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Katherine McPhee has Launched a Dazzling New Jewelry Collection

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Katherine McPhee has always struck us as a luminous presence that we just can’t take your eyes off of. Now, she has launched an equally dazzling new jewelry collection, KMF, just in time for the holidays. Whether for you to wear to a holiday party or to give as a luxury gift to someone special, the new line is a marvelous way to shine this season. Here’s where to buy and what to know about the Katherine McPhee brand KMF, a new luxury jewelry collection of sparkling necklaces, rings, and more.

KMF is the new luxury jewelry collection from Katherine McPhee

a new sparkling jewelry collection from a star

Let’s be honest. Actresses and singers starting their own fashion and/or jewelry line and/or liquor brand is nothing new. In fact, these days it seems like a requirement for most successful people in show business to start a company or business or wellness empires (that feature $420 Gucci dog poop bag holders on their holiday gift guide.)

But when you see genuine passion, creative expression and talent behind something it can make even the Grinchiest of skeptics get a little hopeful. And that is what we see with Katherine McPhee Foster’s newly released fine jewelry line, KMF Jewelry.

Katherine McPhee's new luxury jewelry line

it all began with American Idol . . . 

The accomplished singer/actress/Broadway star/influencer, who first made headlines as the fifth runner-up on a little show called American Idol, has been working on the line with Imperial Jewelry for over a year and has shown dozens of pieces on her social media accounts.

Dandelion Chandelier got to sit down with McPhee Foster on the day of her jewelry line launch and talk about her newfound power as a businesswoman, her lifelong love of jewelry, her upcoming holiday album with her legendary music producer husband David Foster, and, of course, all the beautiful pieces in her collection. 

Jewelry has always been a passion for Katherine McPhee

Though she hasn’t talked publicly about it much over the years, jewelry has always been a passion of McPhee Foster’s. It always has been since she was a little girl.

a creative escape during childhood 

She said when reporters asked about her hobbies she said, “I never really gave answers, like, ‘oh, I spend hours near in the closet playing dress up, decorating my fingers and my wrists.’” She says now trying on jewelry has always been part of her creative expression. 

Katherine McPhee's new luxury jewelry line

a bond with her mother and sister

Her love of jewelry was also something she shared with her mother and sister. She said, “The bond between mother and daughter and talking about the details of what made each piece beautiful is where I learned that jewelry is much more than a thing. It can be a memory of who you are with, where you were or that special occasion.”

And she has continued to make those memories as she has grown up. Gifting beautiful pieces for her friends and mother and sister has become one of her favorite pastimes.

“I always believe that if you invest in pieces, like real gold and what not, they’ll hold their value, and you’ll remember their whole special meaning and it’ll be something that can start reflection. So, like, my mom and sister now have, like, a whole wrist full of, like, amazing pieces. And it’s because, little by little, each year I’ve added, or they’ve added to their pieces.”

a new jewelry line, just in time for the holidays

This holiday season giving jewelry as a gift will be even easier for McPhee Foster.  She can just use her own personal line! And if she doesn’t have what she need,: “I can create it, right? I have the ability to create what I want.”

KMJ Jewelry includes collections of rings, necklaces, earrings and bracelets. They are set in 14K gold, accented with diamonds, precious and semi-precious stones. There is also a collection of micro-pavé and 18K vermeil sterling silver jewelry. Prices start at $249. 

Three KMF Collections at launch: Blossom, Harmony and Imperial Rope

McPhee-Foster released three lines within her collection launch: Blossom, Harmony and Imperial Rope. Harmony, named for her cat who was named for her first major movie role in The House Bunny, features some great pieces perfect for the holidays like the 14K Gold Pave Diamond Three Sphere Necklace ($2681) or the 14K Gold and Diamond Pave Ring ($426.)

Katherine McPhee's new luxury jewelry line

The Imperial Rope line features perhaps the most unique pieces.  Many of the necklace pieces can be layered but are beautiful as standalones as well. For people that are a bit more intimidated by the art of layering, McPhee Foster has got you as some of necklaces feature double strands to give the illusion that you are a layering pro.

McPhee’s personal favorite is the Imperial Rope Necklace (from $2,377) as its versatility allows it to be styled in a myriad of ways, including wearing the clasp in the front. “It was originally going to be the back of the necklace, and I thought it was such a cool clasp. You can wear it in the back or in the front, and it’s completely unisex. It’s something completely different. We know it is, because we’ve patented it!”

It also comes in bracelets, rings and flexible hoop earrings. 

Katherine McPhee's new luxury jewelry line

What’s next for Katherine McPhee and KMF

Though the Smash actress is still passionate about acting and singing (look out for her soon-to-be-released holiday album with her husband) she found that this jewelry line sparked another kind of creative passion.

“I’m already creating the newest version of stuff that is coming out. I didn’t realize I would feel those creative juices flowing from this experience. There’s just so many ways to be creative,” she told Dandelion Chandelier. Though the jewelry is perfect for any time of year, McPhee says she is looking forward to making holiday collections for Valentine’s Day.

But don’t worry, she already features a number of pieces that include hearts in the design. 

KMF Jewelry is now available to shop online. On Nov. 17 at 3:30 PM, McPhee will host a pop-up at 326 N. Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, Calif., where she’ll also be meeting fans and performing with David Foster.

what to know and where to buy the new KMF jewelry collection from Katherine McPhee

That’s what you should know and also where you can buy the new KMF jewelry collection from Katherine McPhee, filled with sparkling necklaces, rings, and more. We love it when a talented celebrity brings her heart and skills into a new realm and does it so well. More, please!

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