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For your next gift or your registry, we’ve rounded up the latest must-have products in baby tech items this year, including gadgets, gear and devices, to make being new parents just a little bit easier.

can tech gear gadgets actually make being the parents of a newborn baby less stressful?

Knowing what to shop for when you have a new baby can be overwhelming. From which stroller to choose to the right swaddles and bottles, there’s an endless array of items that you may need – some of which are more useful than others.

A wipe warmer for example? While nice, it is not strictly necessary. But a stroller that assists you up hills and rocks itself? Or a car seat that alerts you if your baby is left behind? Now those are life changing and potentially life saving items we can get behind.

Where were these when our kids were little?

The latest must-have products in baby tech items this year.

The latest must-have products in baby tech items this year including gadgets, gear and devices this year.

Whether you’re looking to keep your baby safe, make your life easier or simply love having the latest in tech, we’ve rounded up 14 of the must-have baby gadgets, gear and devices this year. Trust us, these products are game changers.

14 of the latest must-have products in baby tech gear and gadgets for new parents

1. a smart car seat

Cybex’s Sirona S 360 ($550) was the first rotating seat to hit the US market. For their comfort and yours, it rotates a full 360 degrees to make taking them in and out a total breeze. But it’s the techy features that make this carseat really shine.

A special clip on the harness alerts you via your smartphone if you leave your little one behind in the car. It also notifies you if your child unbuckles the clip, is too warm or is seated too long. And if the driver doesn’t respond to an alert about a child left behind, emergency contacts are alerted.

The latest must-have products in baby tech items this year.

BUY NOW – $550.00.

2. a soothing bassinet

Invented by Dr. Harvey Karp, the pediatrician behind the “Five S’s” and author of The Happiest Baby on the Block, The Snoo ($1,695) was designed to mimic the calming sensations of the womb. In addition to rocking, it utilizes white noise and a built-in swaddle to help soothe the baby back to sleep. There’s a mobile app where you can control it all remotely as well as a sleep tracker.

The latest must-have products in baby tech items this year.

BUY NOW – $1,695.00.

3. a calming sound machine

Parents and babies alike love the Hatch Rest ($70) –  a sound machine, night light and time-to-rise clock all rolled into one and all controlled via your smartphone. With dozens of customizable options you’ll find the right combination of lights and sounds to help your baby (and you) sleep the most soundly.

The latest must-have products in baby tech items this year.

BUY NOW – $70.00.

4. a swing that mimics mom and dad

There are many babies who want to be held all day and night. And while you wish you could, you can’t. That’s where the 4moms mamaRoo Swing ($270) comes in. This combination swing and bouncer hybrid mimics human movements with five natural motions, five speeds and four built-in sounds that you can mix and match until you find the perfect custom soothing solution for your baby. Having trouble figuring out what works? There’s even an app to help you figure out which motions most resemble your own.

Other cool features include smart home features like Bluetooth and voice control compatibility with Amazon Alexa or Google Home. Plus it reclines completely flat so you’ll be able to use it from day one until right around the time your little one starts sitting up independently.

The latest must-have products in baby tech items this year.

BUY NOW – $270.00.

5. an all-in-one monitor

Thanks to SensorFusion technology used in NICU’s, Miku’s Pro Smart Baby Monitor ($400) is the only monitor that tracks breathing and sleep patterns in real time without wearables. 1080p HD video and night vision ensure video is crystal clear, while 2 way talk allows you to communicate and verbally soothe your baby. And if anything is amiss, Miku’s app alerts your phone.

The latest must-have products in baby tech items this year.

BUY NOW – $400.00.

6. a connected baby monitor and mobile app

Another of our friends swears by the Nanit Pro Baby Camera. This award-winning baby monitor “delivers a crystal-clear 1080p HD video overhead view” of the baby’s cradle. It monitors breathing and keeps track of sleep data. The unique split-screen feature allows parents and caregivers to monitor two cameras at the same time.

BUY NOW: $399.00

7. a stroller that pushes and rocks itself

With its new E-Priam ($1,000) battery powered and app controlled stroller, Cybex has boosted up its stroller game – literally. Powered by an electric motor to propel you more easily uphill or over rough terrain, the stroller’s lithium ion battery has a six-hour charge time and gets anywhere between five to 28 miles per charge.

It also has a “rocking” setting. When the stroller is parked you can control it with an App to rock the stroller back and forth while you carry on with whatever you need to do.

BUY NOW – $1,000.00.

8. an all-in-one car seat and stroller

The Doona car seat and stroller is a “fully integrated travel system” for your little bundle. Because once the baby’s asleep, the last thing a parent or caregiver wants is to wake them to move them from the stroller to the car, or vice versa. A friend who’s a working mom says this is the best invention ever. An added plus is the sleek design and the option to choose among seven exterior colors (we love the racing green).

BUY NOW: $550.00

9. a smart thermometer

Anyone who’s had small children knows how difficult monitoring their temperature can be when they are sick. Whether it’s overnight or they are a runner, The Vava Smart Baby Thermometer ($80) is here to help with a small silicone patch you can attach to your infant.

Vava offers real-time temperature monitoring with instant beep alerts and a blinking LED light notification. It also has a long-lasting battery and is fast charging.

BUY NOW – $80.00.

10. a hands free breast pump

If you’re nursing and always on the go, consider a wireless and portable breast pump. Wear Willow’s discreet, leak proof Wearable Breast Pump ($550) anytime you need to be hands free. Control your session via an app and pump directly into a reusable container or storage bag if you aren’t using the milk right away.

BUY NOW – $550.00.

11. a state-of-the-art formula dispenser

Baby Brezza makes several smart devices to make parenting easier. One the brand’s best-sellers is the Formula Pro Advanced baby food formula dispenser. Its patented technology automatically mixes formula and water to the right consistency, and the device works with a wide range of formula and bottle brands.

BUY NOW: $179.99

12. worry free nail trimmer

There’s almost nothing more terrifying than trimming a baby’s fingernails. Thankfully Lil Nipper’s Automatic Nail Clipper ($52) makes it impossible to make mistakes on their sweet little fingers. Plus you can use it throughout the toddler years.

BUY NOW – $52.00.

13. easy on, easy on baby clothes

Skip the tedious snaps and precarious zippers for simple, fast magnets during diaper and clothing changes with a Magnetic Me Modal Footie ($40).

The magnets are especially helpful during those first few weeks when you’re extra nervous dressing your tiny newborn and as your little one gets more active and becomes extra squirmy. And they make nighttime diaper changes a breeze when you’re still half asleep.

BUY NOW – $40.00.

14. a “miracle” sound machine for baby

We complete our list of the best baby tech gear that would be a perfect gift for a new parent with a highly valuable device. The Baby Shusher Sound Machine is designed to lull even the fussiest sleepers off into dreamland with the sound of human voice. The rhythmic sound mimics what a baby hears in the womb and is said to be much more effective than a standard white noise machine. You can even tether it to a car seat when you’re on the move with your little darling.

BUY NOW: $34.99

the latest must-have products in baby tech

There you have it – some of the latest must-have items in baby tech gadgets, gear and devices that would make a great gift or addition to a baby registry. The best gift for any new parents though? They get to spend more worry-free time enjoying their beautiful new baby.

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