Author: Jillian Tangen

How to care for hair at home when the salon is closed

How to Care for Hair at Home When the Salon is Closed

In the hierarchy of pressing issues and concerns during this mandatory stay-at-home COVID-19 crisis, we get it. Hair care is not anywhere near the top of the list. However, at some point some of us find ourselves with a non-trivial delimma: is it possible to maintain a chic hair style without your favorite stylist? If you’re similarly afflicted with this Champagne Problem, our correspondent Jillian Tangen has help from an expert: tips from a salon owner about how to care for hair at home when the salon is closed. 

the best luxury gifts for new moms this Mother's Day

The Best Luxury Gifts for New Moms This Mother’s Day

What are the best luxury gifts for new moms this Mother’s Day? Our correspondent Jillian Tangen (who is herself a working mother of three and who knows what she’s talking about) has curated our luxury gift guide of ideas for what to give the new mothers in your life – whether its your wife, sister, daughter, BFF, caregiver, colleague or mentor – on this, their very first Mother’s Day.

The Most Popular Calming Hemp-Derived CBD Products

The Most Popular Calming Hemp-Derived CBD Products

People are understandably looking for ways to soothe and comfort themselves these days. Making it no surprise that beauty products that promise to aid relaxation and reduce anxiety are flying off the shelves. And that includes the ones derived from hemp, commonly labeled as “hemp-derived CBD.” Our ace correspondent Jillian Tangen has curated a list of the most popular calming hemp-derived CBD products on the market right now, including lotions, tinctures, beverages and gummies.

how to travel the world with scandinavian style suitcase outerwear brands

The Best Luxury Brands to Travel in Scandinavian Style

Love Scandi style? Yes, we do too. And turns out that there are some really cool Scandinavian brands that make travel gear perfect for your next trip to the Nordics. We know it may be a while, but some day we’ll be free to roam again. And now, we’ll be ready! Our correspondent and expert on all things Scandinavian, Jillian Tangen, has curated a list of the best luxury Scandinavian travel and apparel brands, including suitcases, sunglasses, outerwear and more, so that you can travel the world in Scandinavian style the next time you head out.