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The 8 Top New Trends Plant Lovers Need to Know in 2023

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The New Year is upon us, and that means time for some new plants! Like everything else in life – especially in the world of interior design – there are trends in the world of house plants that drive what we all think is the big and best New Thing. So, what are the top new trends that plant lovers need to know in 2023? We’ve got answers.

what are the top trends in house plants for 2023?

Keeping up with the Joneses used to mean collecting status symbols like German cars in the three-car garage or vacationing at the most fashionable resorts. Now, it’s all about keeping up with the houseplants. Before 2020, have any of you uttered monstera and fiddle leaf fig in a sentence? Neither have we.

Newsflash: the houseplant trend isn’t going anywhere in 2023. In fact, as gardening expert, Lindsay Pangborn of Bloomscape said, “Houseplants are becoming a permanent staple in interior design.” In addition to adding color and texture to a space, they have proven health benefits too. From absorbing radiation from our devices to purifying the air to lowering stress levels, bringing nature in will always be in style.

luxury plant trends 2023

So what are the next up and coming houseplants you must add to your collection in 2023? Here are the 8 plants you’ll be seeing at your neighbors’ homes and all over Instagram.

the 8 top trends that plant lovers should know in 2023

The bigger the better

The trendiest plants have always been the most dramatic and photogenic. In 2023, we’ll be taking it to new heights with tree-like indoor plants to stand alone like living sculptures.

1. Bird of Paradise

If you have a room with bright indirect light to full sun, then consider the Bird of Paradise plant. Stylish with a tropical flair, their big glossy green leaves are the perfect filler for that awkward corner.

luxury plant trends 2023

BUY NOW: $199.00.

2. Rubber Tree

This evergreen tropical tree is an easygoing houseplant and gets NASA’s seal of approval for its air-purifying properties. Their dark, glossy burgundy leaves lend a dramatic contrast to a plantscape filled with more traditional greens.

luxury plant trends 2023

BUY NOW: $59.00.

3. Croton Plant

A little more challenging is the croton plant as it requires a consistent temperature of 70 to 80 degrees. No problem if you prefer your house warm. You’ll be rewarded an explosion of colorful variegated foliage for your efforts!

luxury plant trends 2023

BUY NOW: $120.00.

Nostalgic cottagecore plants

That cozy cottagecore ideal has brought back small blooms with a vintage look for 2023. Think of these colorful flowers as the equivalent of beaded embroidery on a cardigan for your living space.

4. Azaleas

A symbol of abundance, this flower comes in white, red, pink, and purple varieties to give any space a more feminine touch.

luxury plant trends 2023

BUY NOW: $51.00.

5. Primrose

These cheerful flowers look straight out of storybook. In bold colors of purple, red, yellow, and pink, they’re perfect for brightening shelves and windowsills in the winter months.

BUY NOW: $65.00.

Darkly dramatic plants

On the other end of the spectrum, Erin Marino, the Editorial Director at The Sill is predicting the next big thing will be dark foliage plants like the Alocasia Black Velvet. Elegant but a little strange, they definitely stand out from the bunch.

6. Alocasia Black Velvet

A no-fuss plant that doesn’t need much light and feels soft and velvety? We’re in!

BUY NOW: $19.60.

7. Tillandsia harrisii

This silvery-grey air plant is a little spooky with an equally spooky backstory. Your next conversation starter is telling guests that it was named after a Tillandsia enthusiast/explorer who was murdered in Guatemala in 1985.

BUY NOW: $5.95.

8. Stromanthe Triostar

No, you’re not imagining it. This variegated dark-foliage plant has a tendency to curl in on itself during the evening hours.

BUY NOW: $30.80.

the house plant trends to know for 2023

There you have it —the top new trends and most popular house plants in 2023 that collectors and interior designers need to know for home decorating right now. And the 8 up-and-coming plants that will be vying for the sunlight in your home in the new year. Which one has a spot on your window ledge, dear reader?


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