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These 10 Luxury Hanukkah Menorahs Can Become Family Heirlooms

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There are so many beautiful modern menorahs this season that many could become family heirlooms that grace a mantle or remain on display in the home all year ’round. If you’re in search of a unique keepsake Hanukkah menorah as a gift or for your own home, we’ve found 10 modern luxury versions to consider that are potential heirlooms and works of art in their own right.

what are the best places to find a new luxury Hanukkah Menorah?

As Hanukkah approaches, you may find yourself looking for a new menorah. After all, how many of us are still using the same menorah that we (or our children) made in Hebrew school a decade or two ago?

It’s time to say goodbye to those wax-covered stacks of wood, and instead invest in a beautiful menorah that you can feel proud to display all year long.  These menorahs are not just for celebrating the eight nights of the holiday, they are also true works of art – meticulously designed and crafted so that you can continue to show them off long after the last candle has burned.

This year, get a little more joy out of celebrating the Hanukkah miracle. Here are ten of our favorite luxury Hanukkah menorahs.

10 best luxury Hanukkah Menorahs this season

1. Botanical Leaf Menorah

This is a classic menorah design, but made with such incredible attention to detail that we can’t wait to add it to our Hanukkah table. From the Michael Aram Botanical Leaf Collection, the design draws inspiration from the texture of foliage – you’ll want to run your hands over the lovingly crinkled leaves. And of course, the twisting branches are here to remind us of the joys of life, celebration, and new beginnings, and those are things we want to remember all year long.

beautiful luxury Menorahs

BUY NOW: $176.25.

2. Shana Menorah

It’s like they read our minds! This menorah from Burke Décor was specifically designed to be kept out on display all year long. As much a sculpture as it is a menorah, this candelabra is made of three distinct, striking pieces, and each section is handmade by a Los Angeles potter. We love the modern, dramatic look of this menorah, and the fact that its components can be displayed separately – a nice touch. Choose between three different glazes.

beautiful luxury Menorahs

BUY NOW: $270.00.

3. Royal Check Moose Menorah

This moose menorah is one of the most whimsical of the bunch, and we think it would make for an extra-special holiday. And who wouldn’t want to have this little guy around all year long? After the holiday is over, put him on a shelf where he can attract the curious eyes of your houseguests until it’s his time to shine. The piece is about nine inches tall, and is handmade and hand painted.

beautiful luxury Menorahs

BUY NOW: $258.00.

4. Splatter Menorah

Another piece that is a work of art in its own right. Made by artist Julia Elsas, this stunning menorah is created with the techniques of sculpture, ceramics, and printmaking – and yes, it’s designed to be kept on display all year long.  Each iteration is entirely unique, and finished with a different glaze pattern – so yours may look slightly different than the one in the photograph. We love the simple elegance of the design, and the fact that it would happily blend with any décor.

beautiful luxury Menorahs

BUY NOW: $250.00.

5. Banorah Menorah

How many of you can say that the sight of your menorah has made people laugh out loud? If that’s the reaction you’re aiming for – plus some whimsy, and a side of silly – choose the Banorah this December. Made in a festive collaboration between wonderful New York institutions E for Effort and BKLYN CLAY, this Banorah is really and truly one of a kind. And all year long, it will remind us to look at our lives with good humor, and a positive attitude – and what more can we ask for?

beautiful luxury heirloom Hanukkah Menorah

BUY NOW: $320.00.

6. Apleoig Collection

This menorah doubles as a flower vase! Such a great idea, and we wish we had thought of it first. Available at Bloomingdales, this beautiful pink piece is as innovative as it gets. When the holiday is over, simply remove the shamash from the center of the menorah, and fill with the flowers of your choice – and then it can stay with you through every season. As a note, this menorah uses oil cups rather than wax candles.

Beautiful modern luxury Hanukkah menorahs this holiday that could become family heirlooms

BUY NOW: $410.00.

7. Handmade Ceramic Menorah

We are obsessed with this super-special menorah. Rather than a single piece, it’s composed of nine individual bottles. Each of these is individually made on a potter’s wheel, and coated with a luminescent glaze. Not only are the bottles beautiful –  they’d look great on any mantle – they are also symbolic of the Hanukkah story, in which a bottle of oil remained full for eight nights. You’ll want to keep (and display!) these for a long time.

BUY NOW: $210.00.

8. Oak Street Menorah

As festive as the holidays can be, they can also be a somewhat gloomy time. No one likes gray skies and cold weather. If you find yourself needing a Hanukkah pick-me-up, why not choose this bright, cheerful menorah from Kate Spade? With its palette of pink, yellow, purple, and green, you’d almost think this was a springtime sculpture – and how wonderful, since you’re going to keep it out even when the sun starts shining. What a joyful piece of porcelain.

The best luxury Hanukkah menorahs this holiday that could become family heirlooms
Beautiful modern luxury Hanukkah menorahs this holiday that could become family heirlooms.

BUY NOW: $75.00.

9. Elephant Menorah

If you were a big fan of the moose menorah, we have a second animal option for you. From Jonathan Adler, this elephant menorah is as cute as it is clever. We love the special touch of the shamash being in the elephant’s tusk.  It is something a little playful to keep you entertained this holiday. And since this little guy is under seven inches tall, he will easily tuck away for the other eleven months of the year.

luxury Hanukkah menorah
The best beautiful modern luxury Hanukkah menorahs this holiday that could become family heirlooms.

BUY NOW: $99.00.

10. Large Tree of Life Menorah

And finally, the most elaborate menorah of them all. This menorah is one-of-a-kind – a terracotta piece made by California ceramicist Liz Lauter. Each elaborate detail – ever flower, leaf, and bird – is hand sculpted from earthenware terracotta clay, hung with special wire, then fired in the kiln, glazed, and hand painted with special paints from Italy. This is a stand-out piece, and one that of course you’ll be proud to keep on display. And since it uses Shabbat candles, rather than regular Hanukkah candles, you’ll get an even brighter light – for an even more festive holiday.

BUY NOW: $1200.00.

best luxury Hanukkah Menorahs this season

That’s our edit of some of the best luxury Hanukkah menorahs this holiday that are so modern and beautiful that they could easily become family heirlooms or perfect gifts. Happy Hanukkah, dear reader!

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