping in Paris

Our insider’s guide to luxury shopping in Paris: Rue Saint Honore. Courtesy Photo.

4. Boulevard Haussman

Stretching all the way from the 8th Arrondissement to the 9th, this is one of those famous tree-lined Paris boulevards – the kind you’ve certainly seen in cinema. Some consider it the very best place for Paris shopping (which may seem hilarious and/or impossible after seeing the other places on this list – but we’ll tell you more, and you can decide for yourself).

Located along the Boulevard, you’ll find both Galeries Lafayette and Printemps – arguably, the two most famous department stores of Paris. As well as the big brands, these shops are home to the latest and the greatest in fashion (as well as homewares, children’s apparel, menswear and quite literally everything else). Shop names like Icicle, Hogan, Jacquemus, Chaumet, and keep your mind open. These department stores are places of discovery, where you can definitely find exactly what you’re looking for, but where you can also find things you did not even know you wanted (or maybe, things you did not even know existed). They are massive, beautiful buildings, particularly in the case of Galeries Lafayette. But if you find yourself overwhelmed, take comfort in the fact that there are plenty of first-rate French refreshments scattered through the floors.

Our insider’s guide to luxury shopping in Paris: Galleries Lafayette. Courtesy Photo.

And the joy of this 1.5 mile stretch does not have to stop at these iconic shopping centers – make a stop at Comtesse du Barry, a specialty food shop that first opened in 1908. You can find the city’s best caviar and foi gras, as well as prepared foods and gifts.

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5. New Samaritaine

Though technically also located in the 1st Arrondissement (with the Louvre), La Samaritaine receives its own ranking because it is new and notable in Paris’s shopping landscape. Well, sort of.

The department store first opened in 1869, and quickly became a Paris landmark with its glorious Art Nouveau façade. And then the doors shut in 2005, and for a while – almost two decades – the famous spot faded from the map.

Our insider’s guide to luxury shopping in Paris: La Samaritaine. Courtesy Photo.

But this past June, the department store was reborn as a treasure trove of luxury shopping – and most importantly, its gorgeous design was preserved and restored. As well as top retailers (think Balenciaga, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Givenchy, Stella McCartney, and many more), the new Samaritaine also boasts a Luxury Hotel and intriguing eateries like Ernest – a new spot from Michelin-starred chef Naoëlle d’Hainaut.

And so, because La Samaritaine enjoys the unique distinction of being both new and iconic (a rare ability!), it’s a must on your next trip.

Where is the best luxury shopping right now in Paris?

Guide on where to go and insider tips for the best luxury shopping experiences in Paris, including new and iconic boutiques and stores.

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Abbie Martin Greenbaum grew up in New York City and currently lives in Brooklyn, where she drinks a lot of coffee and matches roommates together for a living. At Oberlin College, she studied English and Cinema, which are still two of her favorite things, along with dessert and musical theater. She believes in magic.

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