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The coronation of King Charles III may past us now – but that doesn’t mean that tiara season is over. ‘Cause if you ask us, every season is tiara season! For a wedding, New Year’s Eve, a formal event or even a backyard garden party, there’s always a good reason to don a glittering tiara. And it doesn’t have to break the bank, either – although of course, you could go big if you really want to. Whether you’re inspired by Queen Charlotte or the current Royals, here are the best places and luxury brands to buy a sparkling vintage, bespoke or new tiara for your next festive event.

what are the best places and brands to shop for a tiara right now?

However one may feel about the coronation of King Charles III and his Queen Consort Camilla, there is no ambivalence when it comes to the forgotten pleasure of tiara ogling. For women my age, who are decades past princess fantasies, tiaras were just not on the radar. Until now.

tiaras are making a comeback

With Bridgerton-fueled “Regencycore”, Queen Elizabeth’s passing, and the Coronation of King Charles III, all eyes will be on this jewel-studded regalia. Forget the baubles that the movie stars stateside wear on the red carpet (which always seemed secondary to the dress, anyway.) These fantastical headpieces are on a different level altogether.

 Where can you shop for the perfect sparkling vintage or new tiara right now?

Where can you shop for the perfect sparkling vintage, luxury or bespoke tiara right now?

At Queen Elizabeth’s 1953 coronation, her maids of honor and hundreds of aristocratic women wore sparkling tiaras for the occasion.

the royal warrant for fine jewelry is held by Garrard

The majority of the British royal tiaras have been crafted by Garrard, the official royal jeweler since 1843. They’re responsible for the family’s most iconic pieces like the Cambridge Lover’s Knot tiara, Queen Mary’s Fringe tiara, and Queen Mary’s Diamond Bandeau tiara.

According to the New York Times, a spokesman for Cartier revealed that 27 bespoke tiaras were commissioned by invited guests for King Charles’ Coronation. Other favorite high jewelers tasked with crafting prestigious bespoke tiaras include London-based Boucheron, German jeweler Koch, and Paris-based Chaumet.

The Bridgerton prequel Queen Charlotte. Photo Courtesy Netflix.

many first-time buyers are opting for vintage tiaras

The resurgence in tiara interest (notably clients in Asia and America) was confirmed by Henry Bailey, Christie’s head of jewelry in London. He told the Antiques Trade Gazette, “Often these are private individuals purchasing a tiara for the first time, perhaps for a wedding or particular upcoming occasion.” He added, “But we also see buyers collecting tiaras of various styles to be exhibited in private exhibition spaces.”

Many tiaras are also designed to be worn as necklaces – which might be all the reason required to invest. Tiara, necklace, and show-stopping exhibition piece all-in-one? We’re in.

a sparking luxury tiara is sometimes the perfect accessory

Sometimes, a sparking luxury, vintage or bespoke tiara is the perfect finishing touch. Courtesy Photos.

For mere mortals with no aristocratic ties but with money to spare, we found some stunning vintage and modern tiaras ready for their fairytale ending.

10 best places to shop for a luxury vintage or new tiara right now

1. The Anglesey Tiara

Previously owned by one of the aristocracy’s most extravagant and controversial figures, Henry Cyril Paget, the 5th Marquess of Anglesey, this late 19th century tiara is now available for rent by Hancocks London. Featuring over 100 carats of old European cut, old mine cut, old-cut pear shaped and rose-cut diamonds, it can convert to an equally dazzling 16.5” Riviere style necklace.

stunning and modern vintage tiaras in honor of King Charles III coronation

Price upon request

2. Jennifer Behr Zonya Tiara

This exuberant Zonya tiara is our favorite in the extensive tiara collection of luxury accessories brand Jennifer Behr. Swarovski crystals form a vine, framing the face and forming a magnificent bouquet at the crown of the head, with flattering height. Each tiara is made to order, and each stone is set by hand in the brand’s Brooklyn atelier.

best bespoke and vintage luxury tiaras

BUY NOW: $1,625.

3. Garland High Jewelry Diamond and Pearl Tiara

Featuring an elegant knot motif and radiating rows of freshwater pearls reminiscent of the Lover’s Knot tiara, this design is made to order in the same traditions that have been used by Garrard for centuries. It features pear shaped and round diamonds totaling 15.73 carats and 26 round white cultured freshwater pearls.

stunning and modern vintage tiaras in honor of King Charles III coronation

BUY NOW – $225,000.

4. Swarovski Star Headband

Showcasing an array of round and baguette cut crystals, this headband from Swarovski forms a row of sparkling stars set on a delicate rhodium plated band.

BUY NOW: $400.

5. Torsade de Chaumet Tiara

Chaumet was the first jeweler to open on the legendary Place Vendôme in 1812, and the “Torsade” pays homage to the movement of the frieze wrapping the Vendôme column. With round cut fancy sapphires, 6 cushion cut diamonds totaling 3.80 carats and a 2 carat “Vivid Green” Colombian emerald, this daintier tiara is just as captivating as those with more bling.

stunning and modern vintage tiaras in honor of King Charles III coronation

Price upon request

6. Serpent Boheme Tiara

All the codes of Boucheron’s classic Serpent Bohème motif are here: the teardrop shape, honeycomb pattern and luminous halo effect. In all, the tiara boasts 589 round diamonds totaling 15.79 carats. You’ll have an easy time coordinating it with a Serpent Bohème ring, necklace, earrings, and even a perfume.

stunning and modern vintage tiaras in honor of King Charles III coronation

Price upon request

7. Fancy Intense Yellow Diamond Tiara

Not to be outdone by its European counterparts, Tiffany’s has unveiled this jaw-dropping tiara of white diamonds and nine cushion-cut Fancy Intense Yellow diamonds. With a subtle floral motif, it’s absolutely regal enough for any princess. The band of the tiara is designed to be detached for use as a bracelet.

stunning and modern vintage tiaras in honor of King Charles III coronation

Price upon request

8. Antique Diamond Scroll Tiara

This delicate fringe tiara is a classic of the Victorian era with a graduated fringe of stylized fleur-de-lys motifs. The light and open feel of the old cut diamonds totaling 7.5 carats is also well-suited to converting to a bib-style necklace. This tiara was created by Carrington and Co., a 19th century jewelry firm that was awarded the Royal Warrant by Queen Victoria and would go on to gain the warrants of Prince Albert, Edward VII and George V, as well as Nicholas I and II and Queen Alexandra of Russia.

BUY NOW – £45,000.

9. Laurel High Jewelry Diamond Tiara

Crafted from over a thousand diamonds — rose cut, round, and briolette — this spectacular tiara is both soft and geometric at the same time. The primary design mimics rolling waves with a delicate row of rose cut diamonds tracing the base of the tiara. We love the suspended briolette cut diamonds that gently sway with the wearer’s movements.

BUY NOW – $360,000.

10. Belle Époque Diamond Tiara

This stunning tiara bearing French marks, circa 1910, features romantic florals and foliage set in rose-cut and old mine diamonds totaling 50 carats. The wave frame is especially feminine, like a scalloped edge. We know there has to be story behind this antique find but since there isn’t one available, you’ll have to make up your own.

BUY NOW – $248,017.36.

11. Vintage Sapphire and Diamond Convertible Tiara Necklace

We went searching for a tiara with some color and found this exceptional vintage beauty of French origins, circa 1950. The tiara is composed of nine cabochon cut sapphires, each individually bezel set within an elegant diamond scrolled cluster surround. All the sapphires were hand cut and perfectly matched in cornflower blue. Diamonds are comprised of old and round brilliant cut stones totaling 6.07 carats. It doubles as a necklace for the nights you want to pass as a commoner.

BUY NOW – $111,289.84.

12. Late Victorian Pearl and Diamond Tiara

This beautiful neoclassic tiara features a central pearl and diamond cluster emblematic of late Victorian design. It is et with 18 natural pearls and over 150 European and roses cut diamonds. It totals 11 carats, it can convert to an elegant necklace with detachable back.

BUY NOW – $75,827.62.

where to find the perfect luxurious tiara

That’s our advice on where to browse, and the best places and luxury brands to find a sparkling bespoke, vintage or new modern tiara for your next formal or festive event. Should none of these suit, keep your eyes on upcoming auctions at Sotheby’s and Christie’s or find a jeweler to make your own custom heirloom piece.

Julie Murphy

Julie began her career in fashion as a design intern at 3.1 Phillip Lim after graduating from Parsons School of Design. As the fashion editor at Dandelion Chandelier, she brings over a decade of experience as a designer and marketing creative to cover trends and styling.