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Anglophile alert! So you’ve agreed to host a watch party (or an actual party!) during the Coronation o King Charles III. Yay! A Royal Coronation hasn’t happened in a while, so you’re not alone if you need a primer on what the menu should be. To ensure that you’re all in on the recommended menu items, we’ve rounded up the traditional foods, treats and drinks to serve at a coronation party while watching King Charles III and the pageantry of the ceremony in London.

What foods, treats and drinks are traditional to serve at a coronation party?

Though Coronation Day may not be quite as big a deal in the United States as it is the United Kingdom, we don’t care – we’ll take any excuse to throw a party. Especially a party with a theme.

If you’re interested in having some friends over on May 6th – either to watch the ceremony live at five in the morning, or to watch a replay sometime later in the afternoon – you may be wondering what you should serve. Well, look no further – we’ve put together the ultimate coronation watch party guide, with options for a breakfast spread, as well as alternatives for a belated afternoon or evening event.

Our menu includes a fun and festive mix of traditional English foods, and celebratory items from all your favorite British retailers. Remember, the coronation  begins around five am eastern standard time, and can be watched on ABC or streamed on YouTube or Hulu Live.

What are the essential foods, treats and beverages to serve at a coronation party?

1. Coronation Tea

Even if you don’t want to host a tea party – though we think that sounds like fun – this very special occasion still demands that you serve some tea. After all, the British are famous for their love of tea, and therefore it would feel wrong not to include the warm, soothing drink in your festivities. And wouldn’t you know, one of our favorite tea retailers – the always popular Harney & Sons – has dreamt up a special coronation tea for the occasion. This bespoke Darjeeling tea has been created in collaboration with Historic Royal Palaces, and it is absolutely something you should have on hand for the big day.

10 best essential items to serve at a coronation party this yearBUY NOW – $16.95.00.

2. Fortnum’s Coronation Organic Chocolate Crowns

Well, wouldn’t you know, beloved British emporium Fortnum & Mason has an entire line of specialty offerings for the big day. But if you aren’t interested in their picnic packs or breakfast sets – maybe you’d prefer to mix and match from different shops – you’ll want to make sure you don’t miss out on their chocolate coronation crowns. These are made with organic butter and milk chocolate, and we can’t think of a more regal (or delicious!) dessert.

10 best essential items to serve at a coronation party this year

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3. Fortnum’s Coronation Brut Selection Champagne

And if you’re planning to serve champagne – and of course you should – Fortnum & Mason has the perfect bottle for you. This is extremely limited-edition, and it’s a big bottle, so you can feel confident that you’ll have enough bubbly for all your guests. It’s a blend of Chardonnay, Pinot Meunier, and Pinot Noir fruits, picked from the vineyards in Montage de Reims. It’s crisp and fresh, with some delightful notes of citrus. The perfect champagne for the occasion.

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4. Scone Mix

If you’re planning an early morning affair, you’re going to want to serve some breakfast foods. And what’s better – and more British – than warm, heavenly scones straight out of the oven? Tea & Sympathy offers a simple mix, so that you can recreate their famous scones from the comfort of your kitchen. They’re traditional, they’re delicious, and they pair well with jam and clotted cream – as you may already know!

10 best essential items to serve at a coronation party this year

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5. English Crumpets

As much as we love scones, we don’t want you to forget about another, equally delicious British breakfast item! Crumpets. The better version of an English muffin, dare we say?  And they couldn’t be easier to serve. Warm them in the toaster, and then smother with butter, jam, honey, or another condiment of your choice. One package will feed eight hungry (and sleepy) early morning guests.

10 best essential items to serve at a coronation party this year

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6. Steak and Stout Hand Pies

Maybe you don’t feel like making your friends wake up at the crack of dawn, and you’re instead planning your coronation get-together for later on Saturday, either in the afternoon or in the evening. We totally get it. In that case, how about serving some hand pies? They’re a favorite British food of ours, and these come courtesy of Goldbelly, from Panbury’s Double Crust Hand Pies in Atlanta, Georgia. The beef is braised in a Guinness sauce, cooked with caramelized onions, mushrooms, and fresh herbs, and then baked inside a buttery golden short crust.

10 best essential items to serve at a coronation party this yearBUY NOW – $79.95.

7. Banger Sausage Rolls

And while we’re on the subject of meat and puff pastry, consider this: sausage rolls. After all, they’re not unlike pigs in blankets – another favorite party food – and they’re easy-to-serve, classically British, and absolutely delicious. These come from the Scottish Grocer, and they arrive frozen and ready to be baked anytime within the next six months. Have some of these on hand, and your guests will thank you.

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8. Coronation Cheese Cake

In this case, “cheese cake” does not refer to a cheesecake – at least, not as we would typically think of one. Instead, famous London cheesemongers Paxton & Whitfield have devised a special appetizer for the coronation: a three-tiered cheese tower, made of Waterloo, a limited-edition Kings Blue, and Paxton & Whitfield’s signature Smoked Ceodre, which is a creamy cheddar. And yes, the presentation is such that you can easily add a festive sparkler to the top – as you see in the photo. The cheese cake is limited edition, and arrives with a commemorative card as well as tasting notes.

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9. Sticky Toffee Pudding

We are big fans of British dessert sticky toffee pudding, and if the coronation can serve as an opportunity to eat some, well… that sounds good to us! And this rendition comes from Chef Geoffrey Zakarian, who you may know from “The Kitchen” and “Chopped.” It’s made with dates, ginger, and brown sugar, and you can order it from Goldbelly, where it will arrive frozen. Make sure to serve with the caramel sauce provided, as well as a healthy dose of vanilla ice cream. If your party needs one showstopper of a dessert, we have it for you right here.

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10. Pimm’s

We love Pimm’s Cup! Get yourself a bottle of Pimm’s and prepare the classic British cocktail to serve to your guests. According to Food and Wine, all you’ll need is sparkling lemon soda, mint leaves, ice, and some fresh fruit. And Pimm’s, of course. A super fun drink for a super fun day.

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traditional foods, treats and drinks for a coronation party

That’s our overview of where to find the essential ingredients for the traditional menu, foods, treats and drinks to serve at a coronation party. Have fun!

Abbie Martin Greenbaum

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