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The task of dressing well on a sweltering summer day can be difficult to parse. Our ace menswear correspondent has already shared the secret to choosing the right shorts, formal attire, swimwear, sunglasses and sandals. Now he’s turning his attention to another pressing matter: how to wear a sleeveless shirt while maintaining a certain sense of style. His take, at least during off-duty hours? No sleeves! No problem! Here are some of the best luxury sleeveless shirts for men to wear at the height of the Summer (or on a beach vacation anytime of year).

The best luxury sleeveless shirts for men

Triple-digit temperatures. Global boiling. It’s hot out there and any sartorial encumbrance that traps air is a no-go. At a certain point in the mid-August dog days, that includes sleeves. Don’t want ‘em unless the situation requires it. Of course, many if not most professional situations do, even if you’re Zooming all day. So we’re here to provide some relief to look forward to after your office obligations are all wrapped up. Consider the sleeves jettisoned for the weekend and still-warm nights. Off with them!

You could reach for a standard-issue gym tank that purports to wick away moisture and stretch a thousand different directions, but often ends up a slinky, shiny drag made of who-knows-what kind of lab-generated fiber. It will do the job, but you’ll be making a style sacrifice. We know when it’s this sweltering outside and you just want to be next to some body of water, getting off a fire fit isn’t exactly top priority. Luckily, sleeveless shirts have come a long way. Top designers have heat waves on the brain and have come up with some seriously swaggy shirts sans sleeves. And these aren’t sloppy lounging garb. They hold their own as thoughtful pieces in your warm weather wardrobe. 

We rounded up the best tank tops, sleeveless tees and whisper weight knitted vests that’ll have you covered (just enough) for polite society while still keeping you as cool as possible. Some wouldn’t necessarily be out of place at the gym—that line has been blurred beyond recognition with the stratospheric rise of athleisure clothes—but we’d recommend keeping these for less sweaty endeavors (whatever those are these days). For anyone questioning whether these shirts are for them, we encourage you to fully embrace your leisure time, feel the extra bit of ventilation and free yourself from sleeves. 

13 best luxury sleeveless shirts for men at the height of Summer

1. Navy Relaxed Tank Top by Our Legacy

Our Legacy’s crinkly knit fabric is shockingly lightweight and emphasizes that laid-back summer spirit in this tank top.

the best luxury sleeveless shirts for men to wear at the height of the Summer. 

BUY NOW – $185.00.

2. Elijah Knit Vest by Burberry

This is probably the smartest looking of the bunch and could easily transition into fall with an oxford shirt layered underneath. 

the best luxury sleeveless shirts for men to wear at the height of the Summer. 

BUY NOW – $840.00.

3. Beige Striped Tank Top by Dries Van Noten

Stripes help make Dries Van Noten’s tank look considered even paired with denim or knockaround shorts.

the best luxury sleeveless shirts for men to wear at the height of the Summer. 

BUY NOW – $161.00.

4. Riviera Cotton-Mesh Tank Top by Sunspel

You know those dapper polo shirts James Bond wears and never seems to break a sweat? Sunspel makes those. They bring the same sensibility to their breathable cotton mesh tank top ready for whatever luxe island or car chase is in your future.

the best luxury sleeveless shirts for men to wear at the height of the Summer. 

BUY NOW – $100.00.

5. Khaki Tennis Tail Tank Top by MHL by Margaret Howell

Margaret Howell specializes in high quality workwear-inspired clothes and there’s something equally utilitarian and breezy about this tank top. It stands on its own with hefty rib trims but keeps things ventilated with a loose shape and roomy armholes.

the best luxury sleeveless shirts for men to wear at the height of the Summer. 

BUY NOW – $72.00.

6. Crochet Knit Cotton Sweater Vest by Piacenza 1733

Piacenza is one of the oldest makers of knitwear in the world. Their expertise is on full display with this crochet knit made from lightweight cotton with a mix of tight and open stitches. We’re already feeling cooler with this soothing blue color, too.

BUY NOW – $465.00.

7. Divo Ribbed Cotton Sweater Vest by Massimo Alba

File Massimo Alba’s marled cotton sweater vest under “transitional” wear. It could easily fly solo, but it will look great over a baggy white T-shirt.

BUY NOW – $575.00.

8. 4G Jacquard Technical Tank Top by Givenchy

You won’t find us endorsing heavily logo-ed pieces much, but Givenchy’s tank is so subtly branded with a jacquard pattern consisting of the house’s “Gs”, that we couldn’t help but go for it. Look at that, these sleeveless tops already have us feeling more open!

BUY NOW  – $1,093.00. 

9. Cotton Blend Tank Top by Bottega Veneta

There’s some trickery here. Matthieu Blazy, the designer at Bottega Veneta, is known for crafting “jeans” out of paper-thin leather and sending clever trompe l’oeil looks down the runway. From afar, this ribbed tank may look like the ones that come in a 3-pack plastic bag, but the high quality cotton, substantial weight and made-in-Italy mark convey something much more luxurious.

BUY NOW – $500.00.

10. Kiibok Scoop Neck Cotton Gauze Tank Top by Caravana

This tank is so airy you may find yourself asking if you’re even wearing a shirt.

BUY NOW – $108.00.

11. The Triumph Muscle Tank by Alo

Yes, this tank was created for limber flows of Downward Dog and Bhujangasana, but it’s also just about the softest shirt you can imagine. Finished trims and a not-too-drapey cut make it excellent for outside the yoga studio, too.

BUY NOW – $48.00.

12. Pursuit Haydon Tank by Rag & Bone

Rag & Bone’s Pursuit Haydon tank top also veers towards the athletic, but maintains the brand’s signatures like a raw hem and distressed ribbing. It’s all in the details.

BUY NOW – $85.00. 

13. Scale Striped Cotton Tank by Wales Bonner

Bold stripes lend a throwback vibe to Wales Bonner’s cotton tank. That’s a lot of style for a little shirt.

BUY NOW – $145.50.

The best luxury sleeveless shirts for men at the height of Summer

Isaiah Freeman-Schub

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