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Looking for a gift for someone special? You can never go wrong with a luxury gift basket of the best gourmet food, especially at holiday time. Here is our round up of a list of some of the best most luxurious gourmet food gift baskets to buy right now.

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giving a food gift is almost always a good idea

Looking for a gift that will really turn some heads?  Maybe it’s for a special occasion, or maybe it’s for a special someone. Either way, the circumstances demand you choose something that really wows.

This could mean sending a present that’s unexpected or outside the box. Or it could mean sending one that’s grandiose in a way that the person wouldn’t have gotten for themselves. And if you ask us what is always the best kind of gift? Food!

A luxurious food gift basket has so many great elements: it expresses nurturing and love. It might give someone a taste of home when they’re far away. It shows that you know something about what your gift recipient really enjoys. It’s easy for the recipient to share the gift with other family members and friends (or not).

Some of the most thoughtful and treasured gifts we’ve ever received have been bountiful and luxurious food baskets.

If you’re in on this idea, here are twelve suggestions for out-of-this-world edible gift baskets, all of which lend themselves beautifully to becoming an experience-in-a-box at a safe social distance.

The Most Luxurious Food Gift Baskets to Buy Right Now

1. Russ & Daughters

New Yorkers and non-New Yorkers alike are familiar with the brunch institution that is Russ & Daughters. Known as the finest purveyor of bagels and lox in a city that is already full to the brim with both, you can tell that they must be pretty special. So why not give someone the experience of eating there? The New York Brunch basket has everything you need in order to feel like you’re in the Big Apple: bagels, cream cheese, smoked salmon, babka, coffee, and even a signature Russ & Daughters tote – so you can proudly wear the meal on your sleeve, long after you’ve finished.

luxury food gift baskets

Where to shop for a gourmet food holiday gift basket: Russ & Daughters. Courtesy Photo.

BUY NOW$169.00.

2. Fortnum & Mason

It seems only natural that the iconic Piccadilly department store would be one of the best places in the world to search for a signature food basket. And since what they are most famous for is their afternoon tea, the best choice is of course to give someone The Fortnum’s Afternoon Tea Sampler. With many, many varieties of tea and accompanying tea bites, this is one at-home tea experience that they will never forget.

luxury food gift baskets

A signature food gift basket: Fortnum & Mason. Courtesy Photo.

BUY NOW£500.00.

3. Harrod’s

And if one luxury British department store isn’t enough for you – we have a second suggestion too. Made in a partnership with Cartwright & Butler The Harrogate Hamper offers the recipient a feast full of eats from Yorkshire, the brand’s home. The basket has more than fifteen items, both sweet and savory, and the wide array of biscuits, crackers, honey, and cake will make someone’s day – or week.

luxury food gift baskets

Harrod’s. Courtesy Photo.

 BUY NOW – $328.00.

4. Balducci’s

Specialty market Balducci’s has been in the business for almost a hundred years. With headquarters in Maryland, and five other stores around the United States, they’ve stayed a favorite place to shop for gourmet food. And with their Italian roots, it comes as no surprise that their Festino Italiano would be an absolute showstopper of a gift. With multiple kinds of pasta, pasta sauce, olive oil, appetizers, and even an Italian cookbook, this is a gift that really says amore.

Where to shop for a gourmet food gift basket: Balducci’s. Courtesy Photo.

BUY NOW$335.00.

5. La Maison Du Chocolat

For the sweet tooth in your life, you may be on the lookout for a gift that is all dessert – or even better, all chocolate. Straight from the storeroom of Paris’s beloved La Maison Du Chocolat, comes The Dazzler. Inside you’ll find six boxes of extraordinary chocolates, truffles, chocolate bars, and more – as well as a bottle of champagne. This is the perfect gift for any kind of celebration.

luxury food gift baskets

A signature food gift basket: La Maison Du Chocolat. Courtesy Photo.

BUY NOW – € 230.00.

6. Bokksu

There’s no other edible gift like Bokksu. They work to assemble boxes of authentic Japanese snacks, partnering with families in Japan who have been perfecting them for decades. Each order is loaded with a carefully curated selection, as well as a tea to match the foods’ flavor palate. You’ll also receive a glossy magazine guide to explain the significance of each item.

luxury food gift baskets

Bokksu. Courtesy Photo.

BUY NOW – $116.97.

7. Zingerman’s

Ann Arbor’s Zingerman’s is famously king when it comes to mail-order food, so of course we had to include them. They have so many impeccable gift baskets that it can be hard to pick only one, but you can’t go wrong with the Ultimate Gift Basket. It’s over a foot tall, a foot deep, and two feet wide – talk about a big gift. Inside you will find, well, just about anything you can imagine, including brownies and cookies, chips and crackers, and so many other goodies. For the best of the best, go with Zingerman’s.

shop for gourmet food

Zingerman’s. Courtesy Photo.

BUY NOW$225.00.

8. Artisanal Cheese

Cheese is almost always the right answer when you’re trying to decide what kind of gift to send someone. And Artisanal is one of the best suppliers around, making The Celebration Collection a foolproof present. It includes eight hand cut cheeses – a blue, a taleggio, a raclette, and others – as well as a selection of gourmet crackers, fruit and honey. And for the full experience, each cheese also comes with a suggested beverage pair.

shop for gourmet food

Artisanal Cheese. Courtesy Photo.

BUY NOW165.00.

9. The Cookie Joint

If you’re looking for something a little playful, a little different, think about this tray from The Cookie Joint. Each piece is a scrumptiously buttery cookie but they’re cut to look like… fries. You’ll open up The Cookie Fries Gift Basket, think you’ve received an enormous fast food order by mistake, and instead take a bite of incredible shortbread. And if that’s not enough, you can also add a variety of festive, flavorful dipping sauces to complete the picture.

shop for gourmet food

Where to shop for the best luxury food gifts: The Cookie Joint. Courtesy Photo.

BUY NOW – $155.00.

10. Mercado Little Spain

If you haven’t yet made it to the fantastic Mercado Little Spain at Hudson Yards in New York, now you don’t have to wait. You can order their Pantry Essentials Gift Box which includes everything you need to feel as if you’ve made a trip in person. It comes with olive oil and vinegar, chorizo and clams, as well as spices and sauces for you to incorporate in all your cooking. For a little taste of Little Spain, give this to someone today.

shop for gourmet food

A signature food gift basket: Mercado Little Spain. Courtesy Photo.

BUY NOW$165.00.

11. Pemberton Farms

Pemberton Farms is a specialty store in Massachusetts, and one of their specialties is making some of the best and most unforgettable luxury food gifts. For those who believe that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, you can get them The Breakfast Buffet Tower, which is a present unlike anything else. It includes a gastronomical survey of New England: Boston Harbor teas, Vermont maple syrup, Buckwheat pancake mix, chocolate covered fruit, cake, and many other morning delicacies.

shop for gourmet food

Where to shop for a gourmet luxury food gift basket: Pemberton Farms. Courtesy Photo.

BUY NOW – $119.95.

12. Olympia Provisions

It doesn’t get more exciting in the realm of a holiday gift than this gourmet food basket. Located in Portland, Oregon, Olympia Provisions is one of the best places to shop for outstanding meat and charcuterie. And if you know someone who’s a huge fan, you can get them The Whole Shebang – which is every product that they make. For the carnivore who has everything, this just might be the best luxury food gift they get all year.

shop for gourmet food

Olympia Provisions. Courtesy Photo.

BUY NOW$1,165.00.

The Best Most Luxurious Gourmet Food Gift Baskets

Those are our 12 recommendations for some of the best most luxurious food holiday and every day gift baskets to buy right now. If you’re not sure which one to choose, you can always get one for yourself and taste-test it. You know, just to be absolutely sure it’s perfect. Have fun!

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Abbie Martin Greenbaum

Abbie Martin Greenbaum is a writer, reader, and pop culture connoisseur, who loves storytelling, coffee, and dessert. Her work has also appeared in Playbill.