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We’ve rounded up 10 of the best, most sensual and romantic luxury designer perfumes and fragrances to buy this Summer 2023.

what are the best luxury designer perfumes and fragrances of Summer 2023?

Summer in the city doesn’t exactly conjure up the most pleasing olfactory associations. If you know, you know. And if not, consider yourself lucky that this verdant season evokes hints of ocean spray, peaches at the orchard, and of course, gardens in full bloom. As we head into the final summer month, these languid days already seem to be fading but fragrance is a powerful way to keep the mood going.

We rounded up the top 10 perfumes that capture summer in a bottle. We can’t change the weather (or the city’s odors, for that matter), but we can mist ourselves with the tropical aroma of coconuts and jasmine whenever we please.

what are the best luxury designer perfumes and fragrances of Summer 2023?

1. “Vacation” by Vacation

This kitschy, retro perfume based on the scent of sunscreen will take you back to childhood — wet bathing suit included. It hits with the crisp and sweet scents of coconut, banana and pineapple and rounds out with a nostalgic base of pool water and sea salt. Highly recommended if you’re heading into the office post vacation.

10 Summer 2023 perfumes and fragrances

BUY NOW – $60.00 for 1oz.

2. “La Mar” by House of Bo

For a more sophisticated and sultry take on the beachy-scented perfume, this gender-neutral fragrance, inspired by the Mexican Riviera, combines white floral essences with notes of seawater. Lingering coconut and almond milk give it a light creamy essence without being overly feminine. Also noteworthy — the brand also uses over 90% natural ingredients in its formulations.

10 Summer 2023 perfumes and fragrances

BUY NOW – $290.00 for 2.5oz.

3. “Sundazed” by Byredo

Inspired by free love and festival days, this luxury perfume starts with the sunny and refreshing notes of mandarin and California lemon before evolving into something warmer with neroli and Arabian jasmine. A cotton candy-like white musk keeps it sweet for an all-day sensory experience.

Summer 2023 fragrances and perfumes

BUY NOW – $205.00 for 1.7oz.

4. “Cyan Nori” by Abel

Sustainably produced, this citrus and slightly umami scent was inspired by the creators’ ocean backyard — the rugged coastline of New Zealand. With top notes of tangerine and white peach that dry down to a musk and nori base, this modern scent combines juicy fruit and salty ocean in a totally unique and immersive way.

Summer 2023 fragrances and perfumes

BUY NOW – $180.00 for 1.7oz.

5. “Sun Fruit” by Ellis Brooklyn

It’s hard to resist this cheerful bottle, but even harder to resist its fresh, juicy floral scent. Think fresh fig, bergamot, handpicked jasmine, and cyclamen in the warm and comforting embrace of coconut and vanilla. Gorgeous and sensual, it’s our pick for romantic date nights.

BUY NOW – $108.00 for 1.7oz.

6. “Replica Beach Walk” by Maison Margiela

The description on the apothecary-inspired bottle reads “sun kissed salty skin.” This perfume lives up to that label. Warm, yet refreshing, it contains radiant notes of bergamot, lemon, pink pepper and ylang ylang. With coconut milk accord, it’s never overpowering but lingers just like the most memorable summer beach days.

BUY NOW – $85.00 for 1oz.

7. “Windows Down” by Henry Rose

Not a beach babe? Try this scent inspired by the fresh optimism and sense of freedom from a simple open window. This citrus forward fragrance blends bright grapefruit and bergamot with honeyed neroli, soft earl grey tea, jasmine, and musk. It’s subtle and balanced and wouldn’t be out of place into the fall.

BUY NOW – $120.00 for 1.7oz.

8. “Yum Pistachio Gelato” by Kayali

If pistachio is one of your favorite gelato flavors, this one is a must. This indulgent combination of rich, nutty pistachio and hazelnut, blended with rum, is just as delicious smelling as you imagine. Even though it’s topped off with notes of cotton candy, marshmallow, and whipped cream, it’s not actually cloying and sweet. Think more sensual and mature. After all, it’s pistachio not vanilla with rainbow sprinkles.

BUY NOW – $100.00 for 1.7oz.

9. “Dioriviera” by Christian Dior

South of France vibes? Yes, please. This limited edition perfume evokes the shimmering southern sun, May roses in bloom, and the warm breeze through fig tree leaves. If you’re looking for a festive, sensual, and elegant scent with a summer sensibility that can last through the year, this is one to invest in.

BUY NOW – $150.00 for 1.35oz.

10. “Un Jardin sur le Nil” by Hermes

The first thing you notice about this earthy and woodsy fragrance is its freshness. The vegetal scent evokes a garden full of life starting with green mango, lotus blossom, and calamus. The olfactory experience deepens with incense and sycamore wood but maintains its soft and clean palate that works for any gender.

BUY NOW – $79.00 for 1oz.

what are the best luxury designer perfumes and fragrances of Summer 2023?

There you have it — our top 10 favorite summer perfumes to channel those sun-soaked, carefree days when you need it most.

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