Which Color Palette Actually Best Reflects the month of March?

What is the Color that Perfectly Captures March?

Months tend to evoke certain colors and moods, at least in the parts of the world with four distinct seasons. Some are obvious, and some perhaps more subtle, or at least open to debate. What are the colors in the color palette that best represents and reflects the spirit of March, that will look and feel good all month long? Well, dear reader, there are several ways to frame that question.

what is the color palette of the month of March?

As we reflected on this pressing question, several options came to mind. And we’ll stipulate up front that we’re talking about March in the Northern Hemisphere. In cold climes. For those in the Southern Hemisphere, and Cali and all points South, we know that chances are you’ll be basking in sunshine all month. We’re gonna try hard not to throw any shade your way.

Now, where were we? Ah, yes. The true color of March.

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it could be grey

March skies can bring rain, sleet, freezing rain, snow, or some combination of all of the above. There might be dark clouds in the sky, and dirty snow underfoot. Ash Wednesday is often March, so that’s another shade of grey to consider.

for some, it might be a shade of brown

It’s the month to start tilling the soil and getting the garden ready for spring. It’s a time for chickens and their eggs.

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Earth, sod, a muddy rain puddle, a bird’s nest, woodland deer and their new fawns. All signs of spring, and all generally sporting varying shades of brown.

Sometimes March brings Easter, and it almost always brings preparations for the holiday. The Easter bunny is surely a shade of brown, right? As are chocolate Easter eggs.

what is the color of the month of March

ivory is a serious contender

After all, the month might go out like lamb.

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but how about green?

Many people are likely to vote for green as the Official Color of March. And why not? Spring officially arrives in March. There are green shoots of grass poking through the ground. And usually some tiny green buds on the trees.

It’s also the month of St. Patrick’s Day – full of four-leaf clovers, Irish flags, rivers dyed green and green beer. That seems extremely persuasive in crowning green the victor here.

what is the color of the month of March

When we think about March, we feel all of those colors. But mostly, we feel a shimmering, tawny, majestic gold.

gold? really, why?

Well, for starters, it is said that March comes in like a lion. Which got us thinking about the color of a lion’s mane, and how it demands that attention be paid.

One of our readers reminded us that the beginning of the month often sees parades and celebrations for the Venice Carnival, Revellion in Rio and Mardi Gras in New Orleans. All of which feature the prominent use of the color gold.

In fact, for Mardi Gras, gold is one of the three “official” colors of the celebration (the others are purple and green). In this context, gold represents power, so golden Mardi Gras beads are particularly highly valued.

what is the color of the month of March

Consider how many places you’ll find gold in nature in March. In California, you’ll find golden poppies in full bloom. In Europe, its golden sprays of mimosas.

The days are getting longer, and in March both dawn and dusk can take on a shimmering golden glow.

The one color that captures the essence of March? For us, it’s a muted, metallic gold. A color that feels like a promise. An accommodating hue that plays well with green, red, purple, ivory and chocolate brown.

march color palette of colors that look and feel good all month

Why not rummage through your closet and put together a few work outfits that reflect the beauty of March? Or head outside for a hike or brunch date in a March palette?

The hues and textures we saw in a work crafted by the design firm Studio Drift capture our idea of the best color palette for March perfectly.

what is the color of March

Materialism (2019) Studio Drift. Courtesy Photo.

Your March color story can mirror the story of the coming of spring. Begin with icy grey, silver, charcoal and brown. Introduce some textured beige. And then add perhaps a bit of very pale yellow or buttercream. Complete the idea with the liberal use of softly shimmering metallics: copper, bronze and lots of gold.

That feels like a color palette for a month that should make you feel that you’re on your way. Filled with anticipation and a tiny spark of joy. A honey-colored month that could be really sweet.

what is the best color palette to look good in the month of March?

Those are our thoughts. But what say you, dear reader? What color is March for you?

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