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The temps are rising, and you know what that means: shorts season is upon us. Our ace menswear correspondent is sharing his edit with this ultimate guide to the best luxury designer shorts this season for men, including looks for lounging, tailored picks, and some totally over the top options, too.

The Ultimate Guide to luxury designer shorts for men

Shorts are supposed to be easy! But for such a simple garment, shorts are hard. A summer staple, they’re meant for the times when everything is a little more relaxed. A little more laid back. Unfortunately the less fabric there is to work with, the more complicated things become.  Considerations like fit, length, drape, pattern, material, and where you’re going to wear your shorts are all more important when you abbreviate the legs. It can be a bit much when all you want is that sweet, sweet breeze in the middle of summer.

guide to luxury designer shorts for men this season, including looks for lounging, tailored picks, and over the top options

Guide to luxury designer shorts for men this season, including looks for lounging, tailored picks, and over the top options, too.

The good news is options abound. The bad news is… options abound. Shorts of every stripe (literally) have hit the market. They’re integral to designers’ and brands’ spring/summer collections and likely a part of your own warm-weather arsenal. Or at least they should be. Some questions you might want to start with when whittling down the not-so-short list of shorts: Where am I going in these? What length am I comfortable wearing (hemlines have simultaneously risen and lowered in the past few years)? Is this a fashion short? Or am I just kickin’ around in the heat? 

Guess the decision tree isn’t shorter.

We’ve rounded up a whole bunch of the best shorts we could find for every conceivable occasion, even semi-formal ones. Consider yourself liberated from the shackles of pants, however briefly, and freed from the struggle of selecting just the right pair of shorts. 

the 40 Best Luxury Designer Shorts for Men this season

Lounge Shorts

Hanging around the house or heading on a bodega run, these pairs put comfort at the top of the priority list in variations of terrycloth and jersey. They are not, however, schlubby.

1. Volta Straight Leg Waffle Knit Cotton Drawstring Shorts by A Kind of Guise

Waffles: great for Sunday breakfast and for Sunday shorts.

designer luxury shorts for men

BUY NOW – $155.00. 

2. Straight Leg Logo Print Cotton Jersey Drawstring Shorts by Celine Homme

Hedi Slimane tapped his grunge skater sensibilities yet again for these cutoff-hem sweatshorts.
designer luxury shorts for men

BUY NOW – $750.00.

3. Shorts by Fear of God Essentials

With these shorts, plum is in season, ya know?

designer luxury shorts for men

BUY NOW – $95.00.

4. Technical Jersey Shorts by Gucci

Gucci-fy your gym entrance and egress with these shorts.

designer luxury shorts for men

BUY NOW – $1,100.00.

5. Wavy Terry Shorts by OAS

Catch a wave in these shorts. 

designer luxury shorts for men

BUY NOW – $120.00.

6. French Terry Sweatshorts by Reigning Champ

As its name suggests, Reigning Champ makes some of the best sweats out there like these mid-weight shorts destined for chilling.

designer luxury shorts for men

BUY NOW – $105.00.

7. Nauge Wide-Leg Tie-Dyed Shell Shorts by Le 17 Septembre

This trippy tie-dye is surprisingly versatile.

BUY NOW – $270.00.

8. Chill Drawstring Shorts by Alo Yoga

Of course the folks from Alo Yoga will get you kitted with some post-savasana shorts.

BUY NOW – $78.00.

9. Basel Lounge Shorts by Derek Rose

One of the joys of summer: pajamas as shorts.

BUY NOW – $150.00.

Casual Shorts

Your all-around, hangin’-out, dress them up or dress them down, easy shorts. Solid choices for almost any summer happening. Like chinos, but shorter.

10. Easy Short in Ikat Print by Save Khaki

Juuuust enough of a subtle ikat print happening to separate these shorts from the rest of your shorts supply.

luxury designer shorts for men

BUY NOW – $120.00.

11. Seersucker Weekend Short by Todd Snyder

Todd Snyder has made his Weekend Short something of an off-duty cult favorite. We’re digging the olive seersucker color this season.

luxury designer shorts for men

BUY NOW – $118.00.

12. Baggies 5” Shorts by Patagonia

Consider this a PSA to stock up on your summer Baggies now. They get snapped up quickly.

luxury designer shorts for men

BUY NOW – $65.00.

13. Melbourne Shorts by A.P.C.

A.P.C. does workwear vibes really, really well, like rendering these shorts in a deep olive color, hitting right at the knee.

luxury designer shorts for men

BUY NOW – $230.00.

14. Frayed Denim Shorts by Loewe x Paula’s Ibiza

Quite possibly the most luxe cutoffs ever from the ever subversive Jonathan Anderson at Loewe.

luxury designer shorts for men

BUY NOW – $550.00.

15. Flat Front Chino Shorts by Alex Mill

Not too baggy, not too fitted, not too anything. The ideal chino shorts. Grab ‘em in khaki and navy.

luxury designer shorts for men

luxury designer shorts for men

BUY NOW – $98.00.

16. Striped Cotton Shorts by SMR Days

Remember what we said about in-season stone fruits? Check these featherweight plum shorts.

luxury designer shorts for men

BUY NOW – $395.00.

17. Bo Shorts by Alex Crane

Alex Crane came in hot with their all-linen approach and we appreciate the many patterns they offer in their signature shorts.

luxury designer shorts for men

BUY NOW – $78.00.

18. Wide-Leg Striped Jersey Drawstring Shorts by Dries Van Noten

These Shorts you could wear for an evening out and then straight to bed.

luxury designer shorts for men

BUY NOW – $565.00.

19. Corduroy Everywear Shorts by Madewell

Corduroy isn’t just for the brisk fall months. Fine-wale lightweight iterations are great for summer (and get better as they fade).luxury designer shorts for men

BUY NOW – $75.00.

20. Trekking Cargo Shorts by Our Legacy

Yes, in fact cargo shorts are back. But these streamlined ones aren’t like your middle school ones.

luxury designer shorts for men

BUY NOW – $390.00.

21. Keigo Palaka Short by Saturdays New York City

Who’s up for a picnic in these shorts?

luxury designer shorts for men

BUY NOW – $145.00

22. Striped Linen and Cotton Blend Shorts by Wales Bonner

There’s a handcrafted air to this breezy white pair by English design darling Wales Bonner.

BUY NOW – $485.00.

23. The Straight Denim Shorts by 7 For All Mankind

White denim cutoff shorts aren’t just for eating lobster rolls on the cape. With some Jordans or AF1s, they’re good for “summering” in the city, too.

BUY NOW – $148.00.

24. Crocheted Drawstring Linen Shorts by Commas

When those sweltering temps hit, airy linen is the only way to go. Commas gets that.

BUY NOW – $385.00. 

25. Elasticized Waist Shorts by AMI Paris

A wider, slightly more refined take on a khaki walking short courtesy of a French brand.

BUY NOW – $350.00.

Tailored Shorts for Men

While shorts do signal an inherent casualness, there are some tailored pairs in crisp cottons and even summer-weight wools that can elevate more formal fits, too. Fixed waists, tabbed adjustments, deep cuffs and sharp pleats bring them into elegant territory. Ahem, Pedro Pascal at the Met Gala.

26. Pleated Linen Bermuda Shorts by Incotex

You’ll have to go with the linen wrinkle flow with these tailored shorts for men, but they’ll still be a polished pair.

BUY NOW – $395.00.

27. Juniper Tailored Shorts by Helmut Lang

These shorts are slick, short and minimal.

BUY NOW – $325.00.

28. Straight-Leg Cotton Twill Drawstring Shorts by Stòffa

Stòffa brings its characteristic relaxed tailoring and thoughtful details to these roomy shorts.

BUY NOW – $420.00.

29. Sadi Shorts by Nanushka

These shorts are commodious and precise. Feels like you’re getting away with something.

BUY NOW – $625.00.

30. Pleated Wide-Leg Wool Shorts by COS

One-half of the perfect summer suit with these shorts. 

BUY NOW – $120.00.

31. Turn Up Cotton Seersucker Shorts by Thom Browne

Thom knows how to show the leg at all levels in these shorts.

BUY NOW – $990.00.

32. Tailored Stretch Chino Short by Ralph Lauren Purple Label

Per usual, Ralph brought the best of vintage chinos to these proper shorts.

BUY NOW – $425.00.

Wildcard Shorts

Shorts, more so than pants, are an opportunity to swerve. Let them be the centerpiece. Prints, textures and weird proportions are all fair game.

33. Quilted Printed Cotton Drawstring Shorts by Karu Research

Made from vintage Kantha quilts, Karu Research’s shorts evidence its small-batch approach.

luxury designer shorts for men

BUY NOW – $260.00.

34. Cotton Blend Pique Drawstring Shorts by Alanui

Alanui brings its uber-luxe knitwear sensibilities to these bandana print shorts.

BUY NOW – $1,080.00.

35. Cotton Jacquard Shorts by Universal Works

Florals: not just for camp shirts but are great in these shorts.

BUY NOW – $210.00.

36. Megablister Leather Shorts by Rick Owens

These may look like standard-issue basketball shorts from afar, but they’re actually extremely supple leather. Leave it to the dark prince Rick Owens.

BUY NOW – $938.00.

37. Striped Knit Shorts by Marni x No Vacancy Inn

If a Caribbean vacation was a pair of shorts

BUY NOW – $895.00.

38. Twill Wide Leg Shorts by Bottega Veneta

The real flex here is the outsize proportion in these shorts. Go big!

BUY NOW – $900.00.

39. Leather Short in Dark Green by Frame

When we say “fashion short”, this is what we mean. Maybe take these for a spin before the summer solstice and mid-90s temps.

BUY NOW – $798.00.

40. Silk Gingham Shorts by Prada

Miuccia often dabbles in gingham, but these silk shorts are something new.

BUY NOW – $1,790.00.

41. Kolkata Multi-Stripe Leisure Shorts by Bode

Emily Bode can design her way around a statement short like these vintage-inspired ones.

BUY NOW – $465.00.

42. Pleated Shorts by Homme Plissé Issey Miyake

Gotta say it: Pleats please! In this case, these shorts function remarkably well when it comes to summer ventilation.

luxury designer shorts for men

BUY NOW – $279.00.

best designer shorts for men for the new season

That’s our ultimate guide to luxury designer shorts for men this season, including looks for lounging, tailored picks, and over the top options, too. Look smart, gents. And have fun out there.

Isaiah Freeman-Schub

Isaiah Freeman-Schub is a writer and editor living in Brooklyn, NY with his rescue dog, Lina. He’s had previous stints covering menswear at WSJ. magazine and Modern Luxury with his continuing work appearing in Mr Porter, T and more. He has a deep affection for purposeful, inviting design and the British TV cook Nigella Lawson.