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We’ve rounded up the 12 best tabletop and home decoration essentials in stars and stripes for hosting a truly stellar Independence Day party this July 4th.

stellar stars and stripes for a chic party on Independence Day

You know us – we will take any excuse to decorate. After all, that’s what holidays are all about, right? And with July 4th fast approaching, it’s all about the stars and stripes, baby.

If you’re planning to throw a party for the big day, you’re going to want some on-theme Independence Day stars and stripes decorations and tabletop items. Fear not! We’ve rounded up some stellar stars and stripes tableware and decorations that you could possibly need. Take a deep breath, scroll through our guide of red-white-and-blue decorations, and get ready for your picture perfect Independence Day party.

12 chic takes on stars and stripes for tabletop décor this Independence Day

1. Americana Outdoor Round Tablecloth

Let’s start with the basics: the table. Unless you’re hosting your party on the actual beach, your event will probably involve the use of a table. Well, you might as well give that table a thematic (and starry!) makeover. We love this tablecloth from Williams Sonoma, which is covered in stars and designed specifically for the outdoor use. And since it’s cotton, you can even use it again next year – you’re doing a favor for future you. Order yours with or without an umbrella hole.the 12 best stars and striped décor and essentials to celebrate the Fourth of July this year.

BUY NOW – $79.95.

2. Shooting Star Platters

If you’re anything like us, then you want to go all out for your event. And in this case, all out means an obsessive attention to detail. Even the serving platters should fit the theme. And that’s why we love these shooting star platters from Meri Meri, who of course have outdone themselves with their entire July 4th collection. Whatever you decide to serve will look extra-amazing when served on this sparkling silver plate, and your guests will appreciate your commitment to the bit.

the 12 best stars and striped décor and essentials to celebrate the Fourth of July this year.

BUY NOW – $10.00, for four.

3. Fireworks Plates

And don’t stop at the serving platters! Burgers and hot dogs will taste better when you give them to your guests on plates shaped like fireworks trucks. By the way, are fireworks trucks even real? We hope so!

the 12 best stars and striped décor and essentials to celebrate the Fourth of July this year.

BUY NOW – $7.99, for eight.

4. Stars and Stripes Ice Cream Bowls

And a second option from My Mind’s Eye, because all their paper goods are so darn cute. You’re definitely going to want to serve your ice cream sundaes (which we know you have on the menu) in these festive bowls. Best of all, each set of bowls comes with a matching set of wooden spoons – so you can pretend you’re at an ice cream parlor.

the 12 best stars and striped décor and essentials to celebrate the Fourth of July this year.

BUY NOW – $7.99, for twelve.

5. Sparkling Stars Cocktail Napkins

With all this ice cream, there’s a good chance someone’s going to make a mess. Luckily, they can wipe it up with these lovely, sparkly napkins. From Shop Sweet Lulu, these starry cocktail napkins are made special for the holiday, and they come with holographic foil accents – a festive and whimsical touch!

the 12 best stars and striped décor and essentials to celebrate the Fourth of July this year.

BUY NOW – $7.50, for eight.

6. Bam! Zap! Pow! Toppers

For many people, fireworks are the best part of July 4th, and we adore the way these little toppers pay homage to that fact. We wish that our food could say pow, zaaap, bam, wow, and yay every day of the year.

the 12 best stars and striped décor and essentials to celebrate the Fourth of July this year.

BUY NOW – $6.00 for ten.

7. Party in the USA Sprinkles

Who says your decorations can’t be edible? These “Party in the USA” sprinkles from Sweetapolita are the perfect flourish for any dessert you’re planning to serve. Throw them on a cake or on cupcakes, or leave them out for guests to eat with their ice cream sundaes. And rest assured, this sweet medley is the best in the sprinkle business – a yummy mix of confetti, jimmies, beads, nonpareils, and – our favorite – some candy-covered chocolate balls. You won’t find better.

BUY NOW – $10.00.

8. Red, White and Blue String Lights

Moving away from the table – and the food – it’s time to talk about the rest of your décor. And we think you’re going to want some lights. Lights are kind of a hallmark of the holiday, and besides, they add a pop of pizzazz to whatever else you’re doing. These colorful starbursts are available on amazon, and they’ll guarantee that you can keep your party going after dark.

BUY NOW – 19.99.

9. Patriotic Stars Confetti Mix

Whether you like it or not, confetti is another important element of this summer holiday. And this batch is made with metallic foil, so you know each star will shine – almost as much as the fireworks in the sky. Each order will get you half an ounce of confetti, so figure out how much you need (enough for your table? enough to scatter over your invitations?) and shop accordingly.

BUY NOW – $1.43.

10. Fourth of July Fringe Backdrop

One fringe backdrop can go a long way to making your event a success – at least, it can when it’s coming from the Etsy shop “Glam Fete Party.” The shop’s backdrops are big and bold, and they can transform any mundane setting into a place that’s ready to party. Each backdrop is five feet wide and four feet tall, and you can order them with or without the shiny silver stars. Gold stars are also available upon request. If you’re not sure how to spice up your space for the big day, this is the way to go.

BUY NOW – $49.50.

11. Patriotic Balloon Garland

Nothing says “party” like a garland of balloons. We love the Etsy shop “Celebrated Party,” because their balloon garlands are truly larger than life. Having one to decorate your party will instantly help your guests to get in the mood. And you can choose the garland size that’s right for you, with options ranging from five to fifteen feet.

BUY NOW – $27.00 – $67.00.

12. Metal Firework Decoration Bundle

Last but certainly not least, check out this adorable bundle of metal fireworks, courtesy of Kirkland. These would make the perfect centerpiece for your table, and we love that you’ll be able to use them year after year. We think that fireworks are the best part of the July 4th festivities, and these are a great way to share the jo with your guests.

BUY NOW – $22.49.

chic stars and stripes for a picture perfect Independence Day party

That’s our take on the tabletop and home decoration essentials for hosting a stellar Independence Day party this July 4th weekend filled with stars and stripes. Picture perfect for all the magical moments you’ll create this holiday. Happy 4th, dear reader.

Abbie Martin Greenbaum

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