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This Year, Redecorate Right with the 7 Best Luxury Paint Brands

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As a new season begins, many of us cast our eyes about our beloved homes with a sharp eye and conclude one thing. We have got to redecorate! Or at least apply a new coat of wall paint. Which made us wonder: what are the best boutique luxury interior paint brands right now? Here’s our curated list of the 7 best luxury interior paint brands for a chic and on-trend interior design refresh, including Farrow & Ball.

what are the best boutique luxury interior paint brands?

Choosing a new paint color is reminiscent of back-to-school shopping in September — full of the promise of new beginnings. An energetic citrus hue could increase one’s WFH productivity. And a moody violet could up the romance factor, right? Hey, we can dream.

the best boutique luxury interior paint brands
The 7 best boutique luxury interior paint brands.

Before you embark on that fun, but ultimately agonizing process (there are over 900 shades of white, alone!), first things first. You need to choose the best brand of paint.

For the uninitiated, you might think that companies like Behr, Sherwin-Williams, or Benjamin Moore have a corner on the market. And it’s true, they are ubiquitous and convenient to purchase. In fact, many interior designers consistently use the same colors from these brands because they are just perennially perfect. We’re looking at you, Benjamin Moore White Dove!

But if you are looking for a luxury boutique paint brand, one that’s generally known for having colors that are more pigmented, well-curated and made with eco-friendly formulas, then you’ve come to the right place.

The 7 best boutique luxury interior paint brands.
The 7 best boutique luxury interior paint brands.

According to Architectural Digest, “higher-quality paint will go on smoother, take longer to dry (meaning brush strokes are less visible), and last longer, demanding fewer retouches down the line.” While less expensive paint is, well, less expensive, it is often “diluted with fillers and extenders and contains larger particles of pigment and binders, resulting in a less consistent coat.”

Ahead, take a look at the top 7 luxury boutique paint brands, according to interior design editors and experts.

the 7 best luxury paint brands right now

1. Farrow & Ball

The heritage colors from England’s Farrow & Ball make us swoon. With evocative names like “Sulking Room Pink” and “Green Smoke,” they conjure luxurious, aristocratic British estates. Then again, colors like “Mole’s Breath” and “Pale Hound” seem appropriate for a cozy, country cottage next to a babbling brook.

top luxury paint brands
The top luxury interior paint brands: Farrow & Ball. Courtesy Photo.

Whatever the domicile, Farrow & Ball’s paints are formulated using an artisanal process that blends rich pigments with a generous amounts of light-reflecting titanium dioxide. This means that each color is complex and depending on the light, shows varying undertones throughout the day. Their colors are based on historic color palettes for a timeless look. Despite the intense colors, every formula is water based and categorized as low or minimal VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds.) ($120 per 4 Liters)

2. Donald Kaufman Color

If it’s good enough for the American Wing of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, it’s good enough for our living room! Donald Kaufman works in custom colors — to date, his company that he shares with his wife, has designed more than 30,000 custom colors.

top luxury paint brands
The top luxury interior paint brands: Donald Kaufman Color. Courtesy Photo.

Their methods allow miniscule particles of pigment suspended in skeins of paint to exhibit a spectral subtlety where the effect is one of color luminosity – of light coming from within. For convenience, Kaufman offers premixed Paint Pigments which can be mixed into a base at a Benjamin Moore retailer or already blended gallons. (Paint Pigments, $49.95 or Blended Gallons, $125)

3. Mylands

British paint manufacturer Mylands has had a recurring role in tv shows and movies like Downton Abbey, Cinderella, and the Harry Potter franchise. Founded in 1884, the brand received a royal warrant from Her Majesty the Queen in 1985.

top luxury paint brands
The top luxury interior paint brands: Mylands. Courtesy Photo.

Their discerning clientele laud Mylands’ lustrous depth and outstanding coverage. The colors are curated and there are160 shades of interior and exterior finishes. Bridgerton fans might want to check out “Duke House.” Just saying. (£26.00 per liter)

4. Clare

Here at Dandelion Chandelier, we’re all about supporting women of color founders and creatives. Clare was founded by Harlem interior designer, Nicole Gibbons, and aims to be disruptor in the paint industry. Like the founders of Casper, Birchbox, Warby Parker, Gibbons created an accessible, direct-to-consumer product that prioritizes ease of use and a simple, curated palette.

The top luxury interior paint brands: Clare. Courtesy Photo.

Clients choose three free samples that come printed on a sticky-back paper that peel and affix directly onto their walls. The company also sells essential tools for the actual paint job. All Clare paint, with Millennial, pop culture-inspired names like “Avocado Toast” and “Meet Cute” is GreenGuard Gold–certified and non-VOC. ($54 per gallon)

5. Little Greene Paint & Paper

This independent British paint company is committed to the socially and environmentally responsible production of high quality paints and wallpapers. All paints are low-VOC and its oil paints are made using sustainable vegetable oil.

home décor paint brands
The top luxury interior paint brands: Little Green Paint & Paper. Courtesy Photo.

Though many companies now produce eco-friendly paints, Little Green Paint stands out from the bunch with its 191 choices of both traditional and contemporary colors. Distinguished clientele include stately homes like Audley End and Wrest Park and the historic Kenwood House and Eltham Palace. (61.00 per liter)

6. Backdrop Home

Husband-and-wife duo Caleb and Natalie Ebel are the cofounders of Backdrop, a new direct-to-consumer paint brand catering to a younger generation. Their website almost looks like an Instagram feed, featuring real people in their actual rooms painted in colors like “Tanlines” and “Pretty Ugly.”

The top luxury interior paint brands: Backdrop Home. Courtesy Photo.

The paint is packaged in rectangular, easy-pour buckets that don’t require a tool to open or close. Imagine that! The water-based, acrylic resin formula is easy to apply, highly pigmented, durable, and quick-drying. ($59-$65 per gallon)

7. Fine Paints of Europe

If, like us, you are similarly enamored with the famously vibrant doors of Holland, check out Dutch favorite Fine Paints of Europe. Known for unparalleled depth of color and exceptional durability, it uses only the highest-quality resins and finely ground pigments in large concentrations throughout the paint gallon. This results in increased durability and longevity of that painted surface. Which means much more time between touchups, and longer duration of its brilliant finish.

The top luxury interior paint brands: Fine Paints of Europe. Courtesy Photo.

Gwyneth Paltrow’s GOOP stores and the curators at Mount Vernon, the Virginia home of former US President George Washington, back this brand. ($90-$125 per liter).

best luxury boutique interior paint brands in the world

When it’s time for an interior design redo, get it done right with one of these best boutique luxury interior paint brands, including like Farrow & Ball. And if you’d also like information on paint color trends, check out our post on this very topic here. Happy redecorating, dear reader.

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