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What are the best holiday gifts from British luxury brands for those on your list who can’t get enough of the U.K. (and can’t get to the U.K. this holiday season)? We went straight to the experts for answers. Our friends in London have helped curate a list of smart, fresh, elegant and luxurious gift items for all. Herewith, our ultimate luxury holiday gift shop filled with gifts for Anglophiles – the best brands from the U.K. for those who love London and all things British. From apparel and accessories to home décor, fine food and drink and a cool set of wheels, there’s something here for every Anglophile on your list.

what are the best luxury holiday gifts from the U.K. this year?

Is someone in your life a die-hard Anglophile? We can’t really blame them: the accents, the theatre, the pubs, the TV shows, the shopping, the museums. So much to love!

We’ve been fortunate enough to take many trips across the pond as college students partying our way through London’s club scene. And later, as proper and responsible adults on work trips. No matter the stage in life, London – even in its drizzly dark days – wraps its arms around you with a soothing cuppa and a dose of quirky, dry wit.

The best holiday luxury gifts for those who love London.

The best holiday luxury gifts for those who love London.

Armchair travelers can relive the high points of their journeys to London or the U.K. countryside by reading poetry, plays or a great book. Or by hosting a bespoke U.K. movie marathon at home.

But what if you have a gift recipient on your list who loves England, and you want to give them more than just a great read or a BritBox subscription? Problem solved.

The Holiday Luxury Gift Shop: the Best from the U.K.

For those who love London and British culture, art, fashion and craft, our friends who live there have helped us create a holiday luxury gift shop with the best gifts from the U.K. this year.

We discovered some new British luxury brands that we’re keen to know better as we perused this list. Perhaps you will, too.

1. Ella Stern Exclusive Pastel Stone Hoops 

We begin our gift shop filled with the best holiday luxury gifts for those who love London with a modern bauble. Handmade in Ella’s London studio, these beautiful pastel hoops are set with a mixture of diamonds, peridot, aqua, citrine and pink and yellow sapphire.

holiday luxury gift shop with the best gifts from British brands in the U.K.

BUY NOW: $579.89.

2. Mulberry Bayswater Metal Slim Bracelet

This Bayswater Bracelet from Mulberry features the brand’s signature Postman’s Lock, which matches its iconic namesake bag.

holiday luxury gift shop with the best gifts from British brands in the U.K.

BUY NOW: $355.00.

3. Mulberry Portobello Sunglasses 

These cornflower-blue sunglasses from Mulberry are inspired by the brand’s iconic sustainable leather bag.

holiday luxury gift shop with the best gifts from British brands in the U.K.

BUY NOW: $255.00.

4. Hunter Original Tall Rain Boots 

A British brand classic, this rain boot has been at the heart of the Hunter Original brand since its introduction in 1956. Each pair is made from 28 hand-cut parts and assembled over three days before being vulcanized for superior protection. You can personalize them and they’re available in nine colors.

BUY NOW: $175.00.

5. DeMellier cashmere Turtleneck 

British brand DeMelllier’s Sloane turtleneck is made in Italy from sustainable midweight cashmere. Perfect for tramping across the moors or going out for brunch, it features a slightly oversized, relaxed silhouette and balloon sleeves.

BUY NOW: $535.00.

6. Barbour Acorn Waxed Cotton Jacket 

The Acorn jacket is a minimal take on a classic Barbour style. Constructed with a waxed cotton exterior and a lining carrying the iconic Barbour Classic Tartan, this jacket is styled with signature details like a corduroy collar.

BUY NOW: $395.00.

7. Liberty Letters Jacquard Wool Scarf

When it comes to holiday luxury gifts for Anglophiles, look no further than Liberty of London for the perfect find. The Liberty Letters logo on this scarf was designed in collaboration with design studio Pentagram. In 2019, Liberty hired the firm to refresh its visuals while still capturing the “unapologetically eccentric” sprit of the brand. You can sport the results this winter in this neutral colorway, or in green, red or gray.

BUY NOW: $290.00

8. Burberry Sling Bag 

Burberry is arguably the most iconic British brand there is. And though it was called out for being ludicrously capacious earlier this year on Succession that only helped its sales increase. And this bag, though it does have the classic plaid pattern, it is very sleek and small.

BUY NOW: $1650.00

9. The Ritz London: The Cookbook

One of the best holiday luxury gifts for those who love London is this cookbook from one of the city’s iconic hotels. The Ritz London: The Cookbook shares the recipes that are served in the restaurant today. The book features 100 classic recipes, including roast scallops bergamot & avocado; saddle of lamb belle époque; and Grand Marnier Soufflé. The recipes are showcased in four seasonal sections: spring, summer, autumn and winter.

holiday luxury gift shop with the best gifts from British brands in the U.K.

BUY NOW: $45.00.

10. The Queen’s People, with a foreword by His Grace the Duke of Norfolk Earl Marshall.

The Queen’s People was compiled and published in June 2016 with Royal Household approval. The hand-bound limited edition volume presents a collection of 42 photographs taken by prominent British photographer Hugo Rittson Thomas that bring Queen Elizabeth II and important members of Her Majesty’s court to life.

holiday luxury gift shop with the best gifts from British brands in the U.K.

BUY NOW: $895.00.

11. Brideshead Revisted by Evelyn Waugh

Though it has been adapted many times into both films and mini-series, the original book is the best version of this complex and emotional look at the British upper class in the first half of the 20th century. The beautiful Castle Howard which stood in for Brideshead Castle in both the 1981 mini-series starring Jeremy Irons and the 2006 Miramax film with Matthew Goode will make you immediately look into renting castles. 

BUY NOW: $16.99.

12. JO MALONE LONDON Glowing Embers Townhouse Candle 

The fragrance of this Jo Malone London candle is meant to evoke this mood: “Gather around the log fire with your nearest and dearest. Flames crackle, conversation flows and the comforting scent of glowing embers fills the room.” Yes, please.

BUY NOW: $135.00.

13. HARRODS Union Jack Teddy Bear 

gifts for those who love London

BUY NOW: $25.00.

14. Floris London Elite Luxury Soap

If you can’t be in London at least you can smell like the people who live there with this beautiful soap. Specifically targeted for men, they will love the smell of lavender and fir balsam with a touch of bay as well as the woody notes of patchouli and vetiver.

BUY NOW: $45.00

15. Ralph Lauren 1955 Jaguar XKD Miniature Scaled Car Replica 

The Jaguar XKD, or D-type, dominated Le Mans in the mid-’50s, with three consecutive victories culminating in 1957. This replica – based on the actual vehicle in Ralph Lauren’s collection – is hand-constructed by the British-based Amalgam company.

gifts for those who love London

BUY NOW: $1,595.00.

16. The Great British Baking Show Game 

Race to create your perfect bake and claim the title of star baker in this fun, fast-paced game based on the beloved The Great British Baking Show. The game makers promise “fun details like soggy bottoms, Hollywood handshakes, and the occasional baking pun.”

holiday luxury gift shop with the best gifts from British brands in the U.K.

BUY NOW: $24.00

17. Fortnum & Mason Wooden Tea Box 

It wouldn’t be a proper gift shop for Anglophiles without tea, right? This wooden restaurant box from Fortum & Mason is filled with 90 pyramid teabags. Selections include Royal Blend, Countess Grey, Darjeeling FTGFOP, Assam TGFOP and Moroccan Mint.

gifts for those that love London

BUY NOW: $146.44

18. Orange Marmalade

An iconic British word, “marmalade” means a jam made with citrus fruit. Award-winning Tiptree Marmalades are produced with hand-sorted citrus fruits. We will always remember the tender cinematic scene created between Paddington Bear and the late Queen in honor of her Diamond Jubilee, in which the two shared that they keep a jar of orange marmalade with them at all times. Not a bad rule to live by.

holiday luxury gift shop with the best gifts from British brands in the U.K.

BUY NOW: $13.75.

19. Loewe Puzzle Slim Bifold Wallet 

Straight from Liberty of London this colorful but suave wallet is just the right size and an attention grabber. The calfskin wallet will go perfectly in your Loewe Puzzle purse.

BUY NOW: $504.00

20. 9 carat Gold Handmade Ianthe Star Tsavorite Ring by Liberty

And while you are shopping at Liberty, pick up this stunner of a ring. Designed in London and then crafted by hand at a small atelier in Italy, it was inspired by the work of 1930s female surrealists. Now if that is a conversation started then what is?

BUY NOW: $1052.70

the best luxury holiday gifts from the U.K. and British brands

There you have it. Our picks for some of the best luxury holiday gifts from British brands this year for the Anglophiles on your list. We hope your lucky recipient will be chuffed to get any of these as a present. Happy holidays, dear reader.

Pamela Thomas-Graham

Pamela Thomas-Graham is the Founder & CEO of Dandelion Chandelier. She serves on the boards of several tech companies, and was previously a senior executive in finance, media and fashion, and a partner at McKinsey & Co.